Quick Break Down
Staffer Primary Secondary Factions/Organisations
Brooklyn Headwiz GMing The White House, New York underbelly
Chinatown Apps/Jobs NPCing/GMing/Wikifu Pending
Ellis Vice Headwiz NPCing/GMing New York underbelly, Horsemen
Manhattan Storylines Potpourri Safe Zone Cooperative, SESA, Yamagato Industries
Rockefeller Apps NPCing Department of Homeland Security
Queens Apps NPCing/GMing/Wikifu
Greenwich Apps NPCing/GMing
Rose Technical support

The String Theory Staff

This is a listing of the current and active staff on String Theory, along with an overview on our areas of expertise and knowledge, what we take control over and what we are here for. We have streamlined our duties into two areas, our Primary specialties and our Secondary specialties. The purpose of this is to give the players (and ourselves!) an idea as to who to turn to for specific issues, questions, and requests.

It should be noted that these are specialties rather than what we only ever do - we share the workload pretty evenly and so the majority of us will look at apps, for instance, or have a handle on most thematic questions. So please feel free to approach any of us about whatever you need. However, the table above and explanations below can serve as an indicator as to our strengths and preferred functions, so hopefully that is helpful.

Our primary function, overall, is to keep the game working and players playing. Our secondary function is to rock.

For a list of staff-run NPCs, take a look at the NPCs cast list.


Brooklyn is the current headwiz of String Theory, which means they oversee staff mechanics and lends a voice or tie-breaker vote on major decisions, particularly with regards to game policy. If you have need for them in a headwiz capacity (such as handling complaints, questions with regards to policy, or anything you don't want to put into a +request), then please feel free to contact them via page or @mail.

Their secondary specialty is GMing and running scenes. These are normally within specific arcs and storylines wrangled through NPCs, or are scenes that contribute towards worldbuilding and thematic reinforcement.

Brooklyn's availability

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nocturnal Nocturnal Nocturnal Nocturnal Available Available Sporadic

Note that Brooklyn lives in New Zealand, which can make for strange hours — as you can see. The above indicates only long stretches of dedicated availability, and accessibility to some degree can be achieved most afternoons and evenings. Feel free @mail Brooklyn for any reason, or shoot them a page if they are online and un-AFK.


Chinatown takes care of odd +jobs, apps, and some GMing. When she runs scenes, she both provides support for the storylines of her co-wizards and runs her own arcs.

Chinatown's availability

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Available Sporadic Sporadic Available Unavailable Nocturnal Available

China's timezone is Pacific Standard Time. If she is slow to respond in the game, shoot her a message on Discord and/or Facebook.


Ellis' role as vice headwizard on String Theory MUX makes her available to players who have questions or concerns regarding their experience on the game, whether they need assistance creating and developing their characters, personal plots, or simply require an ear.

Ellis' availability

Ellis' schedule varies wildly. If online, consider on duty.


Manhattan is String-Theory's lead storyline designer. He is responsible for overseeing all staff and player-run storylines. In addition he handles wiki updates, staff and player-facing issues, and basically a potpourri of whatever else needs to be done at any given time.

Manhattan's availability

Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
Unavailable Available Available Available Available Unavailable in PM Usually Unavailable

Available = Present and available for staff duties and RP.
Mostly Unavailable = Unlikely to be around, but if logged in and not flagged AFK is available for staff duties.
Out Unavailable all day.

Mondays and Fridays: Manhattan is available from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm with regular reliability, and off-and-on available after these hours.
Tuesday through Thursday: Manhattan is off-and-on available throughout the day.
Saturday: Manhattan is usually unavailable on Saturdays.
Sunday: Manhattan is unavailable on most Sundays.

Manhattan can be reached via @mail reliably, or page if he is logged on and not marked as AFK.


Rockefeller reviews apps, runs NPCs and assists with GMing, storylines and resolving player issues where needed.

Rockefeller's availability

Rock runs on CST and is typically around at night between 21:00 and 02:00 with some variance either way. Flexible work schedule with irregular days off. If I’m logged in I’m pageable.


Queens is a general staffer who helps with plotlines and applications and generally tries to help out when needed. She's also pretty good with the wiki, so she can field wiki formatting questions pretty easily.

Queens' availability

Queens runs on Central Time. She is generally home during the day and (until 4pm) and will take a break most days for dinner prep until 6pm. Some nights she is available, other nights she is not. Typically available except on her SO's days off, which tend to fluctuate (but are no more than two days a week most weeks).

She tries to stay logged on, even if unavailable or asleep, but will have an AFK message set if she's not actually there most of the time (unless she forgot to turn it off). If she doesn't get back to you, feel free to poke again.


Green is a general staffer who helps process applications and other requests that don't fall under another staffer's specific functions. She also runs plots and assists in storyline plots as needed. Feel free to contact her with general game questions or queries.

Greenwich's availability

Greenwich runs not on Greenwich Mean Time, but Pacific Standard Time, and is generally home in weeknight evenings from about 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. PST. Availability is freer but varied on weekends. Feel free to @mail or page; if she is not at the keyboard, she will get back to you when she is.


Rose maintains all code server-side and provides technical support on an as-needed basis.

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