Needing A Friend


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Scene Title Needing A Friend
Synopsis After the break up with Peter, Kaylee drops in on Delilah for a distraction.
Date June 02, 2010

Delilah's Home

Last night had been rough and today wasn't looking much better. Kaylee needed a distraction and the moment she could think of one. So she bundled up, hooked Missy on the leash the dog hated and they started a journey to see one of the few female friends the young telepath had.

The knit cap is pulled off her head leaving blonde hair a mess in it's wake, a few strands falling across dark ringed eyes, still slightly puffy from the long night. Missy is currently wrapped around the young woman's legs, sitting with her neck stretched as she tries to force the collar off her neck.

She hates it!

And she expresses it so with a squeaky whine.

"Tough, you need to learn to walk on the leash and like it." Glancing down at the puppy at her feet, Kaylee reaches out and lightly knocks on the door, teeth biting hard into her lower lip. She can't help but turn a mental eye to the area inside the house, checking to make sure there is indeed someone there.

There's just Delilah, the rumbling noises of Samson coming to the door, and- a static- dull, idle, and inside the house with her. It's a bizarre and possibly new sensation, to say the least. Samson on the other side of the front door lets out an abrupt bark that shakes the frame.

"Ahh! Shut up, you scared me!" Delilah's admonishing is half-hearted, as she comes to the door. "Sit." Thump. The door opens up, revealing Delilah in a blouse and skirt, holding a blood-speckled tissue to her nose. Her bump is apparent moreso, as per the style of her clothes. "Oh! Hell- ahh- puppy!" The redhead's voice is slightly muffled by the kleenex in her hand, a big grin spreading over her face about two seconds before she realizes that she has to get in Samson's way when he gets up again.

"Sit!" Thump. Ass to floor.

The bark makes floppy ears perk up and Missy quit pulling, head tilting slightly, of course when she sees the big dog on the other side, she's up on for legs. A little growl comes from the puppy, while Kaylee turns in a circle to get free. "Hey…" She offers sounding somewhat tired.

"I thought Samson might want to meet one of the newest Ferry dogs." She tries to make it sound light, but fails miserably. "This is Missy. She needs socializing." She reaches down to scoop up the fluffy puppy, before she tries to take on the much bigger dog. The puppy cranes her head down to growl, though her slightly curled tail waves slightly.

"What — what happen…?" She trails off, shifting the dog in her arms, so that she can touch a gloved finger to her own nose, before pointing at Dee. "You okay?" The worry bleeds into her voice.

"Oh? I heard about the puppies that got found- so she's one?" Delilah shifts to take Samson by his collar, pushing him inside. He goes, reluctantly, to sit over in the middle of the carpet. Dee takes a second to smile at the puppy. "Hello, Missy~- Are you being a good girl? You guys can come in." Waving KAylee inside, Delilah waits to close the door behind her. The apartment still has some packed boxes here and there, waiting for their purpose to roll around.

"Ah, uh, blood pressure, I guess. Been getting nosebleeds the last couple of days, It'll level out. I didn't hit my face on anything."

"Maybe the weather?" Kaylee offers helpfully, while Missy stares at Dee the small black nose wiggling back and forth. "I know I once had a friend," if she could really call it a friend, "That if the weather got too cold or too dry she'd get nosebleeds."

Kaylee's eyes unfocus and she turns towards Dee, gaze dropping to the other woman's stomach. "That… is so odd." She murmurs softly.

Realizing she's staring, Kaylee's gaze, flicks up and she gives the redhead a sheepish smile. "Sorry. Ah… I know I haven't been around a whole lot, with the weather and all, but — I just —" A small laugh is huffed out and she shifts the dog on her hip again, but there is no humor behind it.

"I — just needed a friend." Brows tilt up slightly, as Kaylee looks at Dee.

"It's not like I'm going anywhere." Delilah smiles back, having paused while Kaylee stared at her. "I guess that's why you came to me?" The redhead gets gentler in voice, moving to let Missy sniff at her free hand's knuckles. "What's up? There's gotta be something besides socialising your dog, if you had to have pretense… I hate that you had to have it." Dee is her friend! No excuses needed to visit.

Samson, meanwhile, is all but stewing where he sits, watching the puppy and Kaylee with the most dubious doggie look that he can muster up. His tail is still whumping softly.

"Peter and I broke up…"

The words kind of tumble out of her mouth before she can stop them, as if Kaylee has been been needing to vomit them up to someone. Kaylee's gaze looks anywhere by the red head, settling finally on watching Missy sniff curiously at the hand, before giving a growled wuff and the fingers nipped at playfully.

"He… ah… he couldn't seem to get past the fact I'm Ferry." The words are softly spoken as she scrubs a hand through fluffy fur before finally bending down to place the puppy on the floor, better now then later that she meets the bigger dog. "He wanted me to quit."

"Be nice." She warns Missy, who looks up at her innocently, before cautiously moving to sniff at Samson.

Delilah blinks quietly, head tilting to watch Kaylee as she puts the pup down. "Why would he want a thing like that? That's- selfish of him." The redhead is a second closer to telling it how it is, reaching out to take the blonde softly by her wrist. "From what I've heard, he's never quite had a thing that lasted long. He always sounded like nothing but a doe-eyed heartbreaker to me, but- I'm sorry that it ended, Kay. You did really seem fond of him." Dee is more sad for the girl here before her than she is for Peter.

Samson, for all his hugeness, has a magnanimity just as large. He sits still for a few seconds while the other mutt scales him up, looking down at her when she finally comes closer. His cropped ears wiggle skyward, muzzle drooping slightly as he lowers it to sniff at Missy in return.

"Yeah… I know…" Kaylee says with a heavy sigh, there are no tears… at least not yet. "I've met some of the ex's…" She murmurs, hand turning to take her friends hand, giving it a squeeze. "But… I still feel into the trap." Her mouth curls up to one, before it falls away.

"He seems to think the Ferrymen will do nothing but get me hurt." Kaylee explains, moving to pull the redhead to where they can sit. "After the Institute — I dunno what they are about, but they have my dad — but after they took me and then dropped me off with no memories of my time there… he cracked." Her head falls forward, hand rubbing at her forehead. "He wouldn't even listen." Her head shakes slowly. "Told me to leave."

There is a heavy sigh, "I didn't know what the Institute pulled out of my head, so I had to go." Her eyes drop to the dogs. "I don't know, I knew I should have just gone home that first night… but… he was a great dancer." Kaylee murmurs. "And it was nice not having to force some one to like me."

Delilah plays the part of an ear rather well, when she shuts up. Sitting with Kaylee on the sofa, she keeps the other girl's hand while she talks. There were some things she knew, some she didn't. Even with the whole story, it was awful for Peter to have been so harsh on her. "Live and learn I guess. You had no idea what would happen with them, so you took a leap of faith." A misguided one, but a leap nonetheless.

"You're still young, Kaylee. Hardly anyone finds their- person- right away. Peter might just be a stepping stone." To what? Who knows.

Missy suddenly growls at the larger dog, giving a mighty squeaking bark. She's the boss!! She nips at his nose playfully and then bounces away, with a few more yaps.

"Easier said, then done." Kaylee admits. "I think some of the senior members will relax more that I'm not dating a Petrelli." She smiles a bit, but it's sad.

"Is it always like this?" The young telepath asks, her inexperience with relationships showing. "This difficult? Cause it was so much easier when I told the men to like me.. and then just… make them want to go away."

Kaylee shakes her head slightly and then sighs. "I fell in love with a guy that couldn't accept all of me. He was gone a lot working, but when he was around… it was perfect and I enjoyed every moment of it." Her brows furrow slightly, "He even said he loved me, but… I still think he loved an idea… not the real me."

Samson jerks his head away when the puppy makes for his schnozz. He looks up to see the women busy, then back to the little canine bouncing around. He lowers his front paws, leaving his ass-end in the air and letting out a deep bass rumble from the bellows of his chest.

"It's not always like that. I bet there's a someone out there that'll fall hard for all of you." Give it time. Delilah leans in and winds her arm around the back of Kaylee's shoulders. "Fish in the sea, 'n all that jazz."

Kaylee leans against the other woman with a sigh. "Your right… of course." The telepath's head leaning on the others shoulder, her face falling a little, she looks on the edge of tears again, but she gives a little shake of her head. She clears her throat, trying to get rid of that lump at the back of her throat. "More important things right now anyhow."

The growling from Samson, startles the puppy and she scrambles over to Kaylee, only to notice her human is too close to that other one. Hey!! With a whine she tries to just up on the couch with the woman, claws catching on the tough jean material on Kaylee's pants.

"I should concentrate on the network and maybe on finding my siblings… especially since my dad is out of reach for now." Brows furrow slightly in thought, not sounding completely convinced, as she moves to pull the tan puppy into the lap. The ball of fluff squirming and nipping at the blonde for her attention, which she gets in the form of petting.

Kaylee head turns towards Dee, brows furrowing slightly. "Do you know… I'm protected? Not sure what that means, but when the Institute picked me up, they said I was protected. They knew me by sight too, as well that they had my dad."

"Maybe that just means you're off limits? Maybe that's why they let you go." Delilah responds, but she is trying to not laugh at Samson, who looks just heartbroken when the puppy scampers away. He lets out a sighing whine, flopping down onto the carpet and sprawling out on his side.

"We've got a lot of spring cleaning to do with the network. People need us." Kaylee has that arm on her shoulders, which brings her in for a quick, sisterly sort of hug. "Whatever you need, let me know and I'll try to help, alright?"

"You know me… I'll be there with sleeved rolled up, working away like the rest." The young blonde quips lightly, smiling a bit, cause she does enjoy the work she does with the Ferrymen. "You however, need to take it easy with the work." She points out, as she wrangles the puppy enough that she stop trying to nip at Kaylee's chin.

"Thanks by the way… I mean… I know I sound like a love sick teeny bopper, but… it's all new." Kaylee even has the decency to blush. "I mean… I had this total crush on Joseph… then Peter just blind sides me."She straightens a bit, eyes widening slightly "Ah… Sorry…" Her cheeks flare red, a hand going to one of her cheeks to feel the heat.

"Not exactly something I go around babbling about… Last thing I need is that getting out." She chuckles a softly, looking at the puppy sprawled in her lap. "So… tell me what you've been up too… I'm here, might as well make the visit more then just about my break up."

Delilah lifts her brows up, grinning and rising from her seat to go determinedly for the kitchen. When she comes back and sits, it is with a copy of a black and white ultrasound photo. The baby is pretty much at this point, a little squash-shaped thing with a nose- but Kaylee will be able to tell what is where, as Dee passes it over. "Due date around November. I took Teo to my first thorough appointment. You'll just love hearing about this."

And hopefully, that's the truth.

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