New York City Overturns Gambling

In an unexpected victory of a battle that has been going on in New York for years, the battle to legalize gambling in the city of New York has finally come to a close.

This hotly debated issue has finally crumbled under the considerable weight of New York City's staggering financial deficit. In a surprise revision of the New York Constitution's Sec. 5-401, 225.00, 225.05 and 225.10 all gambling (in addition to the already legal state lottery and off-track gambling) has been legalized within the confines of New York City. The revision to the New York Constitution applies only within New York City limits.

New York City mayor Harry Bianco was willing to discuss the controversial decision today in a brief press conference. Mayor Bianco is quoted as stating that "the continued financial stability of this great city will only be bolstered by the arrival of casinos." He later added, "The people of New York are strong, evidenced by their ability to persevere in these difficult and trying times. In order for this city to pull out of the financial nosedive the bomb has left us in, a revitilization of the tourism and private sectors is absolutely necessary. The increased revenue casinos will represent to New York will mean a new lease on life for all New Yorkers."

New York City Senator Diana Wyke (R), a staunch proponent of the bill, is enthusiastic about this legislative change, and said during the press conference that "the people of New York will adjust to this change just as they've adjusted to every change that has come like the strong, proud people they are. The revised casino legislation in new York will afford substantial revenue to be funneled into the Midtown reconstruction and rejuvenation of the city's impoverished boroughs."

The first operational casino is predicted to be the Corinthian New York, a project funded by New York's famous philanthropist Daniel Linderman. The Corinthian, formerly the site of the Trump SoHo project before it was abandoned in 2006 following the bomb, is slated for opening later this year.

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