Never Too Early For A Drink


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Scene Title Never Too Early For A Drink
Synopsis The gals meet up to discuss dreams, messengers and replicas. Oh my.
Date March 22, 2011

A Crappy Motel Room

It's a pretty crappy motel. The sort of place that doesn't cost much and doesn't ask too many questions. And the Beverly Hills Princess from LA has had very little trouble adapting to this sort of thing. Especially after living on the island all this time.

A text was sent to Quinn's phone, just a simple address and room number. But hey, at least the alcohol in the room is classy. That is something Lynette tries never to skimp on, after all.

This was smething Quinn had wanted to do a few days ago, but being busy just makes things so hard lately. But thanofully, today is rather open as far as doing anything goes, so it's only a little bit after getting text that she picks up Elaine and the pair make their way to Lynette's hotel room. With a smile, she looks over at Elaine once, then down the hall with a catious expression, before she knocks firmly on Lynette's door. "Hello~" she says cheerily, choosing not to use Lynette's name just in case anyone has their door open. "It's Quinn an' Elaine~" Apparently using their own names is fine, though!

Standing at Quinn's side, Elaine carefully keeps watch down the hallway. Never know who might come out for some ice! She peers carefully back and forth to double check that no one is around before she looks back to the door. She's actually slightly nervous.

Lynette opens the door pretty quickly, greeting the girls with a smile. "Hello, girls. Come on in. Make yourselves comfortable, if you dare." As she steps back to let them in, there is already a martini sitting on a small table the room has, but a quick glance around shows that there's also sodas and teas around to drink. Once the girls are in, she shuts the door behind them, locking it behind them as if the locks would help against what's out there. But, there is something to be said for security blankets.

Quinn has no hesitation ins stopping in, and once she's in, of course the first thing she notices is the martini, looking at it for a moment, before looking over at Lynette. "My, I hope you have enough for the whole class? she teases, before stepping forward and wrapping her arms around the councilwoman in a tight hug. "Glad t' see your okay. Things are too bad in the wilds of New York, re they?" stepping back and looking around the room, Quinn clicks her tongue and shakes her head.

Nice to feel that something is secure, even when it may not be. There's safety in that, at least, psychologically. Elaine steps inside behind Quinn, glancing towards the alcohol. Oh yes. Good sign. "Well, at least you've got a party going on in here…" She suggests.

"It's true, I am in good spirits, as it were," Lynette says dryly, "And you two can be as well, as long as you like vodka." She does grab a couple other glasses, to start pouring out some for them as well. "Elaine. I understand you had an odd dream a bit ago. Why don't you tell me a little about it?" And as she prompts her, a drink is passed her way. And then one Quinn's way.

Quinn takes the drink, swirling it around a bit in it's class, before having some, a smirk on her face. "Well, unless you want us stayin' the night, I'll try t' make sure I leave myself well enough t' drive home later," she says with a laugh. But Lynette cuts straight to business - which Quinn is actuallyr ather happy about - so she falls quiet, looking over at Elaine as she waits for her to detail her dream for Lynette.

Elaine eagerly takes the drink, a long sip swallowed down before she speaks. "I, uh, I mean, it was very real. I was just worried about it because… I don't know, weirder things have happened. I've gone into the past before, so seeing something like this doesn't entirely surprise me. Things can go the other way, of course." She rubs the back of her neck. "It was some kind of Ferry mission… you were there… Eileen and Barbara and a few others… but it was weird. We were talking about bringing a woman, a pregnant woman, back to the council."

"Elisabeth Harrison," Lynette supplies there, leaning back against the table while she holds her drink in one hand. "Some soldiers were trying to kill her, but we got there first. And she was the enemy for some reason. But that doesn't make any sense. I had it, too. I would say that also doesn't make sense, but as you say, weirder things have happened." She looks over at Quinn, adding, "Don't think you're off the hook, either. You've still got to tell me about this party."

The fact that Lynette knows the details of the dream, despite Quinn ahving not told her, doesn't really suprise the irishwoman after the conversation she had with Kaylee and Delilah.But the name that's supplied? That does surprise her. "Wait a sec. Elizabeth Harrison? THe… FRONTLINE woman I saw on TV back when the Dome was still up?" Quinn looks at Lynette with slightly widened eyes. "Jesus, no wonder people were considering killin' her…" QUinn doesn't actually have an issue with FRONTLINE - it's one of the few things about teh government she approves of, when they aren't sticking their nose into her concerts and Ferry business. But it makes sense. "Well, it wasn't just the party I wanted t' talk about. I… had a dream of my own. I'm tryin' t' figure it out if it's related."

"Starting to get a little confusing with all these dreams people are having," Elaine murmurs, another long sip of her drink drawn from the glass as she looks over it at Quinn and Lynette. "I'm starting to think the dream's at least… well, I think it's not just coincidental. That drug she mentioned? I saw an ad for it. Negoxan. Never heard of it until the dream and then I saw ads for it."

"She's not like… I know she's FRONTLINE, but she not like Heller and his band of merry murderers. She was part of the group that stopped the Staten Island hospital. I've spoken to this woman, she's a good person. It does not make any sense that she and the Ferry would be at odds. Not to that degree. Not unless something has drastically— or will drastically change, I suppose." Lynette lets out a sigh and nods to Elaine. "I don't really believe in coincidence much anymore. Quinn? What was yours about?"

Quinn purses her lips. "I'll take your word for that. I don't know 'er. Somethin' must be up if people want t' kill her. She lets out a sigh when asked about her dream, looking off to the side. "Welll.. My dream was a funeral." THere's a pause as she takes a deep breath, turning to look Lynette in the eye. "Joseph's funeral. On Pollepel. I… it felt so real. An' then I came t' find out that I wasn't the only one who had it. Kaylee contacted me first. She was in teh dream, giving a eulogy, but she… didn't have teh dream. She heard about it from Abby, who was there. Some guy named Griff mentioned it t' her too, an' Delilah… she was there in teh dream, an' she had it too."

Quinn closes her eyes, taking another deep breath. "That's why I thought t' have Elaine tlak t' you. The way she described her dream… it was a lot klike mine. Like it actually seemed t' happen. Kaylee and Delilah, they seemed t' think it could be of teh future, an' everyone did look// much older in it. An' I swear one of the kids looked like he could be Walter in ten or so years. Dee said the same thing. I just… I dunno. It worries me."

"I didn't feel ten years older…" Elaine admits, but she shrugs a little bit. "But it was a dream. Who knows how time works in those things. If they're tied, though… do you think someone's trying to send us a message? Kind of like the whole… November 8th thing?"

"Maybe ours wasn't ten years from now," Lynette points out to Elaine. She pauses there to take a drink, but she looks over at the girls with a frown. "Well, obviously something is going on. As unlikely as it is that Elaine and I would dream the same dream, it's doubly so that another group would share a dream as well and have it all be coincidence. I think you might be right, Elaine. Someone's sending a message. Or a warning. Or we've all entered some kind of Twilight Zone where we're dreaming together. Has anyone asked Delia about it? She's a dreamwalker, she might have some insight on how it all works and if someone could give multiple people the same dream. It's possible it could be the future, or someone thinks they can tell where we're all headed. Or. Someone's trying to mess with our heads and make us change course out of fear. Hard to say, exactly."

"I was going t' ask Delia about it. She reminded me that she could talk t' people in dreams yesterday," Quinn replies, rolling her shoulders. "But would stepping into the Twilight Zone be that weird these days? I mean, Jesus, at this point I'm waiting for one of Magnes' crazy stories about workholes and tears in space-time to happen around here. That's how crazy things have been lately." She pauses for a moment, looking down at the floor. "BUt if someone's sending us a message… that's kinda scary. An' why not just show up in our dreams an' tell us? WHy give us these weird dreams?"

"Ugh, I hope not. Last time there was anything involving time and stuff… bad things went down," Elaine murmurs. She remembers all too well the feeling of a gun in her hand. Her eyes flit between Quinn and Lynette, taking another sip of her drink. "Well, maybe whomever's sending us the message isn't here. Maybe they can't just jump into our dreams. People's abilities are weird. Plus would you trust someone who just jumped into your head?"

"Let me know what she says," Lynette says before she takes another drink. Apparently, she has no intention of doing that particular meeting herself. "Who knows. Maybe our messenger has a flare for the dramatic. It could be any number of things. If it's someone who can project prophetic dreams, well. Like Elaine says, maybe it's a restriction of the power. Or maybe it's a machine. Or who knows what. The point is we don't know anything, and we have very few jumping off points to find out. So hopefully Delia will have something to tell us."

"I'd trust it about as much as I trust strange dreams that may or may not be the future, Elaine," Quinn replies a bit dryly as she takes a long sip of her drink. "I'd prefer it, really. It'd be a lot less unsettling than these dreams, at least." She gives a bit of a shrug, floping back over Lynette's bed, drink still in hand. "A machine? Lord, don't let Magnes hear that. I don't need to hear about a robot apocalypse or something. He gets so paranoid around some technology these days as it is."

"Magnes is paranoid about everything and will believe you if you told him anything strange," Elaine mutters, then looks back to Quinn and Lynette. "Either way, we need to find out who is sending us this message. Maybe if we can do that… maybe we can find out if it's a good message or a bad one, you know?"

"I agree. I'd like to know if the messenger is friend or foe before we act on what we've seen. I have to tell you," Lynette says, setting down her glass before she crosses to Elaine to drop a hand on her shoulder, "It broke my heart, seeing you so cold. Whatever happens, I hope that doesn't."

Quinn's head tilts, a look aimed over at Elaine. Cold? "Well… I dunno. How're we supposed t' find somethin' like that out? They're dreams. Not really somethin' we could track, unless Delia knows a way t' do it. An' even if she can… I dunno. We know a few people who've had these dreams now. You two, me, Abby, Delilah, Griffin.. have either of you all talked t' anyone else who was in your dream? I mean, I saw Eileen, but I haven't exactly had the opprotunity to talk t' her with how that went."

Elaine didn't exactly mention to Quinn quite how she acted in the dream. Not the full extent of it anyway. She avoids Quinn's gaze for the moment by looking into her drink, taking a long sip from it. "I obviously haven't talked to anyone else. It's not really like I have a lot of contact with the others. It's just… I felt a little like the odd person out, with that group."

"I haven't talked to anyone else, either. I have been meaning to go see Elisabeth and Richard on something unrelated, but perhaps I could casually drop into the conversation the question of whether or not she's pregnant. I'm not sure any of us in that dream would have occasion to ask Nicole Nichols if she happened to have it as well, considering." Lynette takes her hand back, not pushing the subject of Elaine's behavior any further. "I'll see who I can tap on the island. Barbara and Eileen if she made it back there. Francois. I'm not sure where he is, but they'll all be around eventually. Quinn, if you could get a message to me when you get a chance to talk to Delia, see if she has any ideas."

"Wait. Nicole?" Quinn sits up a bit, looking between Elaine and Lynette. "I… Nicole works with me, kinda. I see her around Studio K a lot, I guess because of Brad. I thought you'd met her, Elaine…" Her lips quirk side to side. "Nicole isn't Ferry, at least as far as I've ever heard. Though she knows about us, cause a' Colette. I can see if she had a dream too, if she's up for talkin' about it. An' I guess Ic an call Delia tomorrow, see if I can go bye an' see her. That shouldn't bee too hard t' arrange. I have no idea where EIleen is, though. She's lucky she didn't get arrested as it is."

"Did I? I don't remember if I did…" Elaine admits, looking back to Quinn. Another sip from her drink, and she finishes it off. "Either way, I think as long as we try and get ahold of them." She looks down. "I have to admit, Eileen kind of scares me a bit. She just seems so… I dunno, aloof or something, I guess. And she takes a lot of risks…"

"Well… if you can manage to find a time to ask her if she happened to have a dream about being part of a terrorist organization, be my guest. Just be careful about it. Don't mention those of us who are wanted if you can avoid it." Lynette lets out a heavy breath, shaking her head a moment. "She has an ability, it's something like mine. Or, well, what mine usually is," she adds the last in a wry mutter. But she looks over at Elaine, giving her a slight smile. "Eileen's a complicated woman. Distant, I suppose, but she's trying to do what's best for us all. It's a lot of weight to carry. You can trust her, even if she is a little scary."

"Well… considering Colette's birthday party an' who was in attendence, like I said, I'm pretty she knwos all this stuff anyway. Still, since I'm most likely t' run int' her at work, I'll be careful about what I say. Or I could jsut call her up, I still have her number. I've been meanin' to anyway t' ask her if she knows where the fuck Colette is. She was in my dream, and… I wanted t' know if she had that dream too." Quinn leans back a bit in her seat, drinking down the rest of her drink before continuing. "I don't really know EIleen taht well. She is really aloof. But if you look hard enough, there's a real ggirl in there. Remember-" A pause. "Never mind." Quinn would rather not remind Elaine of the OPen Mic Night where Eileen played violin… and Elaine was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend.

Elaine, thankfully, doesn't remember much of that. She sets her empty glass aside, looking to Lynette. "Well, I suppose if you trust her that's good enough, I just.. you know, she's one of those people that I just don't quite understand."

"Well, I hope she's understanding. Just… use your judgment." Paranoid? Maybe a little. But Lynette looks over at Elaine, nodding to her. "I'm currently trusting her with my life and my freedom and so are a lot of others. If there were any doubt, I wouldn't be there."

Quinn laughs a bit, nodding. "Trust me, I'm not exactly eager t' talk about this kind of stuff in public these days. Particularly not since the concert. But I'll work somethin' out, don't worry. I always do." She grins a bit, setting her glass aside. "I never said I understand her. But I think she's more normal than she lets on, at least sometimes. I have no reason not t' trust her."

"I guess that's true. I just feel a little safer knowing a bit of who someone is, you know? And she always seems so distant that it's kind of hard to tell," Elaine muses, then looks between the two. "I think I'm just rambling now."

Lynette chuckles a little there, "We'll just blame it on the vodka." She looks over at Quinn, though, and she gives her a nod, "Well, just let me know how it goes. And if either of you needs anything, you know how to get a hold of me. I think I better go see about finding Elisabeth and see if she knows anything about all this. Those two always seem to know something."

"THose two?" Quinn inquires as she relaxes a bit. "ANyway, you wanted t' know about the other night… I'm not really sure what else there is t' say. Seems like Sylar was there after a friend of ours. Turns out she's a telapth, I had no idea. Still dunno why Eileen was there, though, or what she was doing there with, uh… a Sylar. Apparently there were two, it was really weird. Stabbed some crazy DoEA woman before she vanished, an' the rest of us somehow got Sylar t' flee. Probably the best possible outcome that could have come out of that situation…"

"I think it could have been a lot worse, so she's right… really, best outcome." Elaine murmurs, looking towards Lynette. "It wasn't very pretty. I didn't even know there were two of them." She frowns.

"Considering it's Sylar, I wouldn't be too terribly surprised at anything he does. Hell, there's three of me as we speak." Lynette smirks a little there, and she looks over at Quinn, "I read a little about it in the paper. But you're right, that's probably the best that could come of it. The government was there? What terrible luck."

A long blink comes from Quinn "Three of you?" SHe sounds more than a little lost by this, her head tilting as she looks at Lynette. "Coincidence. Or not. I heard the lady who got stabbed shouting that the woman Sylar was impersonating was another Agent. Hell of a way t' get int' an event like that."

The redhead also looks a little lost, and Elaine glances to Quinn. "Well, if he can be anyone… I suppose that's the way to go. You can get into a lot of things. I'm just glad he didn't get to do whatever it was he wanted to do."

"Oh yes," Lynette says, although she doesn't really explain, "My other two are on the island. I'm here. And I have to say, that man has balls. As much as I wouldn't necessarily want him crashing any of my parties, you have to admit, he's gutsy."

"Two of you on Island?" Quinn repeats, before her smile quirks up into a grin. "So… what do I ahve t' do t' get a Lynette of my very own?" she teases, leaning over and elbowing the other woman gently. "Ballsy or stupid. Depends on how you look at it. Personally, impersonating a Federal Agent and trying to crash a party run by a known evolved who probably has evolved friends seems stupid t' me." Not that she'd tell taht to Sylar's face if she met him.

Elaine laughs at Quinn's comment, looking towards Lynette. "Ah, more of you to go around?" She teases, a grin on her face. "I guess that's one way to get all your multi-tasking done…"

"Get in line," Lynette says slyly to Quinn, smirking a little as she picks up her drink again. "It is a wonder for getting things done. I have tons more free time suddenly. But to tell you the truth, I'll be glad when things get back to normal. I miss being able to zap things. Brian and I got our powers swapped."

""Oh, come now, I'm sure you have one to loan out!" Her expression becomes more serious - and confused - after that quip, though. "Swapped? How the hell does that work? I thought abilities were all… dna based or some shit like that?" Quinn's even scratching her head a bit, like a confused student in a high school class room.

"There's a line?" Elaine can't hide her grin. It's still as wide as before, if not more so. "I'm impressed. But really… that sucks. I don't know what I'd do if I had someone else's power." She looks to Quinn. "I dunno. I thought that you just kind of have a gene that allows you to have an ability… I don't know if that determines what you get…"

"Well, as it turns out there's a fellow who's ability is… moving things around. However it works, it's worked pretty well on me." Lynette looks over at Elaine, lifting her eyebrows for a moment before she says, "You handle them the best you can, and you look for a way to get yours back. It's the only choice, really."

"CHrist, that sounds scary as hell t' me. I ahve no idea what I'd do either. Particularly if I got somethin'… destructive. So, what… you got swapped with a- what do taey call them. Replicators? God, that must be so weird., having more than one of you." She takes her glass and rises up from her seat, looking aruond. "If you ever feel like sparing one, though…" she suggests with a wink and a laugh, before letting out an amused sigh.

"Now… where's that vodka? I think that I'm tired of talking about depressing current events. I think… it's time for a drinking game."

So much for driving home.

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