+news Features

A list of Feature Characters can be accessed by typing +features in-game or by checking the Characters section on the game's wiki. On String Theory MUX, Feature Characters are no more important than Original Characters and will be given equal treatment by staff when it comes to participating in TinyPlots and engaging in scenes where a GM may be making conflict and combat-related rulings. That said, players of Feature Characters are held to a higher standard that players of Original Characters; if you decide to take on the responsibility of playing one of the characters who appear on the show, you will need to log in more often and RP with a more diverse group of people in order to maintain control of that character.

A player who does not log in as their Feature Character in two weeks will be sent a @mail by staff. If that @mail is not replied to within an additional seven days, the character will be reopened for application.

If interested in applying for a Feature Character on String Theory MUX, please contact staff.

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