Nice Shoes


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Scene Title Nice Shoes
Synopsis Just another day at Raquelle's salon: Adisa comes for a job interview, Yana comes for an appointment, and there is fawning over stylish shoes.
Date January 25

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

Tranquil and Fabulous wrapped up in warm and inviting colors and the sleek lines of Japanese architecture…Cambria Salon and Day Spa is a fashionable paradise. Dark almost black wood paneling has been used through out the salon, fresh flowers are found in glass vases and exchanged with flower shaped candles every day at 4 PM. There is a different theme for just about every day of the week, but nothing set in stone. There are 8 or so individual work stations with leaf shaped mirrors and comfortable chairs. There are a couple of private rooms for waxing, facials and massages and the like including a private station and office for the owner. The reception area is designed for comfort with the black seats and couches, glass coffee tables and glass/wood reception desk. Over all the salon is edgy and sleek, it is Cambria Salon and Day Spa.

"Okay. I want those wigs simply detangled, it really isn't that hard…" There are those special heads set up on individual little cart/stations one with a red long wig and one with a black long wig, plenty of supplies like brushes and combs and hair gels and accessories like ribbons and such set up on each one. "What happens if you get a girlfriend…" Forgive Raquelle's little cough and shake of his head where he sits sprawled out in a casual yet stylish manner in a stylist chair, sucking on a blow-pop. He's dressed stylishly as usual, wearing a pair of fitted black jeans, a pair of Converse sneakers that are black but they've been glammed up with use of silver and gold studs and a hint of glitter, a tight black turtle neck with no sleeves and a purple and black flannel shirt over it with no sleeves. Plenty of accessories, rings, bracelet/cuff of black leather and silver and gold studs and of course a black fedora with a glittery band.

He is testing his boys again, trying to teach them something new as the day has been slower than usual, and he watches the clock with a thoughtful expression, a pair of black shades hiding his eyes for now, his emo-fringe is dyed blue today. "C'mon now, whoever does the best job, will get a small extra in their pay-check this week, I swear to God." He chuckles softly. Typical day at the Salon, seeing as it has just opened for the day.

There is something stylish and timeless about the au natural simplicity of well fitting jeans and a black t-shirt. Brand fills them out well with his all-American sportsman self, accented by a dark hint of Germanic sharpness. He's busy at work himself, but not with wigs. He's wrestling with paperwork at the front desk, his pen flying down the page as his other hand fondles a ten-key lovingly.

There's nothing like an interview at a salon to spark a girl's imagination for what to wear. And Adisa's imagination has most definitely been sparked. She wears a single piece, long black dress with sparkly black sequins on it, a gold coloured bracelet, red high heeled shoes, and he hair is done up all curley. Over her shoulder is a small black purse, which most likely holds some key things like her keys and her cell phone. Folded up in her hands is a piece of paper which, a copy of her resume. Entering the salon, she looks around, finally approaching the front desk after a few seconds. "Excuse me. Can you like…tell the manager that Adisa Dunham is here? I like, totally have an interview."

"I have a girlfriend." Kendall replies, a bit proudly. She's totally hot, too. "But I don't think she'd need me to do her hair." the wigs are eyed, and he shakes his head. The cough is eyed, however, and Kendall's brow furrows. "You're not sick, are you?" he asks Raquelle, perhaps a bit anxiously. but then someone is coming in, and he blinks over at the girl. Oh, wow, she actually wants to work here? Brand is at the desk right now, he can handle her request.

Customers are sure to come and go throughout the day, new mingling in with the usuals. Amidst one of the new faces, the door is pushed open and held there by a rather tall looking, handsome man dressed immaculately in a suit. The door is held open for a woman, much shorter than he, and dressed just a pristine while she steps past him, carrying herself as if she were royalty. Yana wears a stylish black dress, no doubt name brand Gucchi or maybe even Marchesa. It fits her like a glove, the skirt extending down past her knees, with a split on the side so that her legs can slip free a little. Her coat is lined with grey fur about the collar-line, but wraps more around her like a cloak than an actual full coat. The sparkle of diamonds hanging about her neck and from her ears, expensive Manolo Blahniks clicking on the ground.

The man simply lets her and and otherwise waits outside while Yana makes her way to the main desk, her eyes taking a look at the space around her with a degree of scrutiny.

"It isn't about /need/ Ken Doll baby…it is about anticipating wants and offering to do shi-stuff that no other boyfriend can do. Cementing your place in her life." Raquelle flashes a grin at the young man before swirling his tongue around his blow pop, eyeing the wigs with a /sigh/ before tilting his head back a bit and sucking on his lollypop for self-medication. He does take time to reply, "No honey, I'm not sick, why would I be sick? Go and get Brand Name over there a bottle of water from the backroom if you don't mind. He's been fingering that 10 key like he's auditioning to be a les-oh god, I keep forgetting how young you two are." He facepalms, getting to his feet and shaking his head. "I'll go and uh, get the water." The timing is impeccable however, because as he heads to his office, the new girl comes in and he just misses seeing the entrance of Yana. This is why he has helpers!

The pen is flourished and stuck behind an ear deftly as Brand lifts himself from his figures. To address the girl that came into the door, naturally. "Welcome to the Cambria Salon and Spa, how may I help you?" He absorbs her statement thoughtfully, and nods. "Of course." He takes hold of the headset by his phone and pushes it onto his ear. He fingers a button, and vocalizes lowly. "Raquelle, your appointment is here, Adisa Dunham." Then attention bounces back to her. "If you'll take a seat, he'll be with you shortly. Can I offer you a water or expresso or Italian soda?"

Like a well practiced young guy, he takes her answer and then turns to Yana in order to greet her with the same practiced smoothness. Its practically professional! It helps that he's a handsome young sod.

With a little smile, Adisa nods ever so slightly. Before taking said seat, she responds to Brand, "I'll like…have a water please. That'd be totally sublime." Do people say 'sublime' any more? Well, she does, anyway. Take a seat, she crosses her legs and places her purse gently on her lap. With one foot idly tapping, she hums softly. The tune in undistinguishable, but it's something for her to do in order to occupy her time while she waits for her interview to begin.

Is this girl for real? Kendall just shakes his head, then notices a rich lady coming into the salon. Or so he assumes, I mean, she's got a lackey and everything! Plus she's all…. shiny. "Welcome to Cambria Salon and Spa, do you have an appointment?" he asks Yana, since Brand is all talking with Adisa. He'll just…. ignore the things Raquelle said before leaving. He has no idea what he was talking about, but knowing him, it was something dirty, perverted, or both.

Yana just radiates pretension, lightly seasoned with a sprinkle of snobbishness, and heavily flavored with the scent of money. The woman looks like she is just waiting to be impressed, and her wait has been quite a long time at that. Her hair looks like it has already been done, hanging back down into a ponytail, not a single strand out of place, the kind of hair you get on the shampoo commercials, hanging over the front of one of her bare shoulders. Her index and middle fingers are pressed together, and she rubs the tip of her thumb around the tips of them both as if there were a substance between them.

From the looks of her, it appears as if the first words out of her mouth will be insulting, and probably degrading of the place she has just stepped into. However, as she is quickly attended to, she looks to the boys and offers up a charming smile, accompanied by a youthful and honeyed voice, "Thank you, I don't have an appointment, no. But I was looking for a place to get my nephew's hair cut. I'm seeking an establishment that can give the best service, and I am not afraid to admit that I tip very well. I heard through word of mouth that this could be the place to come to."

"Mm." Is Raquelle's response to Brand's announcement. He's busy collecting a few bottles of water and a bag of mini-snickers bars as he exits the office and saunters towards the front of the establishment, eyeing the women in the waiting room with a purse of his lips and a quirk of his eyebrows over his shades. "Oh honey, don't you look like the little emo disco ball that time forgot! You're adorable." He flashes a smile and bends to offer her a bottle of water before looking to Yana, and then down to her shoes…then he's listening to what she has to say and he finally just laughs softly to himself. He tips his hat to the Lackey, offering him a bottle of water before the last two are offered to Brand and Yana respectively. "Oh my /gawd/, c'mere babies…" He gestures between Brand and Ken. "Look at her shoes…do you see these? These are called Manolo Blahniks. Aren't they just gorgeous?" He sighs and nods to Yana. "You're simply fabulous honey. We do give some of the best service, have you noticed Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb here, lifesaving little gentlemen with just enough sass and brains to help out like they do." He blows a kiss in their direction.

The water is delivered to Adisa, kindly. "Here you are. Thank you for coming." He turns around, and is somewhat blindsided by the amount of pretension. Confusion flickers across his face and he almost backpedals. His jaw semi-drops as Kendall, then she speak, and now he's side stepping to get back to his front desk and the safety of its divider. Then comes Raq, a tornado of fey sparkles and fashionability.

Brand glumly steps up to admire the shoes when prodded to do so. "Yes boss, they are absolutely gorgeous sir." He can be a yes man with the best of them! He takes the offered water, and keeps back a bit. Letting Raquelle handle this rich lady.

Adisa takes the offered with a smile. She giggles at Raquelle and smiles brightly. "Like, thank you so totally much!" Is her response to him. "Emo disco balls like…totally don't get enough credit given to them." She says with another giggle, her attention then being brought to Yana, as she opens her water and takes a sip. Her eyes widen at the mention of the shoes. Her gaze immediately drops to view them. Standing from her seat, she walks over. "Oh…my…god. I absolutely LOVE Manolo Blahnik shoes! They're like…so absolutely georgeous!"

Kendall raises his eyebrows as he scrutinizes the shoes. They're manila blahwha? Huh. "They look expensive and tasteful." he comments, as if he knows what he's talking about. Raquelle's description of Adisa, however, draws a smirk from him, but yeah, no comment. "Anything I can get for you?" he asks, looking at Yana.

Yana can allow herself to feel flattered, and she can gracefully accept a compliment, which cracks a proper smile over her face. It is almost a smirk, minus the smugness usually contained in one. She steps her stance to one side a bit to permit her shoes to display further. "Thank you, I got these when they debuted at a fashion show in Paris just before the holiday season. I simply had to have a pair the moment I saw them." she raises her hand to delicately rest her fingers against her neckline, conveying a bit of modesty in her gesture. "I believe this particular shoe will be available at Nordstrom this month." Just to be helpful to fellow shoe lovers like herself. It is offered to both Raquelle and Adisa.

"Mm, nothing quite beats the satisfaction of a proper male attendant." The woman comments to Raquelle, affixing her dark eyes to his helpers. She looks quite a bit less uncertain about the place, and more settled in a decision. "My nephew, Keagan is badly in need of a haircut. But not just a simple clipping, he is adverse to the idea of getting anything done to his hair. I'd like something for him that he can take pride in, perhaps low maintenance, and in style?" she raises her brows. "I'd like to schedule him an appointment if that is possible."

Raquelle presses a finger to his lips before placing the bag of mini-snickers behind the desk and then turning back to look between all the people. "Mmm, Adisa honey here…" He offers a hand. "Come with me and we'll have a quick drink and something to nibble on before deciding if you'll be a good addition to our Fashion Pit Crew." He removes his shades and gives a small nod to Yana. "Oh really? How /delightful/. You will have to keep us informed of things like this." He bites his tongue at the mention of male attendants and satisfaction however, he's a saint. "Ahh, your nephew? Well we can give him a nice little style, wash and snip snip…he'll be well taken care of. Here…" He points between Brand and Kendall. "They will set you up with an appointment, pardon me honey but I need to go interview this little cutie booty here and see if she'll be another addition to my staff! So nice to meet you darling." He bows and then keeps that hand offered to Adisa.

"Oh, my god. I totally have to get myself those when they come out. I'm so totally jealous. Like…super jealous!" Adisa says with a bright smile. Slinging her little purse over her shoulder, she smiles at everyone, before taking Raquelle's hand to follow him. "It was like, a total pleasure meeting all of you. Hopefully I'll get to meet you again." Or work with a couple of them, perhaps.

Brand quirms a bit under Yana's appraising eye. He's obviously not comfortable being regarded as a hearty beefcake appetizer by some rich cougar. He has to step up though, and he puts on a brave face when Raquelle calls him up. Lithely, he leans across to nab his appointment clipboard, brandishing his pen! "Naturally. When might I put you down for, ma'am?"

Kendall accepts the regard stoically, even going so far as to smile back at Yana. "How old is your nephew? Because I know the kinds of hair styles that would get him laughed at, so we could avoid them." not that Kendall would be the one doing the styling, fortunately. He might cut the guy's ear off or something if he did.

"Of course." Yana smile to Raquelle, nodding as he moves off to conduct business. She watches Adisa go by and follow him, commenting to her. "Pleasure." she says simply with a small nod of her head. Which leaves her with the two boys. She looks to Brand and Kendall exuding this look from her eyes. She doesn't narrow them, as that could make it much worse, but Yana's look is almost withering, even though she is smiling politely to the both of them. "We will settle for sometime within the next week." she tells the both of them. "My name is Dr. Elvira Blite, the appointment will be for a Keagan Puika." she gives the information. "He is 14, soon to be 15. Keagan has a very easy grade of hair. The other half of his family is hispanic, so his hair works well with his ethnic blend." she knows maybe a thing or two about hair. Enough for a woman who takes pride in appearance.

One can only push a man, or teenager, so far before they are pushed back. Brand seems to have a slightly lower tolerance for pushback, and in short order he's stepped forward a bit more. His body language shifts to a more assertive stance as he writes down information, checking his schedule blocks for next week. "Let me see what slots we have available." He begins to run down the list. "Tuesday, the afternoon?" Scribble scibble. "Or Thursday?"

Ah, a kid then. Unaware of Brand's He-man train of thought, Kendall nods at Yana. "I'll let the Boss know about that so he knows what to expect and can plan for it." he glances towards his coworker, noticing him taking care of the actual appointment-writing, and nods, going off to sweep hair. Won't do for the place to look messy, even though hair gets cut here.

There is something about Yana, a quality that triggers the natural survival instinct in others when faced with danger. The same kind of thing that might happen when one sees the bright warning colors of a venomous snake. She normally conceals this behind her pleasant smile, though on some level, it is always there. As Brand steps forward, Yana's eyes squint to a narrow the slightest bit, barely noticeable, but just enough to create the feeling of catching a rattlesnake shaking it's tail, or even a cobra rearing up with hood extended. Dr. Blite looks at the boy and it looks as if she could be trying to decipher which end of him to swallow whole first. And then stretches her smile, cracking over her lips and carrying a polite sinister mix. "Tuesday will be fine." she remarks with a nod. At her side, her fingers rub together again, out of habit, playing with a mass of virus particles between them. Yes babies.. mommy is here.

She produces a card from somewhere, containing her information and handing it to Brand. "My information. Set up the date and time, and send an reminder call the day before, and I will meet the appointment." The woman having expectations, after all. "I thank you for your time."

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