New Lead New Hope


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Scene Title New Lead, New Hope
Synopsis Colby searches out Thalia in accordance with the Kat-June case. The exchange is more pleasant than the agent expected.
Date September 24, 2009

Antonio's Garage

The auto shop isn't busy today, only a few cars have went through Antonio's. So Thalia is pretty much the only person there, besides two or three other guys who are hanging out in the lobby like area.

"Alberto! Where's that lady, huh? She's suppose to get her Buick, that was two hours ago!" she yells towards the guy who are currently watching the game, cheering so loud that they cannot hear her. She shakes her head and continues working on the car.

Colby sidles in through the wide garage door. The flat soles of her combat boots carry her quietly forward alongside the vehicle, dark gaze probing from behind the dark embrace of her shades. "Alternator's kicked," she comments, after a quick peek under the hood. With what she hopes is enough to catch the young woman's attention, she lifts her gaze with a half-smile, pinching the stem of her shades to set them up atop her head.

"Thanks Dr. Obvious, that's the next thing I'm doing to this piece of junk. They should just scrape it." Thal says but then looks down at the car again. "I'm sorry baby, I'm sure your Mommy loves you." She says sweetly to car and rubs it. Colby is given an up and down glance, "Hello." She says in proper greeting.

"You looking for Antonio? He isn't in today, wife gone had to get chemo today."

Without pause Colby's half-hearted smile blossoms into a more sincere, and amused, grin. Girl's got spirit. "No, actually, I'm looking for a Thalia. Got a message from her from a friend and was hoping I could have a minute." Colby turns her body away, resting her rump on the side of the car and folding her arms casually across her bust.

"You've found her." Thalia says simply and puts the dirty rag in her belt loop. Light grin as she wipes her dirty palms on the jeans. "What friend is this? Don't have many of those." She admits and puts her hand on her hip.

"Your name?" she asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Colby," the Latina offers with the first subtle hints of her accent. She extends her hand, apparently unbothered by the greasy state of Thalia's own. "Your friends with June, right?"

She swivels back forward, denoting a devotion of her attention to the female mechanic. "She wanted me to relay that she's alright - just catching up with some old friends for a day. Got a big rally of people trying to help her out, ya know."

The hand is taken and Thalia's greasy hand shakes Colby's hand. "Oh June! I was worried sick, damn girl." She shakes her head and leans against the car. "That's great, people found her that knew her." She says softly.

"What was her real name, unless I'm being rude in thinking that nobody would name their child June.. but then again. Look at my name." She jokes and shakes her head.

"Katherine, actually. She seems to recognize a few faces, but not much else besides that," she offers. Exchanges such as these were a matter of give and take, after all.

"God, I missed the smell of grease," she comments with an absent glance to the car before setting her focus back to the topic at hand. "Anyway, I was actually hoping, since I'm here - What's June been up to? Anything you can tell me might help us figure out what happened to her. Poor girl's been missing for a long while." Colby works the pads of her fingers along the grease stuck inside her palm now, her smile all the more sincere for it.

"I know a grease monkey when I see one, what's your story? Car did you wrong, so you left the ancient art of working on them?" she teases lightly and then the questions about June. "Nothing really, June is a good girl. She stayed with me at my hotel room. Nobody else seemed to care about her. She had an uncanny knack for fixing things."

Thalia doesn't say how June could fix things, just that she could. "Also mentioned this place, Pinehearst a few times."

"Pinehearst." Mental note - ding! But, to keep conversation casual, Colby moves right along without pause. "Never met a car that did me wrong when they're loved right." She grins and inclines her chin. "Come on, what's the one thing that can make you give up workin' on the metal girls? For me, it was a real one." She winks, but then offers a more serene shrug. "Fell in love and all that mush."

"June seems sweet. She got that jacket she wanted, by the by - if you heard about it. Seeing as you looked out for her, it's good you know she's not just safe, but happy." At least when Colby had seen her last. "We're going to help her figure everything out. Is there anyone else that spent time with her that you know?"

"Aww ain't that sweet." Thalia winks back and wipes a smudge off the car. "These beauties, they are the real art that's out there." She says fondly and looks back at Colby. "You didn't know her before? Will I ever see June again?" Thal asks, a faint whisper of hope can be heard.

"Nope, June never really mentioned other people to me, she went out and about sometimes but she always came home." She nods softly and shakes her hair out, the ponytail being loose anyway. She bends over to pick up the elastic band, "So, you married your lucky lady? Got kids and a white picket fence?" she smiles at Colby.

"I didn't know her personally. A couple friends of mine did. From the stories they told - I just had to help." The Latina looks down to the car, the metallic sheen putting a warm glow to her memories for only a moment before the crash inevitably upon the more heartbreaking thoughts of recent.

"Were. She passed away a few months back. Freak accident." Very 'freak'. Her smile is once more half-hearted, though this time it is due to the teetering edge between the pleasant and saddening memories of her wife. "Just started talkin' 'bout adoption, but…" She shrugs and clears her throat, tapping her knuckles on the car. "Anyway, I still got a beauty of a '69 Camero parked away, if you ever want a spin." Easy change of subject. Easy denial.

Thal takes the bait, no talking of dead wife. "Sweet, got a nice Harley that's made for two, you ever want a ride. Come on down." She says with a grin and looks down at the engine of the car. "Can you tell June I said I miss her, and I hope to see her soon, please?"

"Two wheels? Well, that'll be new," she comments with a lilt of interest to her accent. With that she's stuffing her hands in her pockets, making a smear on her denim jeans mind you, and walking backwards. "I'll keep that in mind. As for June, she made us promise to bring her back around. I'm sure she misses you, too. I'll pass along the message." With that she swivels about, an easier strut to her step than usual - she hadn't expected to enjoy this little excursion. But, it's about time she enjoyed something, damn it.

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