New York City Curfew Pushed Back

NEW YORK CITY — At an official press conference held earlier today, New York City mayor Harry Bianco and NYPD Commissioner Karen Lau announced the rolling back of the New York City curfew put in place in February of 2009 from 9:30pm to 11:00pm. Mayor Bianco stated, "The people of New York and the city itself have suffered greatly in the last several months. We have weathered so much, and yet we still remain strong." Mayor Bianco went on to add, "It is because of the strong will of the people of New York City that we have been able to do our best to protect and safeguard the lives of our citizens. As such, we feel it is time to give back the night to the people of New York, as we endeavor to take it back from those who would hide from the light of justice."

Local media outlets are criticizing the maneuver by Mayor Bianco as buckling to the vocal outrage by New York City business owners on the impact that the mandatory curfew has put into effect. However, Justin Flatley of the New York City Coalition for Anti-Terrorist Activism feels that this will only aid the violent underside of New York City by increasing their hours of operation.

New York Political Analyst Blake Langley feels that this move by the city administration is part of a cleanup motion preparing for the inevitable arrival of FRONTLINE Unit-01 into New York City coming at the beginning of July.

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