Mysterious Violence in Greenwich

This morning followers of NYC news might catch a story on a baffling bout of violence that went down in Greenwich during the wee hours of the 31st. Two hours after curfew, between 1:00 and 1:30 AM multiple shots were reported fired around the vicinity of Old Lucy's, a bar whose late owner (Isabelle Ashford) was found dismembered earlier this month. Although egregious amounts of blood were discovered upon arrival of local police, no bodies have been recovered and investigators on the scene would offer no speculation as to the likelihood of the victim's survival. One man with a concussion was found in an alley nearby but could give no explanation of what had happened save that prior to the shooting he thought he'd been mugged by two men "wearing all black" that hadn't made any demands other than a request that he "Shut up."

As per usual with these things anyone with information on what might have happened is encouraged to contact the relevant authorities.

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