News Coverage, March 23rd


"…looking across all of the major networks today that are all covering the same angle on The 35. I have to agree with what's being said lately, that the knee-jerk fear-mongering reactions of organizations like Phoenix that do nothing but instill terror into the hearts of people about their own government are just the worst kind of bottom-feeding scum-sucking I'd expect from someone who benefits from the paranoia of others."

"This viral video, We Call that was making the rounds hot on the coat-tails of the tragedy of those poor kid's death, made the blind and idiotic assumption that the government had somehow been responsible for these events, that these poor kids had been taken away. And what do we find? They were hiding."

"I, for one, am relieved by the latest news off of Capitol Hill, about a serious government crackdown on organizations like Phoenix. I'm waiting for the press conference about this in the weeks to come, and I think that the people of America are smarter than this — that they won't just drink the kool-aid and imagine that this is some Marxist regime. We're better than that, better than Phoenix — which only seems to want attention in the news, no matter what lies they're spinning — wants to make us think."

Reactions all across network television and major media outlets have been the same. Critical reaction to Phoenix's all-too-quick assumption about the government's involvement in the kidnapping of some of the children involved in the 35 has been bashed from one end of television and newspapers to the other.

It's a difficult time.

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