National News September 2009

MONTANA — A rock climber in Glacier National Park who had fallen seventy feet and severely injured his back on Tuesday was discovered Saturday morning by an unlikely hero. His name is Sitter, an eastern gray squirrel who was part of a search party consisting of one hundred and sixty seven rodents released into the park by David Penney, a registered Evolved with the ability to communicate telepathically with rodents. Able to see through their eyes and share their senses, Penney was able to find the missing rock climber and alert search and rescue teams to his presence. Local authorities and the family of the missing rock climber expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Penney and praised his openness about his ability in helping lead authorities to their son.

AZIRONA — Six are dead and another eight injured when two young men claiming to be members of the radical anti-evolved terrorist organization Humanis First opened fire on in the lobby of St.Clara Emergency Hospital in Phoenix on Friday. The gunmen, Marco Rodriguez and Emilio Sanada entered the hospital just shortly prior to four pm where they immediately opened fire with automatic weapons on the crowd. The attack came only days after a threatening letter was delivered to the hospital stating that the attack would happen if the hospital did not stop treatment of 'Evolved' patients. The standoff ended when Rodriguez and Sanada turned their guns on each other, taking their lives. Posthumous blood work done during the gunmen's autopsy indicate that Sanada possessed the Suresh Linkage Complex, a trait that is unique in evolved persons.

CALIFORNIA — A shocking murder in Reseda on the steps of the Los Angeles County Courthouse is making national headlines. District Attorney Susan Amann was brutally murdered in what police are calling an escalation of gang-related violence in the city. Gunned down along with two private bodyguards on the night of the 7th, Amann was a respected DA in the Los Angeles community and had served for sixteen years on the California bar. Her murder is believed to be connected to rising pro-evolved gang violence in the state.

NEW YORK — The race to replace mayor Harry Bianco in New York City has heated up over the last three days. With Bianco's final term ending in 2009, the two front runners in the mayoral race — Marcus Donovan (D) and Sylvia Lockheart (I) have been joined by a late-campaign nominee running with unexpected financial backing to televised ads and scheduled public appearances. Currently lagging thirty points behind Donovan in the polls, Jennifer Chesterfield has made significant headway on the eve of her announcement to contend for the votes of the people of New York City by speaking out in opposition of the city's handling of the evolved situation, reclamation of Midtown and the improper handling of the Humanis First crisis. Chesterfield was quoted as saying, "the future of New York City lies not in back-door dealing with special interests groups while allowing terrorists to openly wage war on the streets of the city."

Vocal proponents of Chesterfield's unexpected bid for the seat of mayor come surprisingly from independent press papers within the city, indicating a quick-acting underground movement to support this recent addition to the mayoral race. Chesterfield plans to mark her official foray into the bid for Mayor of New York City with an interview on CNN later this week.

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