Timeskip Guide

This page is a complement to the chargen guide for existing characters who are being carried over through the 2018 timeskip. Bear in mind that all guidelines given in the chargen guide/rooms still apply.

A timeskipped character is any character that was in play on String Theory between 2008 and 2011 and is continuing into the 2018 setting of String Theory Aftermath. Because quite a bit of time has passed IC, all continuing characters must repeat chargen in full before beginning RP in the Aftermath setting. However, your application is only required to focus on things that have changed in the intervening time.

Wiki Policy

Do not enter any Aftermath information for your character on the wiki prior to approval, including actor claims.

Even after approval, do NOT enter Aftermath information on your character's original page. The char: category is specific to 2008-2011 gameplay and is intended to be archived as such. A new category will be used for Aftermath gameplay, allowing everyone to start over with a clean slate specific to the new phase of the game.

Timeskip and Feature Status

All timeskipped characters must flag themselves as such with +timeskip. This will put '(2018)' beside their full name in +finger while unapproved and allow staff to easily distinguish re-apps from new alts.

Additionally, if you are designating a character for your Feature slot, please flag them with +feature. This will put '(FC)' next to their status field in +finger. Note that the feature flag can only be toggled prior to approval; once your feature character has been approved, you will not be able to transfer the slot without first retiring your current feature.


Timeskipped characters only need to address 2011-2018 in their application history. However, please make sure that at least a summary of your original history is available on your character's original wikipage (better yet the full details), so that staff can go back and reference it as needed.


If your timeskipped character is Evolved, your ability section should focus on how their power has grown and changed in the intervening time; you are not required to repeat the full details from your original application. However, bear in mind that this is the authoritative definition of their ability, the final reference that staff will use if there is any question about what your character can do. Thus, it's a good idea to summarize all facets of their ability, not just the new parts.

Please keep in mind that our general upper threshold for abilities hasn't changed. Characters who already have broad abilities or comprehensive control may not get a significant upgrade, while those with newer abilities or powers that were never deeply explored may be able to expand into new enhancements and possibilities. Feature characters are also allowed a little more leeway in the scope and strength of their ability than ordinary Evolved.

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