Need Your Firepower


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Scene Title Need Your Firepower
Synopsis Kaylee asked Meredith to lend her aid to the raid, even if it means working with the man she hates the most.
Date February 13, 2010

Shooters Bar And Bistro

It's been while since Kaylee had been at Shooter's on Staten, once it was her play ground. A place to meet some bad boys for a one night stand. That seemed almost a light time ago. With FRONTLINE looming, the place wasn't even as busy as it use too, so she's able to grab a table in one of the corners, allowing her to see the place.

While the pyrokenetic agreed to meet her there, after repeating over and over that Eric Doyle would not be in attendance, it was still a little nerve racking waiting. Tired and strained eyes watch the doorway for Meredith. A half drank soda sits on the table before her and she toys with it, turning it in slow circles.

The last time that Meredith talked to or saw Kaylee, she attempted to explain to the girl how dangerous Doyle was. The girl chose not to listen. It was her choice and all the blonde can do is accept it, even if - in her opinion - it will bite the other woman after all is said and done.

When she enters the bar, she skeptical takes a look around to judge the crowd. What she can see is that there isn't really much of a crowd at all. Kaylee is easy to spot in the back corner, but Meredith doesn't head directly over there. Instead, she takes her time, glancing around the room to make sure there's no one in hiding before she stops at the telepath's table. With a detatched nod, she greets her, "Hey." And then she slides into a seat.

"Hey Meredith." The younger blonde gives the older one a small tired smile. "Thanks for coming to talk to me, I promise.. it is important." There is a bit of hesitation, teeth worrying at her lower lips. "I'm sorry about your safe house by the way, I heard some of what happened to it. Ah… Eric sends his condolences as well." She grimaces a bit as if waiting ofr her to react badly.

She doesn't have long to wait. The mention of Doyle sours Meredith's face quite completely and she growls, "Let's not talk about him." That last thing she wants is pity from the puppeteer. It's only going to make her grumpier. As for Kaylee's condolences, she shrugs. Everyone keeps on saying how sorry they are or they're worried about her. That's the last thing on her mind. She just wants to find another place to set up shop. Instead, she decides to get down to the business of why they're here. "So, what's important?"

"I literally need your firepower." Kaylee hazards right out the door, leaning forward on the table, propping herself with her arms on the stained surface. Her voice lowers so it doesn't carry past their table. "The Ferry have found Paster Sumter. We're going in for him… him and Colette. She went into the facility on her own, to get intel…. We think she might be in their hands now too."

Glancing past the blonde to make sure they are still alone, so that she can say a rather nasty name, "They are subjects of a Company run Refrain testing. unwilling test subjects." Kaylee stresses the unwilling.

There's a few people who've been saying they need her firepower lately. It's somewhat nice to feel needed. Of course, there was a whole year that all she needed to do was just keep a few strays safe before they could make a crossing over the borders to safer places. Her fire was only needed a few times. The more they need her, the worse things seem to be getting. And while it's nice to be able to do something useful, it also isn't so nice.

However, the mention of Joseph being all but tortured makes her eyes flash almost immediately in anger. There are no questions, no desire to ask what the conditions are. Joseph is one of the few people she would consider friend and he is in trouble, there is nothing beyond that. "Where is he." It's a question that doesn't sound like one. The anger is clear in her voice. She'll burn the whole place down if she has to.

"He's in a warehouse on the edge of Midtown. He's been there for almost two months." Kaylee offers up without hesitation, pleased in a way to see the same sort of anger that Kaylee herself has felt over the situation. "The plan is to get in there.. get him and the others out and destroy the Refrain." The tip of her tongue wets her lower lip before she picks up her soda for a sip. "From what I could find out they were mixing drugs with Refrain.. testing their memories. We're moving really soon, tomorrow night in fact." Course, for the telepath it isn't soon enough.

Meredith keeps a restraint on her anger, pulling it back in before her hands start to glow an angry red. That's the last thing she wants to do in this bar - give herself away. Instead, she takes a deep, slow breath and balls up her fists. Then, she shoves them into her pockets, just in case. "I'm in." That's the only proper answer when talking about something like that. She's not exactly a rescuer, but she'll make an exception this once.

Two months of being tested on and basically tortured. That's a long time. And Refrain isn't exactly an easy drug. The anger is still there behind her eyes, but something else touches it as well. Something that Kaylee may not expect to see from the pyrokinetic - it's worry. "He's been there that long. We're sure he's…" can she say the word dead? "…intact?" That's not even a better word, but at least it's not as final as life or death.

"He's alive." Kaylee sounds completely convinced of this. "I've…. kind of talked to him a few times through dreams." Eyes study the woman before her, knowing it sounds far fetched."So I know he's alive at least… his condition is another thing. Um…."

Hands rub over the tops of her thighs nervously, as she can't keep something away from the woman. "One thing you need to know is that Eric will be helping as well. Just this once, I need your help along side of his." Kaylee looks apologetic, but she pleads with the woman, "I wouldn't ask you to work on the same team as him if it wasn't important… and this is… is so very important."

It's not exactly as far fetched as Meredith would normally think. She's seen other people in dreams before. And that whole thing with the Nightmare Man has skewed her ideas of what works in reality and what does not. "That's not the weirdest thing I've heard in the past couple of days." In fact, she takes her hand out of her pocket momentarily in order to rub the back of it against her eyes. She's had a couple of restless nights already.

The mention of Doyle being on the team with her just causes her to freeze. She fixes Kaylee with a stare. It's not a cold one, there's a lot of heat behind it. That is not the sort of plan she wants to hear. Or be a part of. One that involves Doyle in it. It's not that she doesn't think Joseph is important, but to be asked to work on the same side as Doyle - no, not even the same side as they're both technically Ferry - to work with him. Side by side. That's not exactly what she wants to do. "You know what he did to me." That's not exactly a no, but this does change things.

The blonde visually flinches, away from that stare, eyes lowering to the table. This is a much different person then when Meredith saw her… she'd almost like a whipped puppy. "I know.. " The words are almost timid. "I.. just… his ability will be useful.. the guards are heavily armored and equipped. He can… well… you know.." Blue eyes hesitate a little before she glances at the woman. "We need everyone for this.. He care for Colette as much as I do… She's just a kid."

The change in Kaylee's attitude doesn't go unnoticed. Meredith takes note of it, but for now she has to get a few other things pinned down before she worries about the younger girl's sudden 'bad puppy' attitude. "Yes. I know what he can do. Very well." And she knows how it can hurt people. While she doesn't really care about the people who hurt Joseph and whoever Colette is, she does not trust Doyle. At all. And she can easily imagine him using the confusion in order to grab her and make her his own private doll again.

It's frustrating, caring about people. And Meredith has never been one to put others' safety before her own. But Joseph was kind to her and he also thought well of her - something few other people do. She'd honestly be upset should he be killed. "I'll do this for Joseph." It was never truly in question. There's a meaningful pause before she adds, "But if he does anything remotely toward me, I will set him on fire and I will make sure it burns for a long time."

"I promise…" The young blonde starts, nodding her head slowly, "If he does, then I won't stop you. I'm not going to prevent you form protecting yourself." Kaylee can offer that at least, as close as she is to the puppet master, she's not about to get between the two 'love birds'. Eyes closing, she gives a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Meredith. And thank you for understanding how much I need your help."

"Good." Then they're agreed. So, at least they've taken care of why they decided to meet up. Because, though it goes unsaid, she would go through Kaylee in order to take down Doyle should it come to it. She may not want to do it, but she will to preserve herself. "I'm doing it for Joseph." Because, while Meredith may hard to like, she'll protect those she considers her own.

The blonde considers getting up and leaving, but the sudden change in Kaylee's attitude is enough to peak her interest. "So what happened to you?" It's left with enough openness that can be dodged if the younger girl doesn't want to talk about it. But, at least she's offering to chance to let it out if needed.

"Good." Then they're agreed. So, at least they've taken care of why they decided to meet up. Because, though it goes unsaid, she would go through Kaylee in order to take down Doyle should it come to it. She may not want to do it, but she will to preserve herself. "I'm doing it for Joseph." Because, while Meredith may hard to like, she'll protect those she considers her own.

The blonde considers getting up and leaving, but the sudden change in Kaylee's attitude is enough to peak her interest. "So what happened to you?" It's left with enough openness that can be dodged if the younger girl doesn't want to talk about it. But, at least she's offering to chance to let it out if needed.

Brows drop a bit at the question, but then Kaylee shakes her head slowly with a sigh. "Just…. Stressed out… tired… ready to get these people home. Getting yelled at.. being called an idiot kid… I just…." Kaylee's tire eyes slowly slowly, and or a moment she looks like she could doze right there. ".. really been wondering if I'm cut out for all this."

Blue eyes open again, giving a small smile. "Not that I plan to walk away.. having the people your asking for help berate you without being able to explain things.. it hit pretty hard." Fingers of one hand rubs at an eye and she yawns. "Just not use to it." Giving Meredith a weak smile.

The weak smile doesn't exactly fool Meredith. The last time she talked with the girl, she gave spit and claw at the idea of being too weak to handle Doyle. "Please. That may work on the other bleedin' heart Ferrymen, but you can't fool me with any've that bullshit." She's not sure who yelled at her or for what, but being called a dumb kid is the last thing that Meredith would expect the girl to lose her head over. Her tone isn't harsh with Kaylee, it's more amused at the idea.

"Last time we talked, you were all gun full cocked about how you were gonna do what you were gonna do whether it got ya killed or not. I admired that, I gotta say." It's not a little unlike how Meredith herself was as a kid. "So if you're gonna let me think that one person callin' you a dumb kid is enough to make you think you ain't cut out for this, then I'm gonna say that either you were puttin' on a face then or puttin' on a face now. Neither of which I like."

"Maybe… I don't know.. I think it's more then just getting yelled at.." Kaylee admits with a sigh, a hand propping her head up. "My best friend getting herself caught by the company… Eric getting shot… being unable to get Joseph out.. and only able to talk to him in dreams.. The Nightmare Man… Getting kicked out of McRae's for registering and talking to a founder…" There is a pause and she adds, "Not that I blame him for that one."

Both hands press on the table and Kaylee climbs to her feet. "Anyhow.. I have more lessons on firing a rifle and hitting something." She looks a touch amused at the thought of another Raith lesson. "I think Robin is right.. After we get Colette and Joseph out of there, I need to slow down some."

"Lots of those things are all stuff ya can't control." Meredith shrugs. She's dealt with a lot of things in her life and has managed to narrow down what she can and can't care about. There's a difference between wanting to get someone out of harm's way and tearing yourself up about it. "'Cept for the registering." That makes Meredith give Kaylee a bit of a 'are you crazy look' for that one. That gets shaken away as Kaylee stands up to make her leave. "Do what you think you need to do." It's really Meredith's best advice. Look after yourself and the rest will follow. It's her motto, anyway. She doesn't look like she's going to leave. She was dragged to a bar for a talk, the least she could do is have a beer or two for her troubles. "Don't shoot yourself in the foot. It's easier than you'd think." It's her form of 'see you later'.

"I have a reason for the registering.. and I didn't even tell the whole truth." Kaylee gives Meredith a tight smile and sighs softly. "I'll give your number to the man in charge of the raid.. He'll be in touch soon I'm sure. His name is Jensen Raith." A hand pats the table as she starts to past. "Enjoy your evening Meredith."

Again, Meredith shrugs. She's not about to start policing who registers and who doesn't. That'd be almost as bad as the government trying to do the same thing. It's a bad idea in her mind, but it's done and there's little to be said about it. "If you say so." There's a nod when she hears the information. "I'll keep my phone nearby." The last thing she wants is to miss The Call when it's the right time. "You too." Kaylee is barely past the table before the pyro raises her arm in an attempt to get a waitress or a barkeep. It's definitely beer time now.

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