Naked Thoughts


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Scene Title Naked Thoughts
Synopsis Harmony encounters and has a telepatic conversation with a coffee maker. Naked man in the hallway of Redbird between a blond and a redhead, thoughts fly, tensions still exist. Welcome to Redbird, people.
Date January 10

Redbird Security - Upstairs

Above the ground floor that houses the lobby and office spaces, each of the upper floors can be accessed from the stairwell's landings. Wooden floors and pale cream walls keep the hallways modest and open - the rare window reinforced to prevent easy break-ins.

Each floor contains four small to moderate sized apartments, their doors painted a reddish umber hue and marked with a peephole above a black iron plaque with the apartment number on it. The lighting is soft and indirect in the halls, automatically turning on after six pm.

A new face, belonging to a body dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers, is sitting in the corridors, next to an unplugged coffee machine. The man, he's in his early twenties, is looking at the machine. Nay, peering at it. 'Come on, Sven.' He thinks to himself, 'Enter that bloody thing, you know you can do it…' Still, he isn't quite entering that coffee machine, in fact, the coffee machine seems to resist all attempts at allowing Sven to enter. Sven, therefor, sighs. 'Why does this only work when I don't want it to..?'

Traveling to Redbird from the library was certainly no easy task for Harmony. It is most frustrating for her that she cannot be as social and free as she used to be. Having to avoid more crowded streets for the less occupied ones, trying to clench off her ability during times when the population got to heavy. She is even having a bit of trouble as she takes to the stairs of Redbird. There are more people here than she is used to, and it is stressing her out a quite a bit. This is not usually like the blond, she despises this with a passion.

Here to track down, and speak with Cardinal, Harmony decides to check his apartment, coming up the stairs, into the corridors, where she picks up a mind she hasn't heard before. The girl deflates, her shoulders dropping and a whining sigh escaping her nose. 'More people?' she thinks, her own thoughts broadcasting out. As she comes across Sven, she speaks up. "More than likely, your powers are emotionally based, rather than normally thought based." she offers.

'Wait.. did I say that out loud..?' Sven thinks to himself, before deciding that, 'No, I'm pretty sure I didn't, so that means…' "Stay out of my mind!" He calls out, a mixture of fear and panic coming across his face. Not for long, however, as he starts to dematerialize, in a shockingly hot event, the man fizzles into a flash of lightning, that then proceeds to surge into the coffee machine. He leaves a burn mark and ruined boxers behind on the floor. 'I did it… right when I wasn't trying, damn this…'

Well what do you know, she got him scared even before she got all the way into the corridor. This is a new record for her. One second there is a man there, the next there is a bunch of electricity that just disappears into the coffee machine. She sighs softly and shakes her head, "I totally don't need this right now." a finger comes up, pressing against her forehead to rub a spot while her eyes close. 'Sorry, can't get out of your head. Technically I'm not IN your head, I just pick up surface thoughts. It isn't something I can exactly turn off.' She steps over to the telepathic coffee machine, and peers at it. 'Secondly.. you probably did that because I scared you. Which means, your power is probably emotionally triggered, like mine. Baring that, look into emotional control in order to control your power.' she continues the mental conversation. "Okay, why the fuck am I talking to a kitchen appliance?"

'Well, isn't this juuuust great…' Sven mentally complains from inside the coffee machine. 'Do you have a name, by the way? Mine's Sven… Sven Petersonn.' His mental voice is annoyed, but apparently not as much at Harmony as it could've been. Her spoken voice, however, is not acknowledged, if Sven even hears it. 'Emotional Control, you say? That sounds like you're suggesting I go into therapy or something to that effect…'

For a second, Harmony rubs a hand down her face, hoping someone doesn't come out and witness her talking to a coffee machine. But then she recalls that she is speaking mentally, so it won't be as weird. That is okay, for now. 'Harmony Roberts. I was looking for Richard, but apparently he isn't here. I don't hear him anywhere. I gather I'd hear him in his apartment by now. You do realize that this is a terribly awkward conversation? Actually, if you could make yourself a little useful and brew up a pot of coffee, that would be great. Hmm..' she reaches and picks up the device. 'I wonder what would happen if I plugged you in..' she is already looking around for an outlet. 'And by emotional control, I don't mean therapy. I mean learning to control your emotions, and allow yourself to only feel certain ones when you want to. It's also called Emotional Intelligence? Shows restraint.'

Harmony would notice all the nearby outlets have been covered up with protective rubber things. Still, Sven mentally screams, 'No! Don't plug me in!' Is his plea, 'I don't want to get lost again…' His mental voice does sound pretty desperate. 'So, how do you suppose I go about actually doing that, then, miss Roberts? Also, I don't know where mister Cardinal is, sorry. I'm just a guest'

The blond girl does in fact take notice of the plugs over the outlets and she frowns as she reaches and starts to peel at it with her fingernails, "Oh what in the hell is going on here? What are we? Children? Geez.. Afraid someone is going to stick some scissors in here or something?" It isn't like her to really bitch about these things, but she has been having these mood swings as of late. All these damn changes, and not having her ability. She hears the scream in her head and winces, halting in her efforts to remove the cover, 'Alright, geez, no need to scream. Sensitive material here. I won't plug it in.' she sets the machine down where it was, dropping down to sit on the stair, planting her elbows on the tops of her thighs and hunching forward. 'It takes practice. Usually that and natural talent. Emotional Intelligence is, an ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. There are tests and things to assess your level of EI. From there you just sorta learn about self-control. I had to do it because my natural ability could very well cause me to explode in a nuclear bang. To prevent that, I had to get control over my emotions.'

'Telepathy can cause you to explode in a nuclear bang? That's a new one..' Sven responds, 'Anyway, so how do you suppose I practice. I've never practiced anything like that before.' It's true. 'It's not like I asked to be able to do this, but I figure the best idea is to learn how to control it, so I can at least have a little say over when this kind of thing happens…' A mental pause, 'Let me try to get out of this thing, so we can talk more proper-like. Warning, I'll be naked.'

'No. Radioactivity can cause that. You see, normally I have the ability to produce various types of radiation. For a better part of… 6 years or so? But recently, I got into an incident to where my power was switched for a time. I'm waiting for it to wear off at any time now. There is a girl around here named Elle. She got my ability, and I got another guy's ability who is a telepath, normally. So it is a pretty messed up situation. But anyways…' Harmony brings herself to stand up once again. 'Eh. Go ahead. I'm really not that unfamiliar to the sight of a naked man.

'Weird!' Yeah, that's probably a pretty accurate description of the situation, Sven. The coffee machine's plug flickers once before it releases a jolt of electricity that turns back into Sven. Naked, as promised. "So yeah, nice to meet you, miss Roberts." Sven says as he extends his hand, shifting so his more private area is as private as he can manage it to be. His accent is pretty obviously foreign, "So, that's some weird situation you got yourself in… miss Roberts."

Harmony does something that would have people peering at her suspiciously, as if she weren't really who she is. When the electricity clears, and leaves a naked man, she doesn't stare. For one reason or another, she seems unphased. She even goes so far as to actually hold out her hand to take his when offered. "Ah, so you're tall, blond and foreign. How terribly cliche of you." She keeds, she keeds, no malice. "Hm." she purses her lips, "I feel like I'm in the beginning of some kind of Evolved porno or something. Like I should be saying some kind of cheesy line like 'Let me show you some of that American hospitality' and then have the 'unnc-unnc-unnc' music start up and— Well you get the idea. It's just terribly awkward." she waves a hand about. "But yeah, weird situation." she shrugs, "Those happen a lot around here, so I'm told."

"Well, sorry. There's loads of tall blond folks around in Sweden, you know, the country where I come from?" He's kidding as well. "And well, if you want to show me some of that American Hospitality, I wouldn't say no." He's still kidding. "Though trust me, Swedes are more hospitable." He grins, "Anyway, yeah, I imagine this sounds like some weird porno, but trust me, it's not…"

Don't say such things to Harmony, she is not easily embarrassed, at all. She is still standing in an apartment hallway, speaking with a naked man like it were nothing. "Ah." she comments with a tight smile, "I don't quite know you all that well yet. Contrary to popular belief, my bedfellows are few and far between. However, I do flirt quite a bit, so I hope you are not embarrassed by much. And currently, if you think thoughts, I'll be picking them up, so might try to keep your brain clean of any dirty things, because.." she taps her head, "I'ma listnin'.." The girl sounds a bit tired, not quite like her usual self. She actually even winces a little and moves to lean against the nearby wall. "No.. I know it isn't. But you really should do something about your emotional state. I imagine that is the key to keeping accidents from happening."

'I don't know what the hell I'm going to say to Richard. How do I just start talking to him again after all the shit that's gone down?' Harmony can hear Elle well before the little woman, once a blonde with blue eyes but now a redhead with green eyes, makes her way up the stairs, her arms filled with grocery bags. She's at least sounding a little saner than she was a month ago.

The little woman pauses at the top of the stairs, her brows raising as she peers at the scene. Harmony, talking to the Swede she's got in her apartment. The Swede, who happens to be naked. Again. He gets naked a lot. 'What is Dax going to think about me keeping this guy in my apartment? God, I hope if I bring Dax to meet him, he doesn't get naked. That would be so embarassing. It's a work thing, though…poor Sven.'

Then, Elle is holding out the bags for the naked Swede to see. "I got you some food, Sven!" She smiles, not quite greeting Harmony just yet. Nothing disrespectful, but the last time she saw Harmony, Harmony told her how crazy she is.

'I'm just kidding, sheesh, though she does look kinda hot, I wonder if she shaves.. did she just hear that.. fuck' Sven looks over as Elle approaches, then looks back to Harmony, "Please just ignore what I just thought, okay..?" Awwwkward. Back to looking at Elle, "Hey Elle." 'Elle isn't quite as hot as Harmony, but still great-looking.' He looks at the bags, "Thanks for getting me that food." 'I miss Swedish food, I wonder if I could teach any of these hot chicks around here to cook that…'

Yeah, Harmony did kinda lay it out for Elle the last time. She's always been blunt, like it or not. That is just her, she doesn't like to beat around the bush. Though the appearance of Elle strikes up lyrics in Harmony's head as she sees her step into the conversation. ~Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when. Our common goal, was waiting for, the world to end.~ Harmony's mental singing voice is of course just as good as her physical. One thing she has learned is, when she thinks of music, she can usually keep herself from letting thoughts slip. She doesn't quite jump to greet Elle either. She is sure the girl is still mad at her. She just lets her interject herself into the situation, and stands there, against the wall. Her blond brows raising as she catches all of Sven's thoughts. "Wow. What did I just tell you?" she peers at him, and then looks at Elle, as one of his thoughts was kinda about her.

"Yes, I heard every word. Call it a curse, and I really wish Aric would take it back. Hopefully we all go back before Elle learns how to release an EMP." By that, she means that if Elle learned that, then she'd have had Harmony's power for quite a few years. It is more of a way of saying 'I hope it happens soon, and not in like.. years'. "But anyway, Sven. Thank you, I'd be much more flattered than I seem to be now. Had a lot of changes recently, as I've partially explained. And I'm sure someone could cook you something from your homeland if you really wanted. I usually nuke my stuff." Ha ha!

It's mostly microwave food. Elle is no cook, so she's offering the best she can come up with: bags of simple foods to create. "No problem, Sven." She smiles to him. "You didn't burn my boyfriend's clothes, did you?" This is said pleasantly as Elle makes her way toward the door to her apartment, opening it. "Let me get you a robe or towel or toga or something."

'He really isn't scared to flaunt that, is he? Totally going to have a talk with him. I can't have him flashing everyone if Dax decides to come over here.' She turns, blinking a few times at Harmony, before disappearing into her apartment. 'Ugh.' She manages to keep her mental dialogue fairly clear, focusing instead on finding something to cover Sven up with.

"Just one of his boxers, sorry." Sven shrugs as he gets up, "I should get some food and get me to bed. It's getting late." 'Preferably before I start wondering whether Harmony spits or swa… fuck' "Like I said, I should get me to bed, Harmony. It was a pleasure to meet you. But I haven't gotten a lot of sleep in the past month, a few hours at best…"

Maybe Sven is actually trying to embarrass Harmony. Lots of people have tried, but yet she still keeps her cool and rolls with the punches. She is free and easy going like that. Although, she is putting herself at risk that more people could show up. That would be uber annoying. It is about time she cut this visit short.

As Elle moves on without really saying hello, dipping into her apartment. Harmony sighs and shakes her head, "She's still mad at me because I got on her case about not being able to control her emotions." Harmony's green eyes roll back and forth in her head. "She isn't the first person I've pissed off with this telepathy… Actually, she was. But not the only one." Afterwhich, she gives a shrug of her shoulders.

"Oh well. Obviously, Richard isn't here, so.. I'm gonna head back to my little hole for a while before people start piling in, and I can't take their nonsense filtering into my head." Did she catch Sven's thoughts? You bet she did. But she isn't going to mention it to him. Well, maybe just a little. Come on now.. "I'll let you get to bed, Sven." the girl turns to start down the stairs and pauses, "Oh. To answer your question?" She lets the question just hang there, and the girl just smirks. That's it. Her head dips down to Sven's nudity, "Cute, by the way. I have a bong that is an exact replica. I bet you'd be a best seller at Ikea. See ya around." she grins and heads on.

Elle greets Sven at the door with a bath robe, before she promptly goes about being a perfect little housewife and cooking dinner for her guest. "You need to watch it. I don't have but one more pair of boxers that are Dax's, and I don't know how happy he'll be to find that you burned one pair." She's a little on the grumpy side right now. It's easy for her. At least she's much more level headed these days.

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