Mystery Theft



Scene Title Mystery Theft
Synopsis Christine investigates the scene of a theft
Date November 30, 2010

Caliban and Abigail's Condo

Winter is always a cold time of the year. That, apparently, does not stop thieves. The second report of a reasonably big-time theft this week… and the week has barely started. The apartment's owner, while too busy to address the police in personal conversation, was kind enough to let them do their job.

And man, the apartment is a mess. While it could've been much worse, several cabinets and closets have had their contents strewn to the ground. But at least their contents - and the containers - are still there. That much cannot be said for two other items. Taken from the apartment's master bedroom, the missing items are a statue of Jesus working a miracle on a blind fellow and a painting by Isaac Mendez displaying an indian man spreading ashes.

Of course, since those items are gone, the cops cannot see what they look like first hand, but… they can scan the apartment to look for something, for clues, or at least something that resembles a clue.

Unfortunately, it makes things a tad bit more difficult, sometimes, when the owner doesn't have the time to actually talk to the police. But they've got to do their jobs with what they've got for the time being. Which includes searching for fingerprints and distinguishing those of the people who live in the apartment from any prints that might be anomalous. Of course, the distinguishing part actually takes place in a lab somewhere. But that's a whole other story.

One of the cops that happen to be on the scene to work this case is an Officer Christine Jackson. Christine, at the present time, is just finishing off dusting for prints around where the painting was. It may not show anything useful, but it's something. Passing off the prints to one of the more technician type people, Christine takes off her gloves and puts on a new, cleaner set. And now…to look around the various crevices of the room and the rest of the place. Perhaps the thief dropped something by accident. And if they're lucky, that something will lead them directly to the person who committed the theft.

Plenty of fingerprints to be found where Christine is looking. Lab will probably have fun with that one…. besides the fingerprints, there's not a whole lot of clues. Sure, there's some… like that black hair that's grey at the root that Christine finds on top of the bed. Most curious however, is that there's no signs of anyone forcing themselves into the home. The locks are all intact, as are the windows and doors.

Christine bags and tags any and all evidence that she does find, from the hair to anything else. Whether it looks like it could be completely useful or not right now, doesn't matter as much. It could be completely useful later. Standing in the middle of the home, Christine looks about and sighs. "Who could've gotten in here?" She murmurs to herself. "It was either a super professional hit…or someone who had the keys." She may only be an officer, and not a detective, but some things either could figure out well enough. After all, detectives all had to start off as officers as well. "What I wouldn't give for an ability right about now. One that could actually tell me what happened right away." She shakes her head and sighs.

Well, whoever hit the place did manage to set the alarms off, that much is sure. But still, no marks on the door, nothing that suggests the locks have even been touched by anyone but the people who actually have a right to do so. Besides the master bedroom and living/dining room, the place is pretty much untouched. No closets thrown open to strew the contents on the floor, not anywhere beyond the living/dining room, the bedroom, and the walk-in closet.

Christine takes a deep breath in and pulls out her note pad from a back pocket and a pen from a shirt pocket. Opening it up she starts writing down a note or two for herself, murmuring along as she does so, "Check with…insurance company. If items were super expensive and insured…might have pictures. Could be useful." She pauses for a moment and writes down as an addendum, "Ask owner who their insurance company is and if items were insured. Would be good to know."

As the police officer checks out the tapes of the building around the time the alarms went off, she notices one disturbing little detail. There simply is no record of anyone going towards the apartment's entrance at the time of the theft, nobody to be seen on those tapes. Considering this is a second floor apartment, going in from the outside would normally draw attention.

Christine shakes her head. "How's that possible?" She mutters. "Unless they came in through the windows…but then how could they get such large items out of the apartment without being seen? They couldn't have taken those out the windows!" Or could they? Most likely, if that WAS possible, it would draw even more attention. "What in the clickity-clack is goin' on?" She frowns deeply and shakes her head. Getting the attention of the person who showed her the tapes, she asks for a copy, hoping that perhaps the recordings can be checked by NYPD computer experts, to check for any discrepancies.

And soon enough, a copy is made for Christine, the security guard offering a shrug, "I don't know, ma'am." He responds to the police officer's questions. After handing over the copy, he gets back to his coffee and security screens, "Good luck with the investigation." Is the last thing he offers, pretty much ignoring the police officer thereafter.

Christine gives the man a little shrug as he answers her. "Well, thanks anyway." As she takes the copy of the security tape, she looks around. Right…that was the way back out. Maybe she'll have more luck when the evidence is all processed at the station. And maybe she'll actually get a chance to talk to the owner of the apartment and the stolen items. After all, she's done all she can do with physical evidence for the time being.

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