Natural History Meets Evolution


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Scene Title Natural History Meets Evolution
Synopsis House-hunting for PARIAH leads to an unexpected encounter with a bad-tempered squatter.
Date October 13, 2008

The Museum Of Natural History

A dusty and derelict museum.

In an attempt to find a new HQ for PARIAH. Eve and Teo had decided to go and look at the places that Helena and the others had mentioned before in the meeting.

Eve is dressed in pair of tight dark jeans and a dark red tank top. Her hair is free and spills down past her shoulders and if you are looking closely enough you can see the butt of Eve's pistol in the waistband of her jeans. Under her jeans she has a boot holster that holds a knife. Her eyes are alert as she moves the flashlight in front of her to view the abandoned museum. Cobwebs are here and there, and a few rats can be seen running around. "The rats and dust and such are easily fixed, ya think?"

"The easiest to fix," Teo replies. He lets the Evolved take the lead, as they're wont to do, following the woman with boot-shod that overturn little more than motes of dust and the frequency at the bottom of human hearing. The cuffs of his jeans are already rimed with grit; his T-shirt's managed to escape such minor indignities so far thanks to the protection of his jacket. The hang of its leather hem loosely conceals his own firearm, the P-104. He has a toolbox in one hand, backpack over his shoulder. He tries to look — carry himself — more like a plumber who has to live just below Harlem rather than a terrorist, but those two categories are bizarrely easy to mix up these days.

He casts a look across the windows, noting they're already tightly boarded up and further cloyed with particle refuse, from the inside and out. "This place still have power? I'd like to try some lights, at least in the rooms we're gonna be using. If someone outside is going to notice that much, this location is fucked already," he adds, pre-empting the logical protest.

Eve shrugs lightly and eyes the surrounding area. "I'll guess we'll just have to see. And I am more of a fan of the abandoned subway tunnels" Eve says lightly and stretches. Her tank top rising to show more of her back to Teo. "This is huge, but I think it would be better for us to be underground"

As Eve finishes her sentence a growl can be heard in the room. Eve's hand immediately goes to her pistol and she looks around the ceiling, that is where the noise seems to be coming from. Next a dark and scratchy voice filled madness speaks, " Why? are you in my home?" Then a loud manic laugh fills the spacious room and a dark shape falls from the ceiling and then zips into the darkness.

As if cued by the physics of magnetism, Teo's gaze jigs downward for a distracted eighth-beat before he rights out the alignment of his head. Returns his attention to the task at hand. And a Hell of a task it is. Tyrannosaurus Rex bones loom up ahead, casting a warped shadow against the far wall when Teo's own flashlight beam cuts through the sprawling cage of its ribs. Though colossal by itself, the image it throws across the room is more impressive still. His eyebrows shoot upward. The Sicilian decides that if the nuclear bomb couldn't knock that shit over, he's damn well going to climb it before something else does. "Makes sense, signora.

"I was kinda wondering why we couldn't do both. The tunnels are all kinds of tactical fun for you people who think about it that way, but both places belonged to the City so they're both going to be pretty well mapped out and blueprinted. At least this pit probably comes with its own generator, and it's a lot easier to do renovations to without worrying we're gonna take a cross-section of Manhattan out. Might not hurt to let them — " the obscure and nebulously-defined 'them' " — have false impressions of the layout. Private property could be b—" he cuts himself off and halts at the voice, the swift-moving shadow.

Teo's eyes flash ice sidelong at Eve, though he doesn't move his flashlight. His accent slides in, a musical essay to the vowels when he notes, bemusedly, "I got no problem with tunnels."

"Leave, NOW," the disembodied voice says and then a shadow can be seen again, this time crawling on the side of the huge room like a spider and then the figure breaks out into a run and jumps in Eve's direction. Eve's flashlight catches the glimpse of a pal face with dark eyes and matted hair.

Eve screams and is pushed into Teo and she falls over. The figure then tilts his head at Eve and shakes his and runs to the wall, up it and then perches on the ceiling looking down at the two PARIAH members. "I told the them that everyone was coming for me. No where is safe" the figure says manically and his head tilts and looks around the room.

"What the hell?" Eve says and she grips her handgun behind her back as she is on the floor. Her dark hair is in her eyes and she looks wildly around the room. "I think we should go" she says to Teo and her eyes are widen.

Teo's hands snag the belt loops of her pants, keeping her from falling too hard into the ground. His knuckles are still capped with scabs and his reflexes raw from the idiotic fiasco in the 120s last week; he forgets they're sore, scrambling to keep his own balance when the woman stumbles into him. "No offense, man," he calls up to the man sprawled against the ceiling. "Just didn't realize there were previous tenants. Yeah, maybe so," he adds the latter for seer, raising dark brows with eloquence. He doesn't reach for his own gun; figuring the man's already made an organized attack with as much force as he wanted to impart, Teo is content to follow the directions. They're simple enough. He turns around, waits a breath until Eve's back bumps into his shoulder before starting to walk, fast, a grip on her hip, acting as her eyes while he reserves a little faith that she'll have his back.

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