Naivete and Crooked Cops


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Scene Title Naivete
Synopsis Aude double checks Adelaide's home and information that she gave during registration. Not because it's her job, but because she wants to make sure what she's gonna hand to Danko is the proper information. Adelaide is oblivious.
Date August 14, 2009

Adelaide's Penthouse

Penthouse, split level top floor- a beautiful place. Well beautiful since it overlooked the better part of New York City. The interior was lavish but not guady or out of taste of for a young woman 20-something, if anything it was beautiful, though in once corner stood the stand for a gituar, across from the kitchen, and the 'upper' area, which was accessable by a circular stair case was almost like a balcony, though the High bay windows let plent of the light in.

Knock Knock

Aude in uniform is on the other side of the door. Flak vest, radio clipped to her collar, her belt with it's keyholder, little pouches, gun with it's safety on and snapped close. Her usually riot curled hair is tamed with hair product and bobby pinned back into submission.

Knock Knock

Adelaide checks a moment. Unlike most penthouses this one's got a two front door, a storm dorm, and an inner door. The young woman smiles. She opens the inner door and smiles. "Badge please?" she asks. The metal screen door has safety glass/plastic, behind it.

She's anticipated this and already it's on it's way out and up. The leather folio flipped open, the digits on the badge matching the once embossed on her real shield on her shirt. "I'm Officer Castalides Ms. Naimarc? May I please come in?"

Adelaide smiles. "Ahh. " she smirks. "Sure." She takes a moment to inspect the badge. "It's Xylander." she corrects, "Naimarc was my mother's maiden name." she says, she opens the door to let the officer in before closing and locking it.

"Xylander…." that's surprise. "We didn't see that alternate name provided on the registration information Ms. Xylander" Aude steps in when bidden, hand reflexively going to rest on her belt and gun while she gives just a cursory glance around. "I'm just here Miss Xylander to ascertain that the address you gave us was indeed the real address"

Adelaide nods. "Ahh, hmm. Well I given it, as Xylander. The alternative name was listed as Naimarc- at the Suresh opening I said Naimarc- mostly because I was just talking.. I guess it slipped. But yes… its my real address. I also have a house… farther outside of the city… I listed that as well."

Aude flips through notes she'd made. The file on Adelaide and her registration had been something she'd seen in passing. She'd remembered hearing about the young woman at the center opening. "I see. We'll be checking on that to make sure. For now, I remind you to carry around your paper that was given, on your person till your card is recieved in the mail. Homeland Security will be contacting you soon if they haven't already about your testing Ma'am. What is it again that you do?"

Adelaide blinks. "Me? I am a student and will be a student for a while longer as I go through medical school."

"No, Ma'am, I meant, your ability. What is it that you do?" Aude looks up and over at her.

Adelaide smiles. "Well umm its a bit nebulous but I guess I can see peoples.. thoughts memories.. I don't know.. its hazy, and I've only done it a few times.

"Just wanted to corroborate that Ma'am" The notebook is flipped closed. "Just checking up to make sure that some information was double checked ma'am. You'd be surprised how many people give false addresses and names and think they can pull one on over us. I apologize for the inconvenience and I thank you for hospitality in this matter" There's a tip of Aude's head and her forefinger and middle finger touch her forehead then move away a few inches, as if saluting the young woman.

Adelaide nods. "Not a problem. At least your doing you job. I mean sometimes I worry, not say that there is a problem, but crooked cops, a twisted government. Even with the evolved, in a ways it scary its looking more and more like a Brave New World, you know minus the fetal alcohol poising and the lettering system… ad some of the other horrible things. But you know in the next few decades, you never know… someone could decide, designed children are the next big thing, and it will make 'humanity' better for them to be designer kids." she shivers.. "Or crazy breeding programs or something."

"Crooked cops.. well there are some out there Ma'am but Internal Affairs does it's best to suss them out and bring them to justice. As for the world becoming like an Aldous Huxley novel, well, time will tell but sometimes Ma'am you gotta have faith that something like that won't happen"

Not if Humanis First has a say in it. Breeding super children my ass. "I'll leave you be ma'am and input that you were confirmed and indeed are who you are, reside where you reside. You have a pleasant rest of the day you hear?" and with that, the officer turns on her shiny toed boots and starts heading for the front door.

Adelaide smiles. "You too, and be careful." she responds. "I know you don't need to be told this, but the world's dangerous…for Evolved and Non alike."

"Understood ma'am" More so for the evolved, you little evo freak. And with that, Aude's gone, heading down the hall to the elevator so she can press the button. Later, on a disposable phone, with a switched out sim card, there will be a message waiting for Danko on a pre-arranged location. Adelaide's addresses, her ability, the mention of being the talker at the suresh center, and the secondary address.

Thank you Adelaide. Thank you for your Naivete.

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