'New' Employee


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Scene Title 'New' Employee
Synopsis Isis comes back to Adam looking for a job.
Date August 22, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Adam is sitting at a corner table. He has, if one can believe, a bunch of schedule sheets in front of him with a frown. This isn't really what he had in mind for the bar. He needs to find more employees so that they can handle this sort of thing. It's afternoon so the bar is empty except Adam's goons who are moving boxes of bottles and such.

If a new body wasn't good enough, there is something to be said for the new attire in which it is garbed. Even as she steps off the bus and turns down the sidewalk, Isis's gaze is gravitating down to her own cleavage from time to time. Wow! It's still there!
Anywho… The new and improved little redhead pinches the hem of her hunter green tank, readjusting it around the waist of her low-rise, black slacks. She wears boots, as usual, though this new pair has a flattering heel. Someone must have talked her into buying the damn things, no doubt, but she manages to be quite graceful in them considering. With a deep breath she pushes inside, flicking a few garnet waves from her gaze. Hazel, she'd realized. They almost appeared to change given the light or her mood. Those orb, almost green today, focus on Adam. "Mr. Monroe?" She calls, before she begins to cross the bar. Her voice is almost airy in its deeper tones. "May I have a word?"

Adam looks up from the scheduling sheets. Oh my, a red head, but a red head that knows his name. He frowns a bit at this, he's a bit of a secretive villain after all. He spreads his hands on the table a bit before he says, "Alright, but you appear to have me at a disadvantage." he says, "Do I know you?" he questions.

The redhead's peachy lips draw into an amused smile at that, with only the subtle hints of wicked enjoyment for her little deception to give it a fine spice. She reaches the edge of the table opposite her former boss. "Actually, you do. Though, I haven't yet decided if it would be better to act as if you do not." She makes a gesture towards the nearest seat and lofts a brow expectantly. "Isis." She holds her hands out by her hips in a way of better revealing a form completely different from how the man would recognize her. "Though, my new ID says differently…"

Adam arches a brow, but this doesn't last too long. It's not the first time Isis has gotten all body switched, "So…you're in one of your.." he twirls a finger, "Parent trap moments? Odd you picked a woman who looks so much like you did already."

Isis shakes her head and takes the seat to which she had gestured, leaning back and folding one leg over the opposite. "No, actually." Though, Adam's terminology is rewarded with a small grin. "I'd be out of my ability if I used it to hide. Can't swap more than once, and I've become partial to it. I had some assistance this time - my body, just altered to," she makes a gesture along the side of her frame and cants her head to the side, "this."
"Actually, Mr. Monroe." She drops her foot back to the floor and leans forward, folding her hands on the table. "I came to apologize for disappearing as I did. But, as you can see, I've taken every precaution to lose what trouble I've made, accidental or otherwise, behind me. I was hoping you would take me back - be it as a bartender or…" she offers a shrug. "I'm useful and I need money." She has no idea what he does behind the scenes, only that he's offered help to her former lover.

Adam arches a brow a bit at the story of having her body and her looks altered. He purses his lips and then picks up his pen, with an unusual amount of dexterity, he's able to make the pen flip to and fro between his fingers as he considers new Isis. Finally, he says, "Given all that, I think I would have to hear the story behind your disappearance and your…" he motions, "Reappearance."

How much to say. There were many things not worth the risk to herself, or anyone, worth mentioning. "I was having a bad day. I stole the body of a stunt man on the set of The Multiple Man. A complete accident, I assure you." She looks away, unwilling to acknowledge the past failure even now. "Apparently he, or someone else who found out, went to police. They had my name, my address…" She grunts and sets her attention back to Adam. "There was an officer here in the bar one night that I was working. She attempted to arrest me, when two HomeSec agents were here. One of them saved me for some reason. But, I could not come back - they all knew where to find me."

Adam leans back, still flipping the pen about between his fingers, "Homesec." he says with a bit of a frown, "How…odd." he narrows his eyes a bit as he studies Isis quietly and then says, "And then what happened?" he questions, "And why did the HomeSec operative help you?"

Isis's jaw sets with a bit of tension. "I cannot say much more, honestly." She could not lie to such a direct question. "I was involved in a very -" She lifts her hand, fingers dancing a minute as if reaching for a suitable word, "risky operation. He wanted to gather some information for him." She shrugs, trying to brush off the topic as if it were something casual, though the tension in her new frame speaks of anything but.

Left and right, right and left, the pen continues to dance in his fingers before he says, "Well, I must admit, if you can't trust me with this sort of information, I'm not sure how much I can trust you." he pauses, "You can have your old job back." he says, "But…as for the…other things…well." he spreads his hand, finally stopping the pen dancing.

Isis sighs. She didn't like the idea of not being trusted for all the honesty she offers. She leans back in her seat, pulling her hands into her lap and cracking her new, slender fingers gently against the opposite palm. "I stole a body, broke into a government agency, and took highly secretive information." She lofts a brow. "I expect that little tid-bit, as well as my original identity, to stay between us Mr. Monroe." Her husky tones are more wonderfully serious than the softer vocals with which she was naturally born. Her peachy lips purse in a stubborn fashion, accentuating her sharp cheekbones.

Adam actually seems less surprised by this, after all, what else would one steal a bodysnatcher for. He does let out a bit of a whistle and says, "I see…that's a bit of a story." he pauses, "I might want more in the future." he admits, "But I suppose that'll do for now." as he considers Isis, "Unfortunately, I've got a lot of balls in the air right now, so I can't give you any outside work until some of it is resolved. But, I'll put you on the payroll." he pauses, "You can tend bar in the meantime if you'd like."

The redhead's expression smoothes once more into an arrangement of flattering smiles and simple acceptance. She braces her hands to the edge of the table as she pushes to her feet. "I appreciate it, Mr. Monroe. Very much so." She slips out from between the chair and table, turning to leave, only to halt and address her boss once more. "I mean it. Kaylee. Ash." She shakes her head, making a wave of her hand to include all others by gesture. "The less people that know I'm… me. The better." She offers an easy smile and turns to take her leave."Have a good day, Mr. Monroe."

Adam raises a hand and waves, "Have a good day, Isis." and goes back to his work sheets.

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