The setting of String Theory: Aftermath is a science-fiction themed version of our world where the existence of people with superhuman powers was kept secret for generations, only to be revealed in a catastrophic nuclear explosion on November 8, 2006 that destroyed Midtown Manhattan. In the wake of this revelation, the world struggled to come to grip with its new reality; a number of interest groups and institutions clashed with each other over how to move forward. Ultimately, these tensions led to the Second American Civil War, which tore the country apart. Now, just a handful of years after the war's end, the United States is struggling to pull itself back together and figure out what shape it will take going forward.

Characters on String Theory: Aftermath are grounded in real-world concepts pushed forward by a science-fiction inspired narrative. There are no costumed super heroes with capes, there are no cosmic alien threats. String Theory takes plots and idea grounded in reality and spins them up into new and exciting narratives. Time travel, parallel dimensions, government conspiracies, genetic engineering, and other topics infuse and weave into our storylines — but we also touch on the ground level of life, from interpersonal relationships, local political struggles, and the day-to-day slice of life of people trying to survive in a strange new normal.

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The Safe Zone

The majority of String Theory: Aftermath is set within the NYC Safe Zone, a reclaimed and recently resettled part of what was once the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn in New York City. It is the first major resettlement project in the New York City region and is a frontier for those looking to begin their lives anew after the civil war.

Beyond the Safe Zone

The world has changed. The United States is divided between the reconstruction of post-war America and the wastelands of the Dead Zones of the west coast. While the majority of String Theory's stories take place in and around the Safe Zone, some storylines will venture far afield to the states and countries beyond.

Recommended Media

Below includes a list of media that is on-theme for String Theory: Aftermath and is intended to provide inspiration and a point of reference for the kinds of stories, characters, and themes we create for our players.




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