New People


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Scene Title New People
Synopsis Three new people meet each other in a fancy lounge.
Date February 5, 2011

Orchid Lounge

Tonight is a night for going out and having fun. At least, that's what Remi has explained to her new room mate, Graeme. They have a new friendship to celebrate, in any case— and the French socialite has a craving to have some fun flirting. Doesn't matter who, really; that depends on whoever strikes her fancy tonight. Not that she told Graeme that part.

Instead, she made Graeme get dressed up in a suit tonight, while she's dressed up in her own fancy little number: a black satin pencil skirt, with a grayish-purple tank top, over which she wears a stylish leather jacket. On her feet, a pair of killer heels, and her face is made up rather nicely. Tonight, it looks as though Graeme has a true blue celebrity at his arm.

After checking her jacket at the door, she leads the way to the bar, in order to obtain the drinks that she and her new room mate will surely end up nursing all evening long.

Frankly, he feels like a monkey. Graeme's never been one for formality, and so while he may be wearing part of a suit, he carries the jacket in with him, and wears a sleek gray dress shirt that he'd already had, with a silver filigree bolo tie rather than one of those intolerable noose things, and a slightly darker gray cashmere sweater vest that looks absolutely impeccable on him. Even if he is slightly monochrome. It's a compromise, and he follows a quarter of a step back from Remi, with a smile on his face.

This is a classy place. So Elaine's got to look classy. Especially because she's not accompanied by any posse of girlfriends to keep her company, so she needs to look good as well as blend in. The classic little black dress is a long-sleeved number that accentuates her legs, and is belted with a silver belt higher up. Her shoes are black heels with a pair of straps that wrap around her ankles. As she steps inside the lounge, her gaze flickers to see if she can spot Eve. Quinn had mentioned her and Elaine had heard a few things about the singer, and the redhead was certain this was where she was supposed to be found at—but there's no singer. She hides a look of disappointment.

It was a fairly good compromise— Remi had a little issue with the bolo tie, but the fashion-conscious ballerina eventually relented. He does look pretty good, worthy of being at her side at such a classy place. The woman, whose hair has been perfectly styled for the momentous occasion of going out, slides into a seat at the bar, ordering a cosmopolitan for herself, before gesturing for Graeme to order.

And while he's busy figuring out which alcoholic beverage he wants to nurse this evening, Remi's eyes are skimming the lounge, like a lioness taking stock of a herd of zebra. Who shall she pick tonight? There's that cute brunette guy in the corner— oh, but he's married and has his wedding ring tucked into his wallet. No go there, Remi has no desire to be in that kind of drama.

Blue eyes land on Elaine's face. She's adorable. Young, impressionable. And thus, the telepath opens her mind in Elaine's general direction, while quietly opening her mind toward Graeme as well. Might as well keep tabs on her room mate's mindset. Especially after the other night.

Interestingly enough, Graeme orders a totally non-alcoholic drink, one of those virgin martinis. I don't drink, he explains quietly, not bothering to speak aloud, with a light hand on Remi's wrist for a moment. Messes with things. He perches on a bar stool, leaning back slightly, one leg crossed ever so slightly.

The redhead moves forward to the bar, quietly ordering a drink. If prompted, she slides over an ID, fake of course, and waits for the vodka and cranberry she ordered. Elaine looks towards the bar thoughtfully. Kinda weird to be out at someplace like this without Quinn or someone. Hope I don't stick out like a sore thumb.

A warm smile is cast over to Graeme. I'm not too different. I will probably be taking tiny sips off of this all night long and a majority of it will get thrown out. I can't control things so well when I drink too much. She chuckles faintly over to her room mate, some unspoken thing amusing her about the man. As the cosmo arrives, she lifts it, taking the tiniest of sips.

Then, she turns her blue eyes back toward Elaine. Hmm, fake ID, doesn't feel like she belongs in a place like this. Quinn— not a name that rings a bell. Classic drink, though, nothing extremely special. She's adorable when she gets closer. A charming smile is cast her way, as Remi waits. Mostly, she waits to determine what the best approach to be.

So what if she's cheating with the whole telepathy thing? What's the use in having an ability if you can't use it?

Carefully, Graeme quirks up an eyebrow. Just one. Yeah. One sip has the potential to knock me haywire for ages, and if I never test that particular experience again so much the better. Long fingers curl around the glass his own drink comes in, which is a glass, not some piece of stemware that he'd worry more about breaking than anything else, and he takes a sip.

At the moment, though, mainly Graeme is considering food, and how much it would take to bribe the waitstaff for a decently sized portion rather than the typical lounge fare, tiny portions designed for people without the metabolism his ability unfortunately comes with. Not that he didn't have lunch — he did, several plates there of. But it's evening now!

A smile is given to Elaine, a warm smile to try and get her to relax a little. She looks nervous, and she can't be older than most of his students were, but he's not about to worry about that. At least, not as long as the young woman his roommate seems interested in doesn't give Graeme reason to worry. Oh god I act like a teacher, too… never thought that'd happen.

The smile in her direction is returned as Elaine glances over, studying Remi first, then Graeme is taken in secondly. They seem nice. Wasn't the whole point to find new people to talk to? As soon as her drink arrives, she sips lightly, letting her gaze quietly scan the room as she observes those around. Think. What's an ice breaker.

Don't worry, Graeme. I will call you on it if you start acting like a teacher. Though you are totally the teacher that all of the little girls had a huge crush on, I already know. They probably wrote 'Mr. Cormac' with hearts all around it! Aww, I bet it was cute. An amused look is offered to Graeme. She rather likes having a room mate who is completely cool with her telepathy. It makes for nice, private conversations.

Then, blue eyes turn back toward Elaine, and the sophisticated-looking woman leans faintly against the bar. Her gaze flicks to the drink, then back to Elaine's face. Too young to drink, without a doubt. Not that Remi cares— where she comes from, there is no drinking age, and Elaine is certainly old enough to buy it in France. So Elaine is fine, in Remi's eyes.

"You look lonely, sitting over zere." Her French accent thick, she gestures toward Elaine. "Are you waiting for someone?" She knows the answer, but it's still polite to ask.

In response to the silent conversation, Graeme just shakes his head. Oh good. Or something. I think. Also, high school. High school girls. Graeme smiles faintly, as if the last statement should be explanatory enough, setting his drink on the counter and fiddling with making sure the bolo tie rests where it ought to, picking up his drink again.

French? Oh! French will work. Elaine smiles politely towards Remi and Graeme, but mostly Remi since she's the one talking. She replies, in a nearly perfect French accent, "Ah, I am not. I am afraid none of my friends were available to come with me and I thought it would be nice to come meet new people…"

A perfectly trimmed brow arches as she hears a French accent. Funny, the girl doesn't think in French. However, the smile remains on her face. "Oui! Well, zen, you 'ave come to ze right place. It just so 'appens zat Graeme and I are both new people!" She can't help but smile faintly, taking a tiny mouthful of her alcohol, barely enough to wet her tongue.

Then, a hand is extended toward Elaine, the redhead smiling. "I am Soleil Davignon. Enchantée, Madame…?"

Well, Remi's done the introduction for him, so all Graeme has to do is sit back, sip the drink, which to his great surprise is not overly fruity (and oh, he laughs mentally at the joke) and chaperone. The nice clothing also does a wonderful job of hiding the bit of tension in his posture, tension that comes of being in an unfamiliar place. His phone is withdrawn from his pocket, and he taps out something on the screen idly, giving the two the space to talk. At least somewhat.

Space to talk? Well, if Graeme is going to be all distracted, Elaine's more than happy to talk. "Elaine. Darrow. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Davignon." She offers, French accent almost imperceptibly perfect.

Remi tilts her head toward Elaine, a faint smile on her face. A small flourish of a bow is offered toward Elaine. "Enchantée, Madame Elaine Darrow." She smiles faintly. "You are from France? I cannot quite place your accent— is that a Bordeaux accent?" She raises her brows, smiling to the woman. Hmmm. Adorable, really.

For now, it seems like Graeme is going to keep his comments to Remi silent. Making eyes now, are we? He does duck a nod of recognition to Elaine. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Darrow." The southwestern drawl is predominant in his voice, and his amusement at the interaction between the two women definitely shows on his face before he goes back to tapping at his cell phone, and further considering the idea of food.

There's a slight flush on her cheeks as Elaine looks back over. "Ah, I'm afraid I'm not a native. I studied there for a little while, but it was fantastic. French is a beautiful language." Well, if by a while you consider two weeks… She glances to Graeme, noting his accent. "And where are you from? The south? Beautiful accent."

Indeed, I am. At least I admit it when I flirt with someone, unlike some people I know. For some reason, Remi is offering Graeme an amused look, as if sharing some unspoken joke with him. Then, her blue eyes focus on Elaine once more, a charming smile on her features as she observes the blush, and as she observes her thoughts. "Oui, I must agree! It is a beautiful language, one of romance, oui?"

"New Mexico," Graeme says. "It's a more civilized place than the South." He grins a bit, rolling his eyes at Remi. Tap-tap-tap at the phone, and he leans back against the bar. "Cute." It's directed to Remi, as Graeme picks up his drink, thoughtful.

"I would imagine. Never been to New Mexico…" Elaine glances to Remi, looking at her intently. "French is very romantic… but I am fond of Scots Gaelic, myself. Although it doesn't sound quite the same when whispered…" Although it does sound wonderful when it's sung. Maybe I could write Quinn a song in Gaelic and get her to put it on a CD…

Remi smiles faintly. "Ahh, I am not familiar with Gaelic." She smiles toward Elaine, even as she leans back and lifts one leg to gently nudge Graeme's calf, smirking back to him for a moment. Then, her attention is right back on Elaine, the woman raising her brows. "So, what kind of music do you like, Elaine?" Her brows raise slightly, the woman listening intently.

Graeme chuckles. "Or at least, New Mexico was a nicer place." Tap tap tap on the phone. A few truly lewd comments run through his head, but he bites his tongue, and gives Remi a playful push at the shoulder.

Well, Elaine isn't sure what Graeme and Remi are smiling at each other about, but… she focuses on the conversation. "Oh, all kinds. My flatmate, Quinn, is a musician in a band with some of my friends and my ex. She's also got a great solo career. We're having a concert on Thursday for her CD release… I'm on the CD… playing violin." Wow. I actually sound kind of impressive.

Remi's brows raise, the French woman leaning against the bar and taking a miniscule sip of her cosmopolitan, which she's hardly even touched. "Oh, zat is great!" She smiles over at Elaine, her brows raising. Wonder if she likes women.

"If you're interested in coming, it's at the Rock Cellar…" Elaine peers at Remi quietly, taking another sip of her drink. Oh, now I'm nervous. Is this what Quinn does to pick up chicks? I don't know anything about this whole go-to-a-bar-and-talk-to-people thing.

Remi's brows raise slightly. Ask and ye shall receive, indeed. That answers that question. She raises her cosmo, taking another minuscule sip, only enough to wet her tongue. Definitely not a drinker. Now that Remi is aware that Elaine does like women, the telepath offers a faint, almost mischievous smile. Here's her target for the night, definitely. "Oui, I think I might be interested in zat." She leans just a little closer to Elaine. "I might just make an appearance."

Is she…? Elaine blinks over towards Remi, eyes scanning her for a moment before she smiles again. "That would be nice. I am hoping that the show goes well. My flatmate is very talented and it's very fun to be on stage with her."

She is. Oh, yes she is. Remi even makes a bit of a show of glancing the girl over— mostly for Elaine's sake than for her own. She's already gotten most of her ogling done. "I'm sure it will go just fine." She smiles, blue eyes returning to Elaine's face.

Graeme looks up. "That's always the most important part of a show," Graeme says. "Having fun doing it." He smirks slightly at Remi. Now who's being obvious, hm?

W-What, me? She's not really looking at me is she? Elaine glances between Remi and Graeme, the blush spreading across her face a little bit. "I hope so. I'm not the best at the violin, but Quinn taught me a lot. I played when I was little. What is it you do?" She glances back to Graeme. "And you?" She asks, politely.

I am an expert at flirting, unlike you. Watch as I smoothly talk this beautiful young woman into giving me her phone number and perhaps more than even that. Perhaps you could learn something from me, oui? Remi casts a smirk over to her room mate. Granted, her method of flirting usually involves picking the right cues from her target's mind and acting on those unspoken cues, but still!

A smile is turned back toward Elaine. "I am a ballet instructor and choreographer at American Ballet Theater, and I was once a Prima Ballerina at Bolshoi in Moscow." Her eyes turn toward Elaine's dress, brows arching. "And my late mother's company designed and created your dress." She'd recognize Davignon fashion anywhere.

There's a minuscule shake of his head. You also cheat. The mental tone is almost envious. But it's different for women, really. He'll explain the rest later, he's going to actually talk to Elaine, now. "I just moved back here," he explains, "but before that, I coached soccer, most of the time. I'm thinking of seeing about getting a coaching job out here. Worked as a bouncer, before that." He carefully omits 'high school' from his sentence, as if he's afraid he might spook Elaine off by doing so.

Ballet… and… designer clothes… soccer coach and bouncer? Wow. I am so not even remotely in this league. Elaine smiles charmingly. "That's fantastic. Very impressive. I hadn't even really thought about who the designer was." She takes a longer swallow of her drink. I don't even know what I can say that sounds impressive!

Remi can't help but smile faintly, lifting her cosmo and sipping at it again. She's not even halfway done with it yet. That's when you bring me along when you're in a man-hunting mood. My gaydar is spot on, never wrong. You never have to worry about hitting on the wrong guy with me in your life. She can't help but grin faintly at her cosmo.

Then, the charming smile is turned back toward Elaine. "It's not my mother's design." This is said matter-of-factually. "But it is a Davignon piece, I would recognize our style anywhere." Suddenly, she reaches one hand out, fingers feathering briefly over Elaine's shoulder in an obvious display of attraction. "It looks marvelous on you." A shy smile forms on the rich woman's face.

"Oh, thank you!" The blush on the redhead's face is increasing. Elaine looks back to Remi. "I'm afraid I can't always afford things like this. Just one or two. I don't have much of an occasion to wear them."

Still different for men, Graeme responds silently. How one flirts, et cetera. Maybe not so much here, but. Graeme turns away from Remi and Elaine momentarily, having finally figured out what he's going to do about the necessity of eating dinner.

Remi offers a warm smile toward Elaine, apparently not really focused on Graeme right now, even if she is listening to him. I'm just saying. With me, you don't have to worry about potential gaydar misreadings. Her main attention, however, is on Elaine. She can't really talk about not being able to afford things. She doesn't own one piece of clothing that isn't some designer label. Even her underwear has a designer brand. "Well, you look absolutely stunning." She smiles warmly. "I'm sure you don't need designer clozing for zat, in any case."

Well, there's no chance of Elaine not blushing. She smiles broadly towards Remi, a sip of her drink carefully taken as she relaxes a bit. "It's nice to have an excuse to wear something nice, though. I'm not entirely sure what I'll wear to the concert yet, but it'll be a nice excuse to dress up as well." This is so weird. It's been so long since anyone's flirted with me and she's… I don't know if I qualify to be on the playing field, much less the league she's in.

Remi tilts her head toward Elaine, smiling faintly. "Well, per'aps I could lend you some of my old clothes. 'Alf of it 'ardly ever gets worn." The woman leans against the bar, watching Elaine. Enjoying her reaction. The reactions are the most enjoyable part— watching her hard work (and cheating) paying off. Always a good feeling. Plus, this girl is adorable. And Remi does so love to collect things that she finds aesthetically pleasing.

"You could come over, try on a few things if you like." Remi casts out the bait, a cat-like smile on her face.

She's inviting me to—oh. Well. I think she's really actually… ohh. God, this is weird… I need to come to bars more often! Wow! Elaine's fairly composed, despite her thoughts, a bit more of a smile spreading across her features. "Ah, that would be wonderful," she looks down at her drink, taking another sip. "You have a good eye. I'm sure you could find something that looks good on me…"

Graeme peers up from his food for a moment, watching Elaine. Or perhaps watching Elaine's drink, and the subtle hints in the girl's body language. He's definitely acting like a teacher, again, though he peers at Remi with the same thoughtful expression for a moment. And then he looks back down at his food, what was an assortment of appetizers, and simply doesn't say anything.

Remi is oblivious to Graeme acting like a teacher. She just…doesn't see him in that light. Especially not when she's technically his landlady, or something to that effect. Oh, do you see that? Do you see how masterfully I can flirt? Next time, I will have to show you how to flirt with a man. She can't help but give him a hard time, it's fun.

Remi sips at her own drink for a moment, crossing her legs in the barstool and swirling it around for a moment. Then, she turns a somewhat coy smile toward Elaine. "Oui, I'm sure I can." She can think of several different things. Some options are more modest than others. After a moment, she pulls her iPhone out, pulling up the 'add contact' screen. Then, the phone is set on the bar, and she slides it over to Elaine, letting the 'Add Contact' header speak her next question for her.

What? Teacher? Where? Elaine is oblivious. She's busy with the fact that there's a cellphone on the bar next to her. Hmm… the redhead leans over, carefully typing in her name and number in. Maybe I should a note like 'the cute redhead' or something so she remembers who I am. No. That's an awkward idea. She smiles over at Remi.

Once Elaine is finished typing the number in and saving it, Remi reclaims her phone. Quickly, she presses the 'send' button on the number, dialing Elaine's number so she'll have it as well. A faint smile is offered to the other redhead, then, her brows raising. "You should stop by some evening before ze show, oui?" The faint smile turns into a charming one. "Per'aps…what are you doing tomorrow night?"

Hanging around the apartment most likely… hm. "Tomorrow night? Nothing important, I believe," Elaine says, moving to pull her phone out now that Remi's sent her number, carefully typing the name in. She spells it right and everything.

Graeme watches the two, smiles, and takes another sip from his drink, biting his lip as to not glance between Elaine and her drink too many times. Just how young is she…

Remi smiles warmly over to Elaine, watching the younger woman for a moment. Then, she reaches into her purse, pulling out a bill large enough to cover all three drinks, leaving the bartender with a sizable tip. "Well zen, I will expect to see you tomorrow evening, oui? Graeme and I— we are room mates, living at Dorchester Towers. I will let ze doorman know zat you will be coming, oui? Call me when you're on your way." She offers a wink toward the woman.

Then, she's holding out her hand for Elaine to take. Seems like an offer for a handshake.

Not old enough to drink in zis country.

Elaine's drink is sipped, and she smiles as she notes the bill. Well, getting treated to drinks as well? As the hand is offered forward, Elaine takes it, offering Remi a warmer smile now. "Dorchester? I'll be there, then."

Remi lifts Elaine's hand as it reaches hers, planting a small kiss on the back of the woman's knuckles. It is in French that she continue. "It is a wonderful pleasure to have met you, Elaine. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening." She smiles to the woman, slowly raising to her feet. Hook, line, sinker. With numbers exchanged and plans to meet again, Remi seems to be about ready to leave. The leaving is the important part. Makes them want more.

Graeme pauses. "Well, you'll see Remi," he amends, offering Elaine a quizzical smile, coupled once again with that teacher look. "I have a business meeting, tomorrow evening. I'll likely be out until right before curfew." Curfew is said like it's a dirty word. He gets up to follow Remi, but turns to duck a nod to the younger of the two women. And then a genuine smile.

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