National News April 2011

Cause and effect is a common equation. The idea of a chain reaction well known. Across America, the stories echo back to the heart of New York City, the outer-effects of a conflict brewing. Twist the dial of the radio, skate through television channels, and browse your favourite websites, and the same message repeats itself in new and twisted forms. The Devil shapeshifts too.

"…South Baptist Convention's startling announcement that it would consider its realignment with the Baptist World Alliance should the vote against recognizing Evolved pastors and ministers be won. In 2009, the SBC had already restricted any Evolved representatives to their annual meetings as well as the excommunication of Baptist churches that considered themselves pro-Evolved…"

"…Governor Brewer has claimed support for the Humanis First message, although denies any affiliations…"

"After a DNA sample of an emotional empath accused of rape connected him to DNA taken from several unsolved crimes, law enforcement agencies in several states have announced plans to run such samples of all Registered persuasionists, empaths and those with other similar abilities to try to solve more of their cold cases…"

"…debate continues on the controversy revolving around self-labeled spiritual medium Iris Collier, who has recently been sued for allegedly using a telepathic ability to read the minds of those in the audience for her show 'The Other Side.' Supporters of the lawsuit claim the Registry helped to uncover a fraud, while others argue that Collier is being treated unfairly, that her show was purely for entertainment purposes…"

"TSA has announced a new policy that will go into effect immediately that people with Evolved abilities that have been deemed potentially dangerous will be barred from air travel. Such abilities include electromagnetism, telekinesis, technopathy, pyrokinesis and others…."

"The ACLU is currently defending Jamie McPherson and her parents after Eastville Academy, a very elite private school in New Hampshire, expelled the sophomore earlier this year for being SLC-Expressive. Jamie has yet to manifest, but the school board has passed a policy against accepting Evolved students due to what they call liability and safety concerns. Meanwhile, parents of Evolved children at St. Bartholomew in Chicago are outraged at a hike in tuition for only the Evolved students…"

"… a marked increase in children being given up by their parents at birth as well as older children being abandoned into foster care, a trend that sociologist Paige Halsey says corresponds with the required testing for the SLC gene for all children that was mandated last year."

"… has authored a bill that would prevent anyone from teaching others on the use and control of Evolved abilities unless they have been authorized by the Department of Evolved Affairs and applied for a license…"

"… ruled earlier this week that it will no longer allow SLC-Expressive players in the NFL. In previous years, Evolved abilities that were ruled not to have an impact on the outcome of play were evolved, but according to Commissioner Roger Goodell, 'It's a slippery slope when you start arguing about how an ability might affect the outcome of play, and for safety and fairness, we feel this is in the best interest of the game, its fans, and its players.' Other athletic organizations such as the NBA, NHL and baseball leagues are also considering following suit…"

"The House voted unanimously on Thursday to impeach an Oregon federal judge for a range of ethical transgressions including allegations of bias toward Evolved and taking bribes. The Senate will now pick up the case against Judge Edna Aguilar, with a two-thirds vote required to convict…"

"The California Army National Guard opened fire, killing two and injuring 15, during a protest rally at UC Berkeley yesterday. The demonstrators gathered in protest of what they called hate crimes toward the Evolved, including harassing emails, graffiti and heckling of SLC-Positive students at the Berkeley campus. When tempers began to flare between the protesters and other students, the National Guard was called in…"

It's a quiet war, with small battles biting at the edges to a victory that will only be clear once it's been won.

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