Mystery At St Lukes

Miracle or Crime at Hospital?

On Saturday, November 14, Nurse Betty Ramone who works the trauma unit at the St. Luke's Hospital went to check on her patient Christine Malkin who has been in a coma for several years.

What she found was a stranger in her patient's room.

"I don't understand it!" Betty says, "It? I mean? where did she go? Was she stolen? Oh god? her -parents-! Where did she go! Who would steal a living body!"

Spokesperson for the hospital, Rebecca Dohrman had this to say, "We are not for sure where this mystery female came from, as she had no identity on her. All we know is that she has red hair, is in her teen years, and has been homeless for quite some time. She has no memories of the past several months, just vague snippets of dreams. She did have taser marks on her body, showing foul play done upon her. We're asking that if anyone has -any- information about this mystery female to please come forth and help. We just want to find out what happened to Christine and right now this other female's memory is all messed up."

The police have been called in on this matter, and so far no official statement has been made to the press.

Parents of the coma patient have yet to be located as Christine's neighbors said they have been over sea on an extended vacation: "Why not?" asks one of the neighbors, "Their daughter has been asleep for years, why -wouldn't- they go away on a holiday?"

(Below is a picture of the unknown red-head that is shown to the public)

Unknown Female:

We're urging anyone with -any- information to come forth if they know this female in hopes to not only help her, but to locate Christine.

OOC: Please see Jet for any details regarding this matter if you want to investigate! Log up called "Body Shopping".

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