Wanted Characters

The following is a list of character types we'd like to see more of on String Theory: Aftermath:

Also check out the Adoptables section below.

References and Points to Consider

Before you create your character, be sure to read the timeline of String-Theory: Aftermath which details how the world of String Theory differs from our own. The United States page details some governmental and law changes, and the Safe Zone page gives a great amount of detail about the largest focal point of our setting.

The following locations are some places on-grid a character might work:

No guarantee is made that every business on this list has an opening at present. Please read the business' page and contact the owner (or staff for places that have no PC owner).

Adoptable Characters

Name Role Contact
Camilla Ball Sedro-Wooley Resident Robyn and Ellis
Claude Rains A man who barely knows who he is, much less what he's doing. Former Company Agent. Full-time difficult person. Manhattan (but Zachery come claim your boy already)
Cora Azemar Former missing person, currently trying to put her life back together. Lynette
Dheeraj Modi NYPD-SCOUT Sergeant Manhattan
Elisa Zolotov Greg's Assistant Manhattan
Ellen Cooper Thomas Cooper's daughter Kaylee/Cooper
Francis Harkness Wolfhound Member Manhattan
Indira Laghani International Observer with SESA Manhattan
Jo Bevilacqua Deveaux Society Security Manhattan
Joanne Dair Former Ferry smuggler, member of the SZC Citizen's Watch Manhattan
Josiah Sanderson Formerly Security for Praxis Heavy Manhattan
Juniper Whitmore Selling Pastries and possibly meeting up with the Former Lighthouse Kids Queens
Justin Warren Student/Former Lighthouse Kid Queens
Kotoe Kobayashi Child Living in Yamagato Park, Daughter of Ruri Queens
Lily Adams Former Lighthouse Kid, currently ??? Queens
Lucine Halebi Former Ferrymen ward, ex-Mazdak prisoner. Possesses strange and unknown ability. Manhattan
Mara Angier Staten Island Trade Commission Auditor/Face Breaker Manhattan
Paul Rodriguez Former Lighthouse Kid, Farmhand in Providence Queens
Penny Birch SESA Administrative Agent Manhattan
Philomena Haas Mysterious and Unknowable Manhattan
Sarah Hart NYPD-SCOUT Data Analyst Manhattan
Sue Gandry Former Ferry, now SZC Citizen's Watch member Manhattan
Taylor Reed Guardians Organization Member Manhattan
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