National News October 2011

National News, October 2011

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — The Department of Homeland Security is reporting that terrorists attacked a US Military asset shipment facility located in Staten Island's Reclaimed Zone. The attack targeted a shipment of newly completed autonomous security drones designed by the Commonwealth Institute of Technology in Cambridge Massachusetts for the Department of Evolved Affairs. These drones are a part of the Enduring Vigilance program, designed to take living officers off of the streets and out of harm's way when engaging hostile Evolved. The NYPD alone has suffered a staggering 211 officer fatalities between 2010 and 2011 alone.

Initial reports from DHS Secretary Gregory Armond indicate that the terrorists participating in the attack were positively identified thanks to the inter-departmental cooperation of the Department of Evolved Affairs. A combination of video and postcognitive Evolved ability has revealed the identity of at least five of the terrorists involved. The alleged participants in the attack include former Company agents Benjamin Ryans, Hana Gitelman, and Lashirah Lee. Also identified New York resident Megan Young as a part of this operation. DHS and the FBI are currently exploring all leads regarding these individuals and are talking with their families and known associates. Checkpoints around Staten Island have tightened today as a result of the attack, as DHS and DoEA agents continue their investigation.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Tragedy was averted today when the lives of twelve motorists were saved from a freeway collision on I-15 just outside of Las Vegas. Unseasonable rain and slick roads contributed to a tractor trailer truck overturning, causing a multi-car pileup across the entire southbound lane. An unidentified Evolved samaritan pulled the injured from the wreckage and, according to eye-witness accounts, was able to heal the injuries of those affected. Witnesses describe the man as a Caucasian male, under six feet tall, with dark hair and a large facial scar. Las Vegas Police are investigating to see if this individual may have been responsible for the accident or otherwise possesses any knowledge of the incident. One woman and her two children, rescued from her overturned car by this unknown man, hopes "he gets to live his life in peace. The DoEA don't need to bother him. He helped us, isn't that what really matters?" Las Vegas mayor Douglas Jones, however, had a different opinion. "Evolved citizens of Las Vegas should be aware that they must remain at the scene of any incident in which their unique abilities are used on an American citizen. We have to be able to properly identify who and what was affected by the use of their power, and leaving the scene of an Evolved incident is a crime punishable by federal law."

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — The Evo-Terrorism organization calling itself The Guardians claimed responsibility for the sinking of a Pacific Steel freighter off the coast of Tacoma early Sunday morning. The group stated in a post that has since gone viral on social media, that "Pacific Steel is complicit with the genocide of Evolved humans by supplying companies like the Commonwealth Institute with materials used in the creation of automated weapons of mass destruction." Vice President Andrew Mitchell, visiting Washington for a national security summit, condemned the attack in the strongest possible means and reminded the nation, "Sixteen men and five women aboard that ship died because of this attack. No matter the message these terrorists think they're sending, that's human lives lost. That's what we're fighting against, an enemy that think themselves above the law and above the sanctity of life." The Department of Evolved Affairs is investigating the attack, but at present have no leads.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Petrelli appeared before Congress on Wednesday to discuss the specifics of upcoming legislation regarding regarding the Evolved Relocation Act. In response to Tuesday's violent attack in New York, the President has accelerated his plans to begin a mass emigration of Tier-1 and above Evolved to a centralized relocation center currently under construction in Buffalo, New York. The Buffalo Relocation Settlement broke ground in September and construction progresses swiftly. President Petrelli stated, "Our responsibility as lawmakers is to protect American citizens, and sometimes that means protecting them from themselves. We're rapidly approaching the five year anniversary of the Midtown explosion, and it's time we take a step back as a nation and see that the tragedy of Midtown never really ended. We entered desperate times in 2006, and while we deluded ourselves into believing that they ended, I can assure you that they haven't. The worst may yet be to come, and we need to prepare ourselves for that." The President has not yet outlined when these mass emigrations would begin.

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