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String Theory: Aftermath is a role-playing game loosely based on NBC's hit TV series Heroes, which takes place twelve years after the first season's explosive finale. The game is a revival of the original String Theory MUX that closed its doors in 2011. We returned in late 2017, wrapped up our old plot threads, and have since moved ahead from our 2011 timeline to 2018 and a much different world than the one we left.

In the String Theory: Aftermath setting, the United States is recovering from the end of a cataclysmic civil war over the rights of the human populace born with special abilities. The story follows the lives of the survivors of the Second American Civil War and the world they build from its ashes. In the wake of this war, the future seems like it might for once be bright. But shadowy corporate forces, militant hold-outs of the defeated regime, and shadows lurking in the forgotten corners threaten to bring the world crashing to its knees.

While String Theory: Aftermath is loosely based on Heroes, we have diverged significantly from the show's storyline over the course of many years of live play. We began in an alternate timeline showed in the season 1 Heroes episode Five Years Gone, and are now seven years past that point. To see how our game's storyline changed and evolved, check out the timeline page.

No knowledge of the show is required to play here, but it's certainly a valuable asset as we still interweave characters and plot elements from Heroes into our storylines! All information needed to create a character on the game can be found on this site. If you have any lingering questions about the theme, feel free to ask staff or see who's available on the +help channel. We'll do our best to accommodate any extra needs you may have.

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