Idle Times

Because String Theory MUX relies heavily on the supplemental wiki to keep track of logs, storylines and character development for organizational purposes, we do not regularly @nuke inactive characters and free up their names for future use. Instead, after 30 days of inactivity, characters are moved to the Idle List on the website. After 30 days of being on the Idle List, they are flagged inactive and retired but the bits preserved in case the player ever returns and decides to bring the character back out of cold storage.

The exceptions to this rule are characters that are applied for, approved and never played, or have only a few scenes to their name after a considerable amount of idle time has gone by. These character bits are @nuked after 60 days of inactivity and their page on the wiki, should the player have set one up, deleted. Players in this position are more than welcome to reapply if they ever return, but should be aware that they may have to change their character's name and/or actor if it has been taken by another player in their absence.

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