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The list of restricted concepts has been split into three sections for clarity.


Overdone character types are those currently present in abundance on String Theory or tend to be overdone in similar RP games in general. This list can be considered a strong suggestion against applying for one of these concepts, but this is not a full and true restriction; however, we encourage players to find niches that are not already being filled. Applications for character types on this list should include justification as to what the character will bring to the game. Note: We are a small game; this list may expand as our playerbase grows.

  • Characters under 30 with exceptional fighting/combat/firearm skills (martial-arts experts, snipers, etc.)
    • Recommended Alternative: Characters over 30 who fought in the Second American Civil War.
  • Characters who are assassins/hitmen/professional hired killers of any kind
    • Recommended Alternative: Corporate spies, SESA agents
  • Characters who are crime bosses, especially smugglers of drugs and weapons.
    • Recommended Alternative: White-collar criminals, frauds, con artists, lower-level criminals that aren't crime bosses.


Restricted concepts are those that staff will approve only if a strong and well-developed application is submitted. These can tend to upset the balance of power in the game if there are more than one or two characters with similar concepts; thus, applications may be denied on the basis of overpopulation, even with a strong application. If you are interested in a concept here, please consider giving it a spin that makes it unique to your character and sets them apart from others with the same ability already on grid.

  • Childhood manifestations of Evolved Abilities (i.e. pre-puberty)
  • Animal-based abilities (animal telepathy, animal empathy)
  • Empathy, in the blanket style (more specialized versions, e.g. sensorial link, are not Restricted.)
  • Healing (we prefer to see specialized versions of healing as opposed to wholesale healers; e.g. empathic healing.)
  • Metallokinesis, in the blanket style (more specialized variants, e.g. iron manipulation, are not Restricted.)
  • Photokinesis, in the blanket style (more specialized variants, e.g. color manipulation, are not Restricted.)
  • Postcognition
  • Shapeshifting (we prefer specialized versions of this with very specific parameters.)
  • Superhuman Speed (we prefer to see downgraded versions rather than Daphne or The Flash style superspeed.)
  • Telepathy (we prefer to see specialized versions of this; e.g. tactile telepathy.)
  • Temporal Manipulators (we prefer to see downgraded, specialized versions of this; wholesale time traveling is Prohibited.)

On Hold

On Hold concepts are those that we have in abundance at this time. This may be due to a limited concept or overrepresentation of a particular faction or career. These concepts may be reopened later.

  • Empathy


Prohibited character concepts are those that will be denied outright if applied for, generally due to canonicity or power-level considerations. There are some characters on grid who fall under this auspice, but most are canonical Heroes characters, and others are NPCs.

  • Animal shapeshifting
  • Any government agent under the age of 21
  • Immortality
  • Invulnerability
  • Multiple powers, including abilities that enable a character to display multiple powers (Except for Characters approved as Fusion Characters)
  • Abilities that bring the dead back to life
  • Omnipotence / otherwise being really powerful or really good at everything
  • Power absorption or mimicry (i.e. Peter- or Sylar-type powers)
  • "Rapid Cell" Regeneration (i.e. Adam- and Claire-type regen)
  • Time Travel
  • Super assassins
  • PCs under 14
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