Never The Same


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Scene Title Never The Same
Synopsis Eve gets a visit from one of her few human friends for a favor, a lesson, and a talk about how things change.
Date August 7, 2009

Mas Mechanics - Ruins of Midtown

There is a large gate that surrounds the warehouse. A padlock normally on keeping them shut. Cracked and destroyed pavement surrounds the area. Just inside are a few abandoned cars and motorcycles. A garage door can be seen and is open, showing a 1967 black and red mustang. Various tools and machines can be seen in the place that point to this place being a auto shop at one point.

When you walk through the door from the garage there is a huge room filled with a few tables, couches and chairs. The windows have large, dark red curtains covering them. Candles sit all around the place, waiting to be lit.

Through another door, a makeshift kitchen can be found. With refrigerator, microwave, stove, and a table or two with some chairs.

It isn't a very quiet day at Eve's new place. Music can be heard from outside and Nanai slithers around on the couches of the main room. A stereo that Eve must have gotten from somewhere is the source of the music.

"I love you.. you.." sings Eve as she dances and twirls around in the room. "But I gotta stay true.." Hips rolling and hair tossed back. People rarely see Eve like this. Seems like she's having her own dance party with Nanai.

Then a grey and black cat hops onto the couch not to far from Nanai and he perches on armrest. Head tilted. "Come on Tiger!" she calls to the cat and she crooks her finger in a come here motion, when Tiger doesn't move the singer laughs and continues singing the lyrics to the song. Eyes closed and spinning around.

Unlike the previous times, the gate isn't opened for a bike or a single person, but a borrowed car. The car pulls up, a clunker from the sound and look of it, but stays out of the garage itself, just far enough inside the gate to get it closed and locked again. The 91 Dodge Spirit is nothing worth writing home about, could huge some major repairs, but it moves, and that's more than many cars down in Midtown. It blends in well with the abandoned cars it parks next to.

Gillian'd not even been entirely sure she could make it this far, with the roads in disrepair, but she made it, as evidenced by the fact she walks in to see the woman spinning around … with her snake.

"Shit, Eve, you need more friends." The cat, which isn't getting into the dance, does get something in the form of Gillian walking over to scratch at it's ears.

"Why? Everyone just lets me down." Eve says without missing a beat. Nanai licks her tongue out on Eve's neck and the woman drops her into her tank, closing the top over it.

"That there is Tiger." She says with a wink at the cat. Just then a loud bark can be heard.. two loud barks actually and two dogs pound into the room. They run up to Eve and then come to surround her before coming to leap onto Gillian and try to lick her.

"Huskies.. beautiful aren't they?" Eve grins widely and spreads her arms, wiggling her fingers as she goes to turn the music down. "That's Jax." The darker husky, "And that's Rex." The lighter toned one. "So I've been on a animal kick recently." She shrugs to Gillian's unasked question.

The dogs aren't small. Huskies can knock a grown man off their feet, and Gillian is certainly no match for two of them bounding up against her, leaping at her, pressing paws against her. It's fortunate for Tiger that she managed to move back enough so she just gets knocked down, instead of disrupting the cat's perch. The dogs lick at her, and she manages to push them away enough to sit up, holding onto the dog's head, the beautiful blue eyes (that look so similar to Peter's now). "I can tell, Jesus, Eve," she exclaims.

An energetic, but very loyal breed, they don't take no for an answer when it comes to demanding pets, and still manage to plant more licks on her face against her will.

"When we get the Lighthouse up and running, you should bring the dogs by. I bet the kids would love them," she adds, pushing the heads down as much as she can so she can speak. "I want you to do me a favor— search your dreams and see if you can give me clues… I need to find Peter."

"Done. They would like the kids." She says with a slight smile and then she comes to sit on one of the couches, curling up. Jax and Rex seem to have their fill of Gillian because they run off, to somewhere in the big warehouse Eve calls home.

The request to find Peter is met with a nod and narrowing of the eyes. "Already on it, Pete thought he could go see Else on his on without me." She chuckles. "I should have figured, I'll be seeing him soon, so will you." That means she is going to find him. Somebody has to pull his ear right? Even though.. well her hand would be gone then..

"They're kind of fickle, though," Gillian says as she manages to get alone time long enough to pull a few spare napkins out of her black bag and wipe her face off. Ugh, dog drool. "I figured he would. He's not exactly 'team player' with anyone except…" People not them. She shakes her head a bit as she finally gets back to her feet, stuffing the used napkins into her bag to be disposed of later.

"I want to meet with him alone, though. He keeps fucking ignoring me if I see him when there's someone else around. He talked to Helena, he talked to you, and he pretty much ignored me. So if you can figure out where Gabriel's stashing him, I'll go there on my own…" And hopefully be there sometime when Gabriel isn't.

"I'll help you." Eve says simply, she has a few ideas of where he is anyway, but she has to be sure. "Gilly.. hun, his path.. it isn't going anywhere towards the light. Peter isn't.. going to be the same." Not that he is that much different than he use to be.

"I'm not going to be the same either," Gillian protests, shaking her head a bit as she moves a little further away. "But— fuck, Eve. I already lost Gabriel… I don't want to lose him too without even trying." Figuring things out isn't easy, finding herself isn't easy, but there's one thing she does know about herself. And that's one thing she's going to grasp onto.

A slow smile crosses Eve's lips. "Well then, seems like you've got yourself a battle to win." And it isn't the kind with guns and knives, but knowing Peter those might become involved. "By the way.. that car out there. You need some serious work on that." Just an offer.

"I fully intend to wear gloves so I can punch him at least once," Gillian says in response to the mention of battle. Knives and guns may not be an option, but a good right hook could be in this case. A glance toward the window lets her see her car. "I know. It's one of Brian's. I don't know much about cars, but it works, so it's better than walking."

"Good. Gloves work." Eve nods her head with a grin and bops her head to a new song that has come on. "If you want, or if Brian wants.. how is that guy by the way? I could fix it up, make it a little easier to manage." Eve says and runs a hand through her hair.

"A few tweaks won't hurt anything. I doubt Brian'll protest," Gillian says, seeming to have accepted the offer up help readily. "He's got like six cars already. This is the one I annoyed him into letting me use since I couldn't run faster than a car, or fly around anymore." That got a little bothersome for her, to be sure. "Brian's— well enough. Did you know him very well?"

"I recruited him into Phoenix. At least, he ambushed me into doing it." Eve says with a smile thinking back to that day. "It was the day I found my sister, Jezebel." The woman runs a finger down the couch, "So yes, I believe I know him well enough."

"Oh, really?" Gillian says, thinking back and— oh right, she'd heard of that. Sort of. "My memory is so fuzzy lately. I don't remember half of what I'm supposed to," she admits, giving a bit of a sigh as she says that. "He's a little… different. Dying a dozen times when you feel every single death isn't easy. I only went through it three times, but even then…"

"Poor guy." Eve says with sympathy, who could imagine dying more than once? Owww. "I guess he does it all in the service of the people though, a good man." She decides and nods to herself. Yep, Brian is a hero.

"He tries," Gillian says, reaching up to rub her face, but she smells dog and decides against it. "Any chance I can wash up before we do gun practice today?" Cause that would be the other reason she'd come out here.

"Why yes you can." Eve says and off towards the bathroom she goes. "Shower and everything in there." She says as she leads Gillian to the bathroom. Even still while they are walking away, Eve hums a tune. This time it isn't a dark and haunting tune.. but maybe one of hope.

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