Need A Rental


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Scene Title Need A Rental
Synopsis Abigail's making plans about where to put her parents when they come up for their stay. Liz has the perfect place and for the perfect price.
Date February 18, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

Curfew will be up in two hours. Abby put off the flight back as long as possible, paid arm and leg and is upstairs in her apartment, preparing for her first day at work and orientation. Much like Liz has been doing. A call put in to the blonde, to tell her she was back from lafayette - surely to raise brows - and needed to talk to her. Surprise to Abby, she's back in New York as well and an invitation was extended for Liz to come over for coffee before the curfew got too close. Worst comes to worse, she'd call up magnes and yell for him to drop liz back off at her own work.

Sleep was managed on the plane home, paranoia touching when she got off at the airport and was thinking she saw Kozlow everywhere when really she hadn't. Home again by taxi and safely squared away upstairs. The menfolk weren't home yet but would be soon and there's coffee percolating and doors unlocked for Liz to come on in.

The trip to Lafayette doesn't surprise her as much as it could have. Not with the alert being put out that Dreyfus might be targeting loved ones of the Russian team. Elisabeth just ignores the curfew altogether. She greets the girls at the bar and passes directly through the main rooms to the stairs. Knocking on the door, she pokes her head in because she knows Abby's expecting her — and the ex-healer is trusting enough to leave the door open in spite of the threats. "Dammit, Abby, even when you know I'm on the way, you should lock the door," Liz calls in a vaguely grousing tone as she lets herself in. "This isn't Lafayette." It's not said sternly, more…. worriedly. And affectionately.

"Liz, he's have to get BEHIND the bar, through the back room and then up the stairs. This isn't like the village where frankly, anyone can just come in. It's my bar, and more than enough people between me and anyone down there" The blonde - younger - grouses. "And I know this isn't lafayette. This isn't Butte la Rose either" Away from the kitchen she pads, wrapping arms around the other woman and holding tight.

Elisabeth wraps her arms around Abigail and holds her tightly. "You okay?" she whispers softly. Because when Abby calls and says she needs to talk, Liz worries like an old mother hen.

"Yeah" Muffled into Liz's shoulder, trying to decide whether to let tears finally flow or to hold them back, save them for another day. "My home is gone. Burned it to the ground. My dah got my mom out but not before she got burned pretty good. His arm's gonna be okay, She's gonna need time and probably see a doctor. If Dah hadn't been home…" Things would have been much different.

Tension ratchets through Elisabeth and she buries her lips against Abby's hair. "Oh God, Abby. I'm so sorry…. and so glad at the same time." Because Abby's parents are okay. And that's the important bit.

"He'll build it again. He's already planning. Five bucks Momma demands a sunroom, she's been wanting one." Shit, there's a prickling behind her eyes and she squeezes them tight. "I got Dah to promise to come up here for a bit. Take some vacation till at least Momma's arms are better. He didn't really want to but I managed to guilt him" She pulls her head back, looking over at Liz. "Do you know if Cat's place in Dorchester is rented out or anything? I can't put momma above the bar, and I don't want to put her and Dah in at the Village"

Elisabeth kisses the top of Abby's head, understanding the fear in the other woman. When the part, she says quietly, "I know Cat doesn't rent the place out. It sits empty. But it's on the first floor, and that… alarms me." There's a long pause and she says, "Why don't you put them at my place? Alec revamped the security, and so long as they keep the alarms on and the doors locked, there's no way in hell Dreyfus could get to them. I have to stay at the base anyway most nights… and the nights I'm not there, I can stay with Claire and the others."

First floor as opposed to Liz's which is many floors up. And the security and.. would be furnished and plenty of room for her parents, and for her if she chose to spend the night. Liz can see Abigail bouncing the idea around behind her eyes before nodding. "Two hundred a week, for as long as they're here. You don't get to argue, I know you're making probably more than that but, I don't care. My Dah and Momma'd be very upset if they didn't pay and it's nowhere near what you could get if you done went and rented it out" There's a wave in her voice that's tell-tale to the fluctuating emotion.

She doesn't even bother to argue with Abby. "That's fine," Elisabeth says. "Whatever you want. And they can order groceries in, the delivery can be vetted, the whole nine yards until we get things pulled together." The blond sounds grim. "I'm about to go apeshit on some people and get both Felix's parents and my dad some security. I've already had it in place for everyone that I could get to on a low-key basis, but….. between Jenn Chesterfield and Teo's mom and now this? No way. This is too far. He's going down."

|She knows, she knows about the others and it's scaring her. Picking a dress that won't make her look like white trash on Monday USED to be more frightening than the threat of Kozlow, but now, after the razing of her home and her mother, really it's jumped up and the odds of getting peaceful sleep tonight are pretty low. "It's why I want my momma here with my Dah. Just.. so i'm not loosing time by having to call Elias"

Elisabeth nods immediately. "It's going to be okay," she murmurs quietly. "We're going to make it okay, Abby." She tips her friend's face up, her blue eyes deadly serious. "If you want me to, I'll have Claire or someone sit guard with them."

'No, no she doesn't need to sit with them. I'll be with em when I can, when, I'm not working" Fuck. Working. She gestures to the paramedic uniform behind her. 'My uhh, yeah my dad told me he'd be very upset if I didn't come back for my first day of work. I uhh, I passed, and got a job. I gotta also, try and find a way to get down to the station again, I had to leave Joseph cause he showed me my home burning. It was Kozlow. There was uhh… wolf prints leading away from the house in the vision" Abigail pulls away from the face tilting, heading for the kitchen. "I never imagined this would happen, when we came back from Russia. I didn't think.. people would want revenge"

Shaking her head, Elisabeth says, "Well, … in my mind, that confirms Francois's theory right there. They're working together. And being as that's the case…. it's about time to bring all the might of Homeland Security to bear too." She grins a bit ferally. "If we kill 'em first, well… they're terrorists on American soil. Either way is a win as far as I'm concerned."

If we kill them first? Sure,s he's entertained slightly the thought of doing something to Kozlow for the pain that her family's been through right now. but kill them? She's not one for killing, not when she'd rather they get into homelands hands and dark holed for eternity. THe twitch of her nose and purse of her lips is readable by the other woman as she passes over coffee.

Elisabeth laughs quietly. "Sorry, babe…. feeling a good bit bloodthirsty right now," she admits softly. She's protective of those she considers hers. Taking the coffee cup, she asks, "How're you holding up? Great news on the new job, I'll look forward to seeing you out there." She grins a bit. "I'm proud of you, in case I forgot to say so."

"I'm uhh.. well, I'm living, I have a pulse, my parents are okay. My childhood home, is ashes and everything that was in my room. I'll live Liz, worse has happened. I'm just worried about my momma, and worried about my first day and I might screw up and Pastor Sumter. Worried that he might be loosing his faith and some things he said. Wish I could be down there and helping him, I'll have to settle with sneaking down there again this weekend."

There's a nod and Elisabeth says softly, "I didn't even know the man was missing. And I feel sort of… odd about that. Like I should have known." She sighs and sips from her coffee cup. "I know… how he feels about losing his faith." If Abigail remembers, Liz is the one who called God a great big ass just after she was healed. "If he wants to talk… you tell him I'm thinking of him, okay? That I've been where he is, and I'll listen if he wants me to." She shrugs a bit. "Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone who isn't exactly a friend… doesn't have a vested emotional stake in your issues."

"He's had a few visitors, but he asked for me. He uhh.. He couldn't go to Pastor Ashbury and he couldn't go to tenessee, so I was the closest thing to…" To someone of faith to talk with. "I'll work on him. Work with him. He needs to pray and the support of others, strength to keep going and not give in to wanting Refrain. So if you got a few moments, you could say a prayer or two"

"I will definitely do that," Elisabeth promises softly. "And tell your parents if they need anything, I'm a phone call away. Give them… " She pauses and considers who in her arsenal of people can be called on. "Give them Veronica's cell number too — I'll let her know they're in town, and if they need an escort somewhere and one of us can't get to them, Vee can be trusted to keep them safe, okay?" She moves over to Abby's counter to write the number down just in case Abby doesn't have it.

"Veronica?" Liz kept in touch with Veronica?

"And here I was thinking I was the only one consorting with company agents" She murmurs, peering over Liz's shoulder to put the number into her cellphone.

There's a soft snort. "Abby, Len Denton is someone I'd trust with my life. He helped me right after Humanis, as much as he could. So yeah… I still keep company with some folks. And Veronica…. she's good people." Elisabeth smiles faintly. "I'll give her heads-up."
Whoah, hold up there. "Len Denton? As in, frehsly married to Tamsine Whitaker and having a baby… Len Denton. Tall black man with a southern black mama" There's surprise on Abby's face and then a smile.

Elisabeth laughs. "Uhm… yeah, that Len Denton. Len, who invited me to his wedding to a woman who was one of the parents of the 35," she says with a sad expression. "I … didn't really think she'd have wanted me there. Bad memories, you know?" It was Liz's case. "And I kind of had my hands full. So…. I sent a card, though."

"It was a sweet ceremony. Hwo long you have before you have to be back under lock and key? Think you can stick around till someone comes home? Much as I love my cat, my cat can't vaporize people who break in" She finally picks up the coffee, pouring for the both of them. "You can.. help me organize my bags and pack my lunch and … reassure me that coming back home wasn't a stupid mistake"

"I can stick. If they give me shit, I'll just flash an ID at them," Elisabeth grins slightly. "C'mon. Let's get you settled."

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