Native American Art Show

New Village Voice Newspaper
Arts & Entertainment Section
October 31, 2010

On Wednesday November 3rd the Curt Marcus Gallery in Greenwich Village will be hosting a display of contemporary Native American artwork to celebrate its re-opening following a four year long closure after the Midtown tragedy in 2006.

Now under new management, the gallery is boasting a collection from six prominent contemporary Native American artists from across the United States. Event manager Robert Bristol has emphasized how excited the staff of the Curtis Gallery is to open once again. "What [we] have been doing is really great, really fantastic stuff. It's been four long years and we've finally been able to afford repairs, get everything back up and running. The fundraiser last year really gave us the push we needed and we've been blessed with sizable donations from the Linderman Group over the last few months that really have made it all possible."

Bristol went on to say that the Curt Marcus Gallery is proud to have the works of Marcus Amerman, Hastings Shade, Michael Kabotie, George Morrison, Thomas Redhouse and Mateo Romero on display for the showing.

The Curt Marcus Gallery can be found on 2 Fifth Avenue. Tickets to the Contemporary Native American artwork showing are $15.00 by pre-order, $30.00 at the door. The showing begins at 5:00pm and goes until 8:00pm. A second showing will be held on Thursday.

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