National News January 2011

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — The Department of Homeland Security is blaming Evolved terrorist group 'the Guardians' for a recent attack on a Detroid DHS holding facility where members of the alleged terrorist-sponsoring organization Unity were being held pending trial. DHS Operations Director Jason Pierce detailed that members of the Guardians were able to enter into the facility by way of an SLC-Expressive terrorist capable of bending space and 'teleporting' his accomplices in to disable security guards and release the prisoners.

Japanese national Hiro Nakamura is being blamed for organizing the raid. While six members of Unity were released by the Guardians, Unity's spokesman and legal adviser Donald Poulin remains behind bars in a Department of Homeland Security facility in Los Angeles, California where he is believed to be cooperating with authorities in regards to the legal case mounting against members of Unity.

According to recent information released by the Department of Homeland Security, Hiro Nakamura has been revealed to be the son of slain Yamagato Enterprises CEO Kaito Nakamura, who was linked to the global conspiracy known as 'The Company' just last year. Investigations into the Yamagato corporations finances and its current CEO, Kimiko Nakamura are still ongoing. Kimiko Nakamura was not available for comment regarding her brother's alleged work with the Guardians.

The Department of Homeland Security is actively searching for Nakamura and urges anyone with information on this individual to come forward. A reward of $750,000 dollars is being offered to anyone who provides information leading to the location and arrest of Hiro Nakamura.

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA — The remains of slain US National Guardsman Sargent Thomas Armstrong arrived in his home town of Norfolk, Virginia this morning. Armstrong, who served in the 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, was killed last month during a terrorist attack on an Iraqi security outpost just north of Baghdad by the Mazdak group.

Sargent Armstrong, an Evolved serviceman, saved the lives of his combat team during the attack by Mazdak insurgents by single-handedly holding off automatic weapons fire during an engagement on December 16th. According to Private 1st Class Howard Hale, Armstrong was able to convert the kinetic energy of the fired bullets into visible light, resulting in the inert rounds landing harmlessly at his feet or bouncing off of his body.

Hale recounts Armstrong's attempt to keep the MAzdak insurgents at bay while his team regrouped. "It was unlike anything I've ever seen before. Sargent Armstrong never openly displayed his ability before, he was very shy and reserved when asked about it. But when it came down to the line, Armstrong showed just how much of a patriot he was. He took a round before he managed to get his ability working, we could tell he was wounded."

"I remember running back to the APC and Lieutenant Meyers shouting for Armstrong to fall back. All we could see was this light, like… it was like an eclipse around him. We could hear the gunfire, bullets were hitting the ground but nothing was getting damaged. Eventually he just collapsed after the insurgents withdrew. He died from blood loss by the time the medics were able to get to him. But he saved all of us, I won't ever forget that. My two sons and daughter still have their father because of what he did. That's selfless, heroic."

Armstrong's family received his body this morning for funeral services to be held later this week. Sargent Armstrong was one his last tour of duty in Iraq and was scheduled to return home in March. His remains will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery on the 15th.

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA — One month after partial remains of the Moab Federal Penitentiary were discovered in the fields belonging to James Turmund, a report by the Department of Evolved Affairs has revealed one possible scenario for the sudden appearance of the structure's remains. According to the report, a massive "space manipulation event" is believed to have taken place in the vicinity of the former secret prison. The report classifies this event as an MTE "Midtown Tier Event" in scale and cites that unknown participants were likely involved, the details of which may never be known.

The report also indicates that the remains of three human bodies were found crushed beneath the remnants of the prison. The identities of these individuals have been classified by the National Security Council. Also in the report are allegations pertaining to involvement by the Company in the foundation and maintenance of Moab and an internal investigation within the Pentagon attempting to discern how the prison was constructed and operated without the Justice Department's oversight.

The remains of the Moab Federal Penitentiary that appeared in Nebraska have been moved to a remote facility for study, with further details unavailable at this time.

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