New Urban Rebellion

AP WIRE — The controversial autobiography of ex-PARIAH member Jeremy Patterson entitled "The New Urban Rebellion" has reached #5 on the international best-seller's list. Patterson, who's credentials in the extremist pro-evolved organization wound him up as an informant for the Department of Homeland Security and one of the many key figures involved in PARIAH's takedown outside of its New York branch, published this book in an effort to shed light on the life of a so called "urban revolutionary" that he styled himself as.

Patterson's book details anonymously the lives of over two dozen members of PARIAH that he had re-named based on members of the original Founding Fathers of the united states. The book goes into a high level of detail on their violent activities, and includes the horrifying revelation of PARIAH's leader's murder at the hands of the serial killer known as "The Reaper" along with the eventual schism of PARIAH up to the fiery conclusion of PARIAH's collapse in New York, as viewed by Patterson from a DHS holding facility, as he would slowly get word on what happened.

A mixture of tragedy, sympathy, and strange family-like representation of PARIAH, "The New Urbal Rebellion" touches on topics from the trust of the people in the hands of the government, to civilized rebellions and a general maturation from an angry rebel that sought violence, to an adult who wants to work with the system to better the system.

New Urban Rebellion is available now in major bookstores and by special order from R.Evolutionary Press; NY, NY.

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