New York Senator Murdered

AP Newswire
Wednesday August 5, 2010

A recent chilling discovery on Staten Island has left many wondering just how they could have missed the warning signs of one New York Senator's decline into drug abuse and prostitution. US Senator Anthony Portman (R) was found murdered on the border between the neighborhoods of New Brightton and Tompkinsville or what is now referred to by locals as "The Rookery."

The circumstances surrounding Portman's death have not been revealed to the press yet, however sources within the NYPD and FBI claim that the senator was the subject of a currently ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice involving allegations of illegal drug use and soliciting the services of a prostitute by the Senator for two years.

The NYPD is currently classifying Portman's death as a homicide and NYPD Commissioner Irons released this statement in a press conference at 6pm. "The situation surrounding Senator Portman's death is regrettable and the NYPD in cooperation with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are performing a full investigation into the situations surrounding his death and we will be releasing more information when it is permissible to the investigation."

Portman's family was not reachable for a comment at the time of this printing.

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