National News February 2010

MOUNT SHASTA, CA — FRONTLINE squad 03 added another supporting argument in favor of the project's continued existence yesterday, recovering two skiers from an avalanche on the slopes of Mount Shasta. Two of the squad's members, Lieutenant Paul Miller and Staff Sergeant Raul Alvarez, were dispatched to assist search and rescue teams at the Northern California ski resort after reports of two separate human-triggered avalanches.

Recent snowfall from Friday's storm and relatively warm temperatures since set the stage for potential human-caused avalanches, although the risk was only moderate according to the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center. Both avalanches occurred on the upper northern side of the mountain, with slabs of snow 200 to 300 feet wide tumbling down some 500 feet. The group which caused one avalanche was able to outrun the sliding snow, but two of the three who triggered the second collapse were caught in its downward rush.

Staff Sergeant Alvarez, a hydrokinetic, was able to help identify weak points in the snowpack, as well as quickly pinpoint the location of the skiers buried beneath the avalanche's bulk. Lieutenant Miller, a telekinetic, assisted the search and rescue party in digging out the skiers, as well as helping stabilize the remaining uphill snow during that process. The unfortunate victims are reported to be in good condition, but were kept overnight in the hospital for observation.

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Early Tuesday morning a joint ATF/FRONTLINE operation in Cambridge Massachusetts, operating on information obtained through a six month long FBI investigation, raided a suspected methampetamine distribution ring. After the FBI's investigation turned up evidence of Evolved activity within the distribution operation, Massachusetts state police in cooperation with the ATF joined forces with FRONTLINE Unit-02 to help take down the operation. According to sources with the ATF and FRONTLINE Unit-02, the conflict resulting from the raid lasted two and a half minutes, following a debilitating shockwave that resonated through the building, generated by First Lieutenant David Rodgers that incapacitated both Evolved and Non-Evolved members of the meth ring shortly after the raid began.

This was Unit-02's first successful mission since their inception back in October. Maschusetts Governor Andrew Michaels said that "FRONTLINE is a shining example of how the Evolved and Non-Evolved can achieve great heights when working together." and went on to say later in the interview that, "I have high hopes that FRONTLINE Unit-02's display today shows the world that the Evolved are just ordinary people, blessed with an extraordinary ability. No different than a genuis scientist or a masterful musician."

MIAMI, FL — With just one month remaining before the institution of FRONTLINE Unit-04 in Miami, anti-evolved protestors are out in force in the city to demonstrate the formation of the Evolved task force. Members of the Coalition For Human Equality staged a 3,000 man march on the Miami City Hall on Wednesday, citing that the development of FRONTLINE as a rapid-response unit against Evolved threats will put the members of the Miami SWAT out on the streets, and endanger the local community by promoting an escalation of violence.

"When you put people with the power to create fire or make earthquakes in a position to use their powers with the intent to harm or destroy, collateral damage is going to be incurred. Who is going to have to pay for the repairs to our city? The taxpayers. Who is going to have to pay the exhorbant salaries of these men and women who will largely sit on their laurels and collect paychecks while no Evolved crimes take place? The taxpayers. We did not ask for FRONTLINE, they were forced upon the people of Miami."

Miami mayor Martin Dominguez remarked in a statement to the Miami Herald that, "Evolved crimes rose roughly thirty mercent in the last year alone. With incidents involving spontaneously generated airborn toxins, the woman who was petrified in the middle of broad daylight at Bayfront Park and the recent incident with the man who could communicate with fish causing that shark attack we just can't commit standard police to these sorts of incidents. We have to answer the threat of the criminals with equal force."

FRONTLINE Unit-04 is expected to hit the streets of Miami by late march, serving as a precursor for Unit-05 in Virginia in June.

LAS VEGAS, NV — Sixteen people were seriously injured late Thursday evening and another eight killed when a suicide bomber entered the Corinthian, Las Vegas Casino strapped with an explosive vest. The bomber, Keith Shaw, was wanted by the FBI in connection to a 2009 shooting murder in Arkansas connected with the anti-evolved terrorist organization Humanis First.

Reports indicate that Shaw entered the casino and rushed towards a crowd in the lobby before shouting a slogan tied to Humanis First before detonating the explosive. Authorities are investigating whether Shaw was motivated in his attacks by Corinthian chain owner Daniel Linderman's involvement with the Linderman Act that instituted Evolved Registration or had selected a specific target on his own.

An investigation into the bombing is expected to take several months, and the FBI has moved in to investigate the connections Shaw may have had to known local Humanis First members.

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