Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are storytelling tools that can help develop story, fill in a niche, and/or support a regular character. They provide some sort of function, have a purpose, sometimes a duration period, but they can also have a reserved name, a PB and a character profile. Staff and Storytellers will often use NPCs for GM purposes, but players are also welcome to create them too.

If the NPC is:

  • a recurring character that will see a large amount of screentime in comparison to, say, a one-shot grocer who gives your character a sandwich or a friendly neighbour who is referenced now and then;
  • capable of having some sort of plotty or emotional impact on the game and other PCs or just interacts very often;
  • instrumental to some sort of development to do with your character;

…then it must be +requested for approval.

To do this, please submit the following:

  • basic information. Name, age, actor to portray the character if applicable, and any background information that is directly relevent to the NPC's role. You do not have to include everything about this person, just what we need to know;
  • the "purpose" the NPC fulfills. Why do you want them? If you are struggling with this part, then you may want to rethink your +request and maybe consider putting out a Wanted notice for someone to take them as a PC, or app them yourself if your alt limits allow;
  • the duration of the character. A week? A Volume? Permanent role? We recognise this may only sometimes be relevant, but it's good for us to know;
  • who will be controlling the NPC. If it's just you, you can omit this part, but if other players will be handling the NPC, please make note of that.

Please note that an NPC is not a secondary PC. They should be limited for use within your plot, to further your plot, rather than going out and interacting at random, unless social scenes are within their role and purpose. Characters of that kind should be properly applied for when you have an alt slot free to accommodate them.

Additionally, to a lesser but important degree, keep in mind that an NPC's purpose should not be to compensate for weakness, necessarily. If you you feel like your faction requires a healer, then we would sooner suggest that you find another resource rather than invent an NPC to compensate for this need. This is something we will consider when reviewing the application.

But as long as the NPC has a solid idea behind him or her, we will very often approve it, barring some tweaks if needed (such as overpoweredness, theme, resources, etc.). Feel free to ask staff if you have any questions.

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