My Mary Jane Varlane


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Scene Title My Mary Jane Varlane
Synopsis Wherein Magnes is the Mary Jane to Abgiails Spiderman.
Date Fabruary 1, 2009

Abby and Alexander's Apartment - Chinatown

Lots of boxes, and furniture that is yet to be unpacked and at this rate, never will.

It's been, well, oddly not a good week for Magnes, though likely for far different reasons than Abby. He looks rather exhausted, wearing a bright yellow hoody, which looks like an oddly normal thing for him to be wearing, so there must be a catch in there somewhere, though he's wearing his glasses today for some reason. He knocks on her window, crouched down on the wall next to it, but has his eyes covered by his hands… Perhaps to respect privacy?

All Magnes would see is a black cat staring at him from her perch on the window, no unclothed Abigail. There's boxes everywhere in the new place, Al's things, Abby's things, things of Teo he might want stored. There's a covered bird cage near the window as well. The knock on the window brings a great deal of surprise for Abby who comes out from a hall to look towards it. Magnes. Scarlett is shoo'd from the window and it's heaved open after a few moments by Abigail. "Heavens, Magnes, get in here, it's cold out there"

Magnes peeks from in between two fingers when she speaks, then removes his hand completely and climbs in with her. "Sorry, I was worried, all this stuff is happening and I haven't seen you in a while, then you sent that message and well…" He's frowning, a look that says he thought she was dead or something.

"I'm alive, and you can see, I'm well Magnes" The window is closed behind him, effectively sealing the heat inside the room. "Good that you came though, I have a promise I need from you Magnes, again"

Magnes crosses his arms, standing there and watching her with a still-concerned look. He's not totally convinced. "What is it?" he asks, in a tone that suggests he's expecting something bad.

'I might not be home tonight, if I give you a key can you stop by and check on Scarlet and Pila?" The pets in question in the room. Abigail motions to a cupboard. "Might not be back for a day or two and it's a new place, and I want to make sure they'll be okay" see, nothing earth ending.

"Oh, sure, but where are you going?" Magnes wonders, cheeks red as he stares down at his skates, with a hand rubbing the back of his neck. Could he be using his imagination? "I could just stay here 'till you get back…"

"Probably still on the Island" She snakes her arms around herself, a shake of her head and in turn, blonde hair. "No, you don't need to stay. Scarlett's used to me not being home for a day at a time, she's got her litter box. Pila's going to have her water and her seed filled up so" She motions for Magnes to come over towards the quilted fabric covered cage so she can take the fabric off. Beneath is Teo's Budgie, held in her safekeeping for him. "Magnes, meet Pila. I don't know if her name has any meaning or not"

Magnes tilts his head at the bird, just sort of staring as if he has no idea how to react. "Oh, um, hello Pila." he puts his finger to the cage, obviously not having much bird experience. "So all I have to do is make sure they're alright? I think I can do that. You going to a sleepover or something?"

'Or something" Abby murmurs, finger stretched through the bar to stroke along the budgie's back then retreat. She leaves the cover partway off for now. "Just a day. If you need to stay in here, because of the curfew, you can. Scarlett will likely enjoy the company. We don't have cable yet but there's the TV and there's movies" a gesture to a box marked DVD's. More exciting stuff is likely to be with Al's stuff.

Magnes begins his awkward avoidance of eye contact when she says 'Or something', but he of course doesn't say what's on his mind. "Yeah, thanks, but I wouldn't wanna mess with a guy's stuff if I don't know him. Don't worry, I'll definitely take care of the pets!" he says with a determined look directed at her hair, to at least (poorly) feign eye contact.

Abby nods, hands going back to sliding in the back pockets of her jeans. No eye contact on her part, just the study of the birds. "If i'm not back, in three days, just… take them to the pound. I can always get them out when I get back. I doubt it'll come to that but, you never know with New York these days"

"Alright, I can't just be quiet…" Magnes decides, taking a deep breath, standing up straight, then attempting a stern look down at her. "What's going on? I don't like how you're talking all secretive, then you start talking like you're in danger. I mean, I can deal with the secret talk, all that does is make me jealous, which is my problem, but when you start talking like you won't be back, I start worrying."

"Because I don't know when I'll be back, that's just it" Abigails motions for the red couch, for Magnes to sit on it before she perches on a corner. "I was on the Veranza Narrows Bridge Magnes, with others. Stopping stuff before it could happen, before it could destroy the world. Your comic books" A gesture to him. "They're real. And I'm.. on the fringes. There's a homeland security agent that I know, who came into the bar yesterday and I need to go in and give them what I know, maybe it will help with the others that they caught. I couldn't get a promise that they'd not arrest me, but, I trust that the man isn't going to screw me over. But he's just one man"

"What? You were…" Magnes practically falls into his seat as the situation settles into his head. "You could have died, you might get arrested, I don't know what to say. I won't take these animals to the pound, I'll take care of them for as long as I need to, if there's no other way to help you…"

"I should have, but I didn't. and I might get arrested, and if I do.. I did something illegal Magnes. Who knows, only god. But I'm standing here in front of you through the grace of friends, luck and.. my gift" her hands tap on her thighs, something to do with them. "A bird and cat? In your small place? No. The birds not even mine. Someone would come get the bird, probably the guy who it belongs to. Teo, you met him."

"This sucks, this really sucks…" Magnes stands again, paces across the room a few times, then looks back at her. "This isn't right! You should have to do anything illegal, you shouldn't have to go to jail, you shouldn't have to almost get killed! It's, it's…" He takes a few breaths, then just exclaims and points out the window. "This is Nathan Petrelli's fault! He outed us, he made the city hell, I should just…" Walking back to the couch, he hunches over and holds his forehead in both hands, just shaking his head as he tries to calm down.

Abigail watches Magnes as he moved around, watching quietly, letting him vent before she speaks up. "It is right. What was it that the pointy eared guy in star trek said? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Abigail looks out the window, and the gloomy city outside it, everyone afraid for their lives. "You should just what Magnes?"

"Or the one." Magnes quietly adds, raising his head slightly, but still not looking at her. "He also said 'I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question', but I guess that's a whole other subject with us." he says with a hint of frustration, likely referring to her 'secretive' nature. "And I was thinking, I don't know, I have powers, I could just drop him in some third world country…"

"He's the president now Magnes. Good luck getting near him" Abigail points out. She tears her gaze away from the window and to the cat parked on the windowsill again. "Think my friends are going to be furious with me, that I'm doing this but…" There's a shrug. "That is decidedly not the end of the world. I'm hoping that there will just be some peace and quiet for a little bit. The curfew will be lifted, soon enough I'm sure. Once the riots and stuff are snuffed out"

"Abby, I don't want you to go to jail." Magnes says in a quiet, serious tone, looking up, attempting eye contact finally. "You shouldn't have to suffer just because the president is freakin' Lex Luthor! I swear, if they arrest you, I'll break you out…"

"I won't get arrested Magnes. Not if he asks the right questions" Abby points out.

"You know I trust you, Abby. If you're really sure about this, I guess I don't really have a choice but to agree, but if you're gone for longer than three days…" Magnes stands up, then points out of the window. "I'm gonna go all Batman and start punching people until I figure out where you are."

'That will likely get you tossed in with me Magnes, even more so since your not registered" Abigail points out.

"This registering stuff is just Petrelli being evil. I mean, if he was selfish enough to cover up who really blew up Manhattan, I bet this registering stuff is for some other reason…" Magnes shrugs, then sighs and sits back on the couch. "Thinking about this is exhausting. Can we just, you know, relax and watch a movie before you leave?"

'We can. You can go through the box and pick out something. I'm tired, too much healing of friends. Be good to just rest. I think I have some popcorn somewhere I can microwave" She gestures to the box of DVD's as she heaves herself from the arm of the couch towards the semi hidden kitchen.

Magnes nods, removing his skates and walking over to the box. "You know, if you need anything, you can just call me. I mean, it's not like I can't cook for you and stuff, when you don't feel like it."

'Magnes, I have dinner at 4 or 5 in the morning. Breakfast usually at noon. I'm a pretty self sufficient woman, but I appreciate the offer. I'll remember that. Not so tired that I can't take care of myself" She speaks loud enough that he can hear her from the kitchen. Within the boxes are mostly chick flicks, drama's, some Disney movies. There's the odd action movie that isn't filled with gore or excessive violence. Likely either a gift to her, or maybe something of Al's that got slipped in.

Magnes takes out a chick flick, What Women Want. Could it be a film with vital information? There's only one way to find out… "I know you're a super heroine and all, but I still wish you have a more healthy schedule. You should really let me be your sidekick or something, so I can keep you healthy." says the guy who jumps from buildings, to the healer.

"Magnes, really, I'm fine. I get sleep, I eat healthy. I'm really not bad. I don't need a caretaker or a nursemaid, really. I fell into a river, and survived, and I'm standing here. And I'm not a super heroine. Just a little more than average woman who lives her life. Tries to live her life. I have a healthy schedules, when it's not disrupted"

"Well, alright, I trust you, I just worry. God, I'm the Mary Jane in this friendship…" Magnes groans, then gets the movie all set up and goes to sit on the couch. "Well, not completely the Mary Jane, 'cause if I ever kissed you upside down, I'm pretty sure I'd get slapped."

"I don't slap people" Abigail points out as the popcorn pops in the microwave. She peeks in to see what he's chosen and a smile flares. "I like that one. Very funny. him running around in pantyhose. I peek between my fingers, because he's in his underwear and I really shouldn't watch"

"You're not used to seeing guys in their underwear?" Magnes wonders, though likely a stupid question, he likes to know these things! "Ah, um, right about now would be a good time to say that I cover my eyes too, but I guess since I read comics, it'd be kinda obvious that I'm used to seeing clad women…"

Magnes still has alot to learn about his spiderman, err spiderabigail. "I've seen the covers of some of your comics Magnes" The popping stops and soon enough, the blonde is on the couch with him, a blanket spread over her lap and the buttery popcorn between them.

"Man, I gotta hide stuff next time, before I bring you over again." Magnes' face goes bright red when he seems to look at her and have a thought, digging into the popcorn. "But, you know, there's stuff about you that's better than those comic girls…"

"You don't really have anywhere to hide stuff in your apartment Magnes" She looks over to the glasses wearing guy, reaching over to touch them then drop her hand to the popcorn. She avoiding asking him what better about her than comic book girls. "No contacts today?"

He briefly glances down, then back up. "No, sometimes I just wear my glasses, makes me feel… better about stuff. I've had a lot on my mind." Magnes bashfully turns away when she touches his glasses, looking to the movie. "I keep feeling like you're doing important stuff, and I keep bugging you with kid stuff."

"Sometimes you need the kid stuff, to get through the not so kid stuff. Hey. I know someone you can help Magnes. I have a friend, named Victor. He'll, he could use your help"

"Hey, um, can I move a bit closer?" Magnes casually throws out there as if it's no big deal… bad acting. "Eh? How can I help? I'm not sure what help I'd be to someone."

"I don't know how he can help and I think your fine where you are Magnes. We can both reach the popcorn" She shakes her head. "Magnes.. even with everything that's happened, that has happened, between us, i'm still not looking for something more, I don't want something more, with you. I want to bejust friends. Can you handle that?"

"Well, alright, just introduce us and I'll figure it out, I hope." Magnes listens to her, trying to keep his casual smile, nodding repeatedly as she speaks. "I know all that, I guess I just look forward to those nice moments where you seem to forget. You know I'm not like, trying to force myself on you, right? I just like being close, you know…" he says with a slight tint in his cheeks, trying to focus on the movie again. "Don't get mad, please."

"You'd know if I was mad Magnes. Lets just sit, watch the movie, enjoy popcorn and freedom right now. Enjoy it while we can" She doesn't look upset or angry, though she offers the bowl to him to get a handful before it's set back in between them. "You can tell me when to cover my eyes"

"Alright, sorry again…" Magnes is quiet, with a small smile, but he does enjoy the time he has, simply watching the movie with her and eating popcorn.

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