+news Features vs. Originals

The difference between a Feature Character (FC) and an Original Character (OC) on String Theory MUX is this: a Feature Character is a character who appears on Heroes, either on the television show or in supplementary material such as the graphic novels, while an Original Character is a player-made character created strictly for this game. While FCs are held to a higher standard and expected to main true to their canon counterparts, String Theory MUX places an emphasis on OCs; we'd much rather see people populating the game with their own creations than clamoring at the opportunity to snag a Feature.

That said, we welcome applications for available FCs, provided the applicant is willing to remain active and RP with a large portion of the playerbase — not just their friends or other FCs. Taking on a Feature Character is a big responsibility, and despite being the stars of the show they aren't always going to be in the spotlight; as a player of a FC, you need to not only stay true to the game's canon, but you'll also need to go out of your way to include other players in your scenes. Part of the appeal of joining a Heroes-themed game is getting the opportunity to play with characters like Claire and Peter or Noah and Mohinder, so expect your character to be in demand and expect to always be looking for ways to get OCs involved with what's happening in the game.

If interested in playing one of the available Feature Characters, please speak with staff. Applications will include an audition to make sure you're right for the part, so be prepared to show us your best stuff!

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