New Light on an Old Subject


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Scene Title New Light on an Old Subject
Synopsis Tracy meets with Paul Heart concerning the FRONTLINE commercial - he sheds his own brand of light on the subject, as well as on Tracy.
Date May 24, 2009

Paul Heart's Office

Paul Heart's office is a very plush and high class affair, the Tier 0 Openly evolved laywer does a lot of pro-bono work and is considered a hero by the media, but he is still from an old money new england family, and his breeding shows. Paul has Miss Strauss shown into his office after only a short wait, he comes around the desk and offers a hand.

Red. Lady in Red. Scarlett even. That's what Tracy Strauss wears today - a red high-necked pencil dress, without a blazer. It's too hot for that anymore. On her arm is a bag, black, leather and very expensive looking. But then Tracy Strauss herself appears rather expensive looking, with her dark lipstick and her throat of creamy white pearls. Again, today, she has power hair, and an attitude to go with it - no fear meeting this well known man. "Mister Hart." She greets, offering her well manicured hand over the desk. "I'm sure you're quite busy, but I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to speak with me." She has a reserved smile on her face.

Paul takes the hand firmly, not bothering with the cliche of the kiss on the back of the hand, "Miss Strauss, my pleasure, please have a seat and tell me what I can do for you?" He settles down at the edge of his desk, not going back around behind it.

Taking a moment to sweep her skirt under her legs - not that it needs it, the dress rather clings to Tracy's form - the blonde sits, crossing her legs with that same smile on her painted lips. "I'll get right to it." She says, noticing his briskness as well. They're both businesspeople, after all. "I'm running an ad for FRONTLINE, and I'd like you to endorse it on television."

Paul hmmms softly, and frowns, "Why should I do that Miss Strauss? I am not saying that I am against the idea, but I don't see much to gain in doing so…Tell me about this Frontline?

Tracy smiles a bit wider - both happy at the opportunity to present her side and amused at how little people know of FRONTLINE. "It goes to vote in Congress at the end of this month. If it passes, FRONTLINE will begin a training regimine for an elite team of Evolved, well-versed not only in military matters but in their abilities. This team will be embedded within the regular military to work on everything from intelligence to counterterrorism and so forth. Should it pass, a New York team will be implimented immediatly, along with four other states."

Paul smiles softly, the lighting in this room really is incredible, he comes across as powerful and friendly in fact, and if Tracy catches her reflection in the mirror she will realize it looks like a professional hollywood lighting team has her under their protection, making her look as good as she ever did. "I see, so Evolved would be allowed to serve thier country, and to use thier abilities for the betterment of mankind?"

Tracy does catch a notice of herself in the mirror. Of course, she read up on Paul Hart long before the stepped into this office, and so the trick amuses her more than anything else. As any woman might, she certainly has no issue to looking good. But she has her eye on the prize, and that is Paul Hart's cooperation. "In a nutshell, yes. Humanis First has been bucking against the passage of FRONTLINE because they feel that training Evolved in their abilities as well as military tactics is a danger. However, the President disagrees, and it is his belief that such an initative will help defend our country from both Non-Evolved and Evolved threats of the modern day."

Paul takes a deep breath and hmmms softly, "And why are you so passionate about this? This isn't really the kind of issue that draws attractive and hungry young politicians to it's cause."

That smile on Tracy's face seems to get a bit more open, and a bit wider too. "I certainly wouldn't call myself a politician, Mister Hart. I'm the Director for Communications to the President, hardly a policymaker of any kind." She scoots up a bit, to the edge of her seat. Once more, her crystal blue gaze is on the man. "But I do believe in FRONTLINE, with all of my heart. The trageties this city has seen is a testement to why something like FRONTLINE is needed." She knows that might be a sore spot with him, but that's a spot she needs to check on. So she waits for his resposnse.

Paul hmmmms softly, "I think that people need to realize that the Evolved are not something to fear, this could be a way to have that happen. Tell me Miss Strauss, what do you know about the disastors this city has faced? Where were you when the Bomb hit?"

Tracy knows exactly where she was, and it was not in New York. "I was working on a Senatorial re-election campaign in Washington." she answers. "And I know about the disasters this city faced as well as any outsider could possibly. I don't pretend to know or even to…to understand the depths of the loss this city has suffered. But it's touched me enough that I certainly don't wish to see something like that happen ever again, be it with two planes into the towers or an evolved terrorist." Surprisingly, she looks very…sincere.

Paul nods slowly and rises, he turns away from you and looks out the window, "My politics are not a secret, I am against the Linderman Act, Evolved should not have to hide thier abilities, nor should we have the federal government posting thier names and addresses for every red neck and humanis first terrorists to down load as a shopping list for victims." As he speaks, the setting, the lighting conforms to his words, darkening on the outside, and making him seem more like a single spot of hope in the world, "I want to see a world where man kind isn't divided by color, or race, or ability, but is looked at as a single comprehensive people." He looks over his shoulder at you, "Tell me, how do you feel about this issue, none of the false flattery of what I want to hear, speak from your heart, I will know…."

Tracy watches, very intent, and as the lighting seems to change, so does the temperature, perhaps a light breeze just kicked through or something? It's hardly noticable if you're wearing clothes, but it is there. Tracy's head turns up and about to look at the lights, or for them, before focusing her attention on Paul once more. She chooses her words carefully, knowing quite well that he won't believe her if she blatently follows the President's policies. "I…believe the Linderman Act may have gone too far. Publishing people's names and addresses in a charged atmosphere will almost always lead to unfortunate happenings." She pauses again, thinking. "But I believe the Linderman Act is needed at this point in time. This isn't a matter of skin color or sexual orientation - both of which are differences, but do not make one person more powerful than the other. Higher-Tier evolved persons are armed, weather they want to be or not. Some of these people are good people, and who would never fire the weapon that is built into their DNA. But the Linderman Act at least helps our government know which of those armed people might be a threat, and which of those armed people are not. Had the terrorist Sylar been a monk, we may never have had hte Midtown disaster, despite his abilities. But he had the ability and he was the person that he was. The Linderman Act is another barrier to keep that from happening agian, but it's not enough - which is why FRONTLINE is needed."

Paul turns and gives her a slow, steady, appraising stare, "I will not bend on my principles, I will protect /my/ people with my life, and I will do anything to see them safe, to see thier freedoms not stomped on, to see justice for them. I see frontline as possibly a way to do that, and as such I am willing to promote it, but I want to make it clear, I am noones dog on a leash, I will find a way to stop the atrocities, even if that means I have to put myself in the President's chair to do it. Do you understand me Miss Strauss?" The lighting is now trully commanding, intimidating, almost presidential.

There is some worry in this man. Not only in his ability to become imposing, but other things as well - protecting my people, does he mean the Americans or does he mean the Evolved? Tracy is no lover of Humanis Fist - they tried to sic a riot on her! - but she is also not one who desires to see a war between species. But he agreed for what she came here to do, and as such? She's content. Enough that a smile shows, even in the imposing light. She's used to imposing characters, after all. "Am I to understand this to be your announcement as a presidential candidate in 2012?"

Paul takes a deep breadth and shakes his head, "I would need a little more preparation I am afraid, I don't have a good Campaign Manager, or the support of the party yet, though I will admit I am considering it, if not 2012, then possibly 2016. " He nods, "So can you live with those stipulation Miss Strauss? Do you think we can work together?"

The lovely Miss Strauss nods her head after a moment. "I think we can, although there will be some stipulations of my own. This is an advertisment from President Petrelli's party, and it is under my direction. As such, I would like to request that you refrain from grandstanding on screen - and certainly from any language that could be considered inflamatory. I'd like to have an upbeat advertisment." She sits back a little bit, letting out an almost invisible sigh - she didn't expect a lawyer to attack her, but whenever a man with a power gets that threatening, it makes those weak little Non-Evolved like Tracy feel a bit weak. Oh, if Tracy only knew her own potential.

Like that all the darkness is gone from his expression, and from the room, it is warm and inviting and relaxing atmosphere. The heater kicks on, detecting the lowering of temprature in the room and trying to compensate. Pauls face becomes friendly, almost like someone flipped a switch, he is approachble, open, like the boy next door, someone you could trust with anything. He comes around the desk, and offers his hand, "Well then I think we have a deal" He winks, "I look forward to taking direction from you."

And now he's bi-polar. Lovely. Still, if he's able to contain all of that for the 20 seconds he's on-screen, Tracy has done her job. She rises, taking his hand and giving it a light shake. "I'll be giving you a call in the next day or two for the shooting date." She explains, digging into her bag for the card. She takes it out - a business card with her name, titles, and numbers - and turns it over, bending at the waist to write against his desk. "This is the number of our media consultant. We'd like you to discuss some ideas with him for your 20 second spot and he'll help you out with that, to make sure your desires and ours are met - as far as this commercial is concerned."

Paul takes the card and smiles, "I will have my secretary contact them by the end of the day, is there anything else I can do for you Miss Strauss?"

Tracy shakes her head, that reserved smile once more worn on her face. "You've done quite enough, Mister Heart. I really appreciate this." She gives him another nod and takes her hand, turning to head out the door.

The office door has a large Mirror on it, as Tracy approaches it she can see just what effect the lighting is having on her, and it is very flattering, as she walks toward her own image she can take several moments to admire just how good she looks in the dress, as she leans to open it though, the illussion vanishes, and she is just her normal self again, still extremly attractive, but no longer perfect.

As she walks toward the door, Tracy does see her own reflection - how can she not? She does pause - but not to admire herself. Instead, she turns to glance over her shoulder at Paul, and then she's reaching for the door. Quite amusing, his little antics, but certainly no where near what might cause Tracy to stop and stare. No, policy and law and PR make her stop and stare. Even men have lost their ability to do that. WIth a quick flourish, the door is open and closed again behind her.

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