New Start, Take Two


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Scene Title New Start, Take Two
Synopsis Kaylee comes to the dock to welcome Diogenes and Isis home and to the Ferrymen, newly smuggled into the States.
Date August 17, 2010

The Docks

The accommodation were probably not what they thought they would be, but the life on the run is hardly ever glamorous. Life within the Ferry is hardly ever glamorous. So their trip over was on an old cargo boat, tucked away with sleeping bags and such. From there they were taken by a smaller boat, an equally worn out, to a certain dock.

They are greeted at the docks, by a grinning blonde woman. Wearing a white tank top over a dark red one and a pair of long legged blue jean shorts. "Welcome back to the United States." She offers cheerfully, arms out in a welcoming gesture, as the crew helps them off the boat. "Glad to see you got here in one piece." Her mouth pulls to one side in a somewhat rueful smile as she looks over both, "Sorry the accommodations where not… like… a cruise ship, but welcome to Ferry life."

Even though he was nearly driven to insanity during the few days he has been left to his own devices along with the redhead - all thanks to his boisterous Russian friend who provided the pair a place to stay - Diogenes is not entirely sure if he is content to see the tall looming skyscrapers hungrily devour the horizon, akin to monstrous concrete jagged teeth. The welcoming and inviting hug of the blonde manages to soothen his wildly beating heart, but Diogenes still finds himself fairly flustered and perhaps even fearful. Starting life anew is no easy task. Starting life anew twice in such a short period manages to move even the soic mountain that is this young man.

"For a group called the Ferrymen, they sure don't offer the best travl-by-sea packages", he remarks in an unintentionally fractured voice, prompting him to clear his throat. Reluctantly, he approaches Kaylee to offer her a quick hug; neither did he want to appear as overly friendly, nor did he want Isis to perceive any more jealousy. A short-lasting embrace, a couple of pats on the shoulders, and Diogenes once more keeps his distance from the telepathic blonde. "I might want my money back. Oh, wait. Nevermind." And after that hurried jab, he casts his gaze behind him, towards the redhead. He can only hope they will be the chatty ones, so he does not need to put every single shattered piece of his willpower to feign his usual caustic self.

Isis stands like a shadow just behind Diogenes. Hazel eyes first take in the sight of the city and the first hints of the conflicting emotions which it brings. "Hm." With that thoughtful note, she withdraws from her own thoughts to turn her attentions to the welcoming blonde. She watches the embrace with a lofted brow before giving a half-hearted wave of her own greeting. Welcome to the Ferrymen?, the thought wanders over her mind. "Thanks for this," she offers more sincerely than her traveling companion, flashing a tired smile in Kaylee's direction.

"Considering what we do, you can't exactly be picky about your associates. Especially, when you need loyalty." Kaylee offer brightly when they part from the hug. "And a lot of these people are sympathetic. The bigger companies wouldn't risk their revenues. People like these…" He nods to the crew "…do what is right. Beats working for Adam, that's for sure. I enjoy it more."

Her attention goes to Isis now, smiling at her. "Hey… been awhile. The Ferrymen are the ones paying… well…" She glances around the blonde to the men again. "…sorta." The captain grins back at her, but neither say anything. "They are the one providing all this. I'm still working on new IDs for you both. I have a place set up for you. You'll be staying in the same building I am."

She motions down the dock, as she says. "You all want to come with me? There is a van waiting to take you to the safe house. It's an apartment building. Not fancy, but it'll hold you til we can get the paperwork, which admittedly is getting trickier."

Initially silent, the young man offers nothing but a quick nod. With clenched teeth caging any words that might want to escape, he solemnly listens to and follows the blonde down the docks, urging with a quick glance for Isis to follow, as well. In due time, however, Diogenes speaks up. "New names. New IDs. You do realize I'll still go by Diogenes, right? There is no way I'm letting go of my super-villain moniker, Kaylee." He looks to Isis. "You know me well enough." A short-lasting smirk is gifted to both the blonde and the red head before it slowly fades away, and the man's gaze buries into the ground as he continues to walk forward.

"So long as the building is free of fleas, bed bugs and rats, I'll be fine. Housing is not what concerns me as much as… Well, the induction into the Ferrymen, to start with. I hope I don't need to drink blood of a virgin goat as part of some sacred ritual."

Isis, or Joanne as she's better served to use the name in other company, reaches out and grabs Diogenes's forearm. "New IDs? Paperwork?" she hisses at him, hazel eyes flickering in the light as they shift aside to take in Kaylee quickly. "Yeah, sometimes I think I know you too well." Life used to be normal…, she shudders at the thought. She sighs and releases Diogenes's arm, suddenly intent on ignoring him for the moment. She plasters a bright smile on her lips and falls back into line, even hurrying a few steps to take up a pace at Kaylee's side, apparently even going so far as to prefer her company at this moment instead. "Looks like we're in your debt…" she comments simply enough.

There is a chuckle from the telepath, as she glances over her shoulder at them. "Don't worry. I won't be calling you Greg… or Harry or whatever lame name they offer up. However, if you want to be able to do other things," She glances at Isis, before looking back at Dio, "you'll possibly need the new IDs. Up to you all. You may be okay, but I figured if your hiding from people…" She trails off, giving a small shrug of her shoulders.

"And no… no rats and all that. It's just a place that's being fixed up. I live in the public apartments, but you all will be up in the safehouse." Kaylee waves it off with a flick of her wrist. "Anyhow, you'll be introduced to leadership. They are the ones that make the arrangements." She fixes Dio with a flat look. "So best behavior. No.." She makes a little wiggling of her fingers at him. "You know, paralyzing any of them.

"And this is what we do.. so no worries." Kaylee gives Isis a bright smile, before letting it fade. "Been a lot that's happened since you all were last here. Registration has been spread to the Non-evolved as well as evolved. And they are making it mandatory that everyone does." A soft sigh escapes her nose. "There has been kidnappings… large part of the city was hit with possible visions of the future. November 8th, will be an interesting day."

Her gaze drifts from one person to the other, "It's still the hell hole you left."

Diogenes slows down his pace, lifting a hand in Joanne's direction: a gesture intended to inspire calm. It soon slips back into the pocket of his simple blue jeans, much like its sibling has a while ago; he picks up the pace and continues to listen to the telepath, not daring to interrupt her with sardonic remarks of sexual innuendos, which may be surprising, considering him. He is disturbed and at a loss. Everything seems as familiar as it feels alien. He feels as though he has stepped into a dragon's lair without his sword. And the walls will only grow narrower once he ventures deeper.

"I don't think…", he begins with an unusually hoarse voice, yet pauses to reconsider his statement. "I don't think anyone is looking for her, at the moment. If she feels like she needs a new identity, then… As it stands, however, I don't think there should be a problem. She is going to stay with me for as long as she likes. I trust there should be no problems with that."

A pebble is kicked aside. It spins out of control, grazing the concrete ground before it swerves off the edge and plops into the water, sinking rapidly towards the bottom, to be forsaken and forgot. What is mentioned next causes Diogenes to slow down to a halt. His heavy gaze is raised to regard Kaylee. "Non-Evolved registration? How does that even make sense?.. Why would they…" Pressure, that's why. "Okay, it does make sense. Forget it. But, what does it mean, exactly? What if a man refuses to get registered? I mean… Fuck, you can get registered." He turns to Isis. "You can registered. What do I do, tell them I do telekinetic acupuncture?"

Isis listens intently, brows lofting and scowls made in all the appropriate places of the delivered new. She snorts at the mentioned date. "You know, having New York blow up on you birthday really is a buzz-kill from then on out," the redhead quips, only to halt all steps and motion at Diogenes's comment. "You know what, buddy, you can kiss my round behind if you think that's going to happen. You know well enough what they'll connect when the find out what I can do, and if the tasers your little friends shot at us, wasn't enough for me…" Isis raises her little hands, balled up into fists, and shakes them in frustration. No doubt all her irritation has come to a head.
"You know. You… you… ugh! It was supposed to be a nice trip. Yeah, I'll just go and get his ass from Lithuania. Say hi. Catch up. Joke about old times." She turns and beings walking ahead of the two in her company and she continues her insane mumblings all to herself.

"I dunno. I mean… I'm registered as a directional telepath, I only project… I don't receive them." A knowing look was given to Diogenes. "They believed it." Kaylee can't exactly tell them what the Ferrymen are up too, but… "I'm sure things will get figured out. First is meeting with leadership." A glance goes to Isis and Kaylee moves to stop and faces her.

"I want you… both of you really, to take the Ferrymen seriously." There is nothing pissy in her tone, just understanding and begging understanding. "We can also use the help, both of you I imagine would be useful." She knows how Dio is, so she doesn't address him as much as Isis. "If you guys don't want to register, we can keep you… hidden, if you don't compromise the network. Secrecy is a big thing, cause last thing we need is the government coming down on us.

"That means, not bringing people back to the safehouse or anything. You'll have to get an apartment of your own for that." Kaylee looks past Isis to Dio and back gain. "We protect people, it's who we are. There are families in our care and we can't jeopardize that.

"I just need you guys to understand that and to know, what we're doing here is important. It's a modern day Underground Railroad." Kaylee doesn't block Isis' path, or anything. "I think whoever comes to talk to you, will lay out everything."

As he heaves a sigh, Diogenes closes his eyes and tips his head back. For a while, the young man is unmoving and completely silent, drowning in a chaotic whirlpool of his own thoughts. It takes him a while to regain his composure, at which point he parts with yet another sigh, although one of lesser significance. "I will not be throwing regular frat parties at the safe house, if that is what you're getting at", he elaborates in a cool tone. "I have no one to bring with me, 'cept for her."

Diogenes turns to face Kaylee proper. "I understand. I fully understand. I just… This place. I can feel its hands around my throat. I just need a bit of time on my own, okay? I need to put myself together. It was not my intention to return to this place. But, now that I'm here… Might as well make the best of it, right?" He quirks both of his brows, and tosses his gaze towards Isis. "Come on, before she'll hissy-walk her way to the West Coast", he suggests, sprinting a short distance before returning to his previous pace.

"I can't register," Isis replies to Kaylee, looking suddenly smaller than she had before. She hugs herself, rubbing the inside of each of her arms with a sudden nervousness that reads across every fine line of her features. Needles. Test tubes. Needles. Phobic much? She shakes her head as if trying to rattle out the thoughts that make her stomach churn. "I'll be a good girl," she says with a snorted chuckle. "I mean it. I'll help how I can, from the sounds of it you guys are doing something good. But, I can't register. Okay?" She offers an uneasy but sincere smile, glancing aside to Diogenes. With a deep breath her frayed nerves seem to settle significantly until she can fall in line to match an easy pace beside them both.

"Don't worry." Kaylee gives Isis a small smile of understanding. "No one is going to ask you too. Not among the Ferry." She moves towards the van, looming not to far from there. It looks like a linen delivery van. "Only reason I did was at the time I was dating the President's brother and I wanted to go back to school and I figured if I registered, then less problems later on."

There is a shrug and a grin, "Not like I was truthful." She eyes Isis, thoughtful. "If you guys pass vetting, I can show you some of it. For now… only place I could really take you is the Lighthouse, where the orphaned evolved are." A glance goes to Dio, with a bright grin, as if knowing his reaction to that.

"We'll see if they think you'll fit."

Similarly to before, Diogenes stops not too far from Kaylee; he looks at her incredulously with a sneer contorting his lips. "I cannot vouch for the safety of the children there or my sanity during my stay there", he states firmly. Unless he has an anchor to hold onto, which is why he immediately points to Isis in an almost accusing manner. "You are going with me. Hell if I am staying around those screaming snot and tear producing Uncanny Valley machines." With that out of the way, he nimbly hops into the van. Despite the bitter humorous remarks, Diogenes knows very well that the Ferrymen are the only ones who can aid him at this hour. And although he's reluctant to admit it even to himself, he's actually quite curious about the future meet-up.

"Thank you," the redhead offers humbly in response to Kaylee's reassurance. "The Lighthouse?" Isis's whole demeanor turns around… again. She brightens up with a smile, sticking her tongue out at Diogene's. "Come on, Dio. You don't want to play dress up with the kiddies?" She bounces up into the van and flashes Diogene's a grin. "This could be fun after all," she quips and settles in for the ride.

The reaction of Diogenes doesn't intimidate the blonde, never really does. Turning to look at him, grinning. Her voice is edged with a chuckle as she says, "You haven't changed. Don't worry. I won't take you there." She says to sooth the man some, before reaching behind her for the sliding door of the van. "You all are staying at a place called Gun Hill."

With a jerk of the handle, the door rumbles open to expose the interior of the van. "No kids around you, except for the ones there in hiding with their folks. However, she…" A nod goes to Isis, "…can go visit with me when I go, I have a good friend there. With a baby now added to the mix, I want to go out there and support the poor guy. When I can.

"Now that I can lift kids again, after being shot twice, I plan to go out there." Kaylee motions to the van with a flourish of her hand. "All aboard. Next stop, your new home."

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