Need A Heart, Get A Heart


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Scene Title Need A Heart, Get A Heart
Synopsis Niki needs a Lawyer, by gum she's gonna get one.
Date January 14, 2009

Outside a Police Station

Abigail was outside the police station, sitting on the rear end of her scooter, bundled up for the weather. She'd left a description of herself, and now was waiting for Paul Heart. The attorney that Elisabeth had told Niki to get, and that Abby had done the fetching. Not knowing that Elisabeth had already called as well. Cops go in, cops go out. People go in, people go out. One person wasn't and frankly, abby in some part of her heart was thrilled. But another part was sad. Niki, the innocent in it all, and Jessica, the guilty. One the person, the other, a protective Facet. A deadly facet.

Paul steps out of his limo. He is dressed perfectly in a three piece suit with a briefcase.

There he is. Only lawyers step out of limo's. Abby shifts, straightens, dropping her hands from her lap to her sides. "Mr. heart?"

Paul turns and smiles, his eyes staring through her a little, he looks kinda intimidating in this light, almost scary as if th shadows move to protect him, "Yes?"

"I'm Abigail Beauchamp. I called. About Niki and Jessica Sanders" He's nto near as Scary as Jessica, or even Wu-long and a couple others she could name. The Helmets been stowed and she's got only her purse when she takes a few steps closer to the man.

Paul nods, "Yes, you said you wished to speak to me before I spoke to my client?

Abby nods to the man. "Is there a place inside, or is in your car better? There's some things you need to know, that Niki doesn't know, about Jessica and the" There's a big breath. "Circumstances" Abby shifts, going from leaning left to leaning to the right.

Paul hmmms softly, and nods, opening the door of his limo.

Another nod and the younger blonde steps forward, ducking her head to get into the limo. The novelty of it, a limo, is lost on her due to the circumstances into which she's finding herself. In which she might find herself at some point later. To the opposite side she takes a seat, knees together, hands in her lap, back straight and not leaning against the seat, waiting for him to get in.

Paul slips in and closes th door, he presses a button, separating them from he driver and sound proofing it, then look to her, raising an eyebrow.

"Niki is … Suffers from Multiple Personality disorder. Disassociative Identity Disorder. Something happened when she was young, and she has two other personalities. Niki's the harmless one and the main one. There's a third, I can't remember her name if Jessica told me it at all. The second is Jessica. Niki is evolved, but doesn't know it. Jessica knows it. Strength is her gift. She can.. pick up and throw god only knows what, and her body can take the force that comes with it. Niki doens't know about Jessica and Jessica likes to keep it that way. Mr Heart, Much as I, and i'm sure Officer Harrison, bother sympathize with Niki, she can't get out on bail. She assaulted Elisabeth, she came after me, for what, I don't know, and she will surely, come after the both of us and maybe others, if she's let out and she will skip out on bail, if there was any way that we could even raise it for her" Abby interlaces her fingers watching Paul, the words spilling from her mouth. "Niki is a good woman, who tends a bar, she lost a husband and a son in the bomb and she's been reclaiming her life slowly. Jessica.. Jessica is .. the one you need to fear"

Paul shakes his head, "Bail is not going to be my call, it will be the judges. I can't refuse to ask for it because someone suggests it. If she wants bail I have to ask the judge for it. That is something you should really be telling the cops, not me. Assuming of course you can provide proof for it."

"I can provide proof and if need be, I will" Abby answers the man. "Jessica's done a great many things, that Niki hasn't, but the one is going on a rampage, and leaving Niki to pay for the others crimes. I called you because Niki used me as her one phone call. I don't have much money, but I can arrange to pay you, if you'll take her case. It's delicate, and.. in truth, she needs someone on her side. I can't do it. But you can"

Paul nods slowly, "I do work with the public defenders office on evolved cases. It's a community service type thing, I will be glad to talk to Miss Saunders, and if she wants me, I will be glad to assist her.

Abby nods. 'Thank you Mr. Heart. For helping Niki. I can't.. get more involved in this than necessary, but, your secretary has my number?" Her job here is done. She got Niki her lawyer. She waits, a few moment, unsure of whether the man across from her is going to move first, or whether she should and after a twitch of her eye and her thumb, the young woman opts to make the first move.

Paul leans over and opens the door for her. Moving to exit behind her, he smiles, "I'm sure your friend will be ok Miss Beauchamps

Abby turns once she's outside, hunched over to look inside. "My friend yes, She will. With time. My enemy though Mr. heart" Abby looks grim. "I hope she burns in hell for the pain she's caused" With that, Abby turns, straightening, off to go with Paul into the precinct.'

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