Never Against You


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Scene Title Never Against You
Synopsis Brian promises Veronica to try not to hurt Magnes and that he's on her side. Vee gets some much needed sleep.
Date July 31, 2009

Veronica's Apartment Dorchester Towers

Veronica trudges home to find her bed… she'd had no sleep the night before, having slept in the infirmary where she was woken by Magnes bringing in a dead body. The rest of the day was spent tracking down the Company's healer, who she finally found out playing golf on the base. Finally, her shoulder's healed and she can look forward to the first pain-free sleep in … well, two weeks, probably.

She unlocks the door, throws her keys onto the coffee table and heads to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She closes her eyes and leans against the counter. It's been a long few days.

"Welcome home baby." Brian says softly as he strolls out of the bedroom. One hand goes to his face, rubbing at his eyes he gives a bit of a yawn. He is shirtless, wearing only a pair of basketball shorts. Walking out of the hallway and into the kitchen he frowns at the sight of her. "You okay?" He asks softly.

Spreading his arms out he goes to instantly enfold her in his embrace. Bringing her close to his chest he goes to plant a kiss against her neck. "What's wrong, Vee?"

"I'm all right," she says, letting him envelope her in his warm arms, she leans, welcoming the affection. "Just tired. Were… something happened at Old Lucy's last night, I guess… were you there? Are you all right?" she steps back to look at him, but his near-naked body shows no sign of injury. "Magnes didn't say he saw you there, but…" she knows he's connected with those people somehow. She tilts her head up to kiss him softly. "It made me worry a little."

"I saw the police gathered after." When he was meeting up with Adam Monroe. "I wasn't there baby. Don't worry about me." He says, rubbing one hand down her back gently. "Your arms better." He notes with a warm smile. "Finally got it fixed? If you're tired then let's go get you some rest. You hungry? I can make you some food if you want."

"Be careful, Brian… if you see anyone who's with the Company, pretend you're Fulk. You know who Magnes is, right? He'd be all gung ho about getting you in, and I know you both are friends with Abby. He's a bit eager to please. If you run into him — try… try not to hurt him, if you need to get away, all right? I sort of feel responsible for him." She frowns. She's the one who recruited him, and every time he makes a mistake, she feels the twang of regret.

"If he comes after me, I'll have to deal with him Vee. What do you expect?" Brian asks, going to release her gently. "But okay, I'll try not to hurt him." He concedes begrudgingly. Straightening up, he goes to interlink his fingers with hers. "You doin' okay Vee? Like really?" He asks, leaning in to try and make eye contact with her.

"You and I both know there are ways to get someone out of the way without hurting them that badly. He's just a kid, and he doesn't even know what he's doing yet. And he didn't have a choice, not really. You understand how that is." She heads to the sofa. "I'm all right." She curls up and wraps her arms around her knees. "Just tired. Hard to sleep with a bum shoulder. Nothing's comfortable." It's not said to give him any sort of guilt trip, but rather matter-of-factly.

"I'm sorry." He whines as she heads to the couch. Brian goes to follow her, burrowing himslef into the sofa, he goes to link his arms around her and encircle her with his legs. "You comfortable now? That you got healed from that bad man hurting your arm?" He asks, going to plant another kiss on her neck.

"Fine. I won't hurt him that badly."

She lets him encircle her, resting her head on his shoulder and curling against him. "Yes, much better. Someone should teach that bad man a lesson," she murmurs with a low chuckle, her eyes closing. "So what are you now, Brian… I mean, I know you're pretending to be Fulk, and you're not Company, and that you worked with Phoenix… are you officially with them?" Are you officiallyagainst me?

"I run the Lighthouse." Brian says softly, planting a kiss against her head. "Those kids demand a lot of attention. Fortunately, I have a lot of attention I can give." Winters explains with a little grin. "My association with Phoenix is loose at best." His arms squeeze around her tightly. "Why, you want me to come back to the Company?"

Her eyes open and she stares up with him, a frown. "Come back? I thought you were adamantly opposed to the Company," she says with a confused shake of her head. "Little kids… I can't even picture it. Do you like it? Taking care of them?"

"I am. Just wondering why you asked." His hand goes to flop over her face. His hand covering her eyes, leaning forward he rests his lips against the top of her head. "I'm great with kids." He murmurs against her, grinning. "It's alright. Different from the work I'm used to, but it's.. fun. Nothing wrong with being good with kids. He was." Fulk.

"I … just don't know what to think if you're working literally against us… against me. But the Lighthouse, that's… okay. Good even." She's never been asked to bag and tag a little kid, though it's happened of course within the Company's history. She seems to relax against him, her breathing deepening. "You'd be good at it. Taking care of kids. Taking care of anyone…" Her voice is soft, sleepy. Her sleep deprivation stands no chance in the warm and safe embrace.

"I'm never against you, Vee. Never against you." He whispers, letting his lips brush against her ear. He smiles as she compliments his caretaking skills. His arms lock up against her, resting on her stomach. Tilting his head back against the couch he melts under her weight starting to doze off himself, his appendages still wrapped up around her.

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