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Scene Title Nice Shot Group
Synopsis Kill Squad? What? Who?
Date March 27, 2009

Firing Range

Well, you don't get to go where Hugh's been without earning the right to a little bit of arrogance. And he's always been a nonchalant bastard. But it shows up in spades when he's working with guns. You don't need a special mutant power if you can sling lead with enough accuracy and swiftness, and that's precisely what he's doing. Shooting from the hip in the Company's range, mostly pistols. There's a whole rank laid out before him, different sizes and makes. The paper target before him is all but in tatters. There's a pause in the deafening series of reports, as he calls it in, to hang up a new one almost demurely.

Kat is already in a piss poor mood. The talk of cops attacking other cops rather makes her blood boil. Granted, she's not the most moral person in the world, but there are rules she does live by. And unless directly ordered to, she is not going to take it upon herself to hurt someone on her own team. That only weakens the bond within the group and makes it weaker. That being said, she feels maybe she needs to brush up on her marksman skills. Not that she hasn't been, but she's in the mood to shoot things, so this would probably be the best use of this anger she has inside her at the moment. She slips in with ear protection on and protective goggles and sets her weapon and ammo on the stand in front of her series of target. She spots Hugh and offers a nod in his direction.

He's in safety gear, but otherwise, he's -almost- sloppy. He nods to her, and lifts a hand, as if to signal for a conversation. No impatience, just sort of expectation.

Kat is assembling her weapon, and loading the rounds into the mag. She turns back to him. "Hitting anything?" as if they were out hunting. It's mostly in jest, and mostly to talk while she's getting ready to fire.

Hugh chuckles. "Aye," he says, sending the new target whisking out to the endof the range. "Now, I've a question. What is it you do in the Company, exactly? I mean, have they given you any particular mission or place, as yet?" he wonders.

One thing that she's noticed in her time in The Company is that most are not very forthcoming about what they do within the unit. Katherine picks up her weapon and holds it out, as if getting her aim. She hasn't loaded the magazine just yet. She sets it back down. "They have me working in Homeland. Mostly bag and tag and keeping tabs on NYPD." No reason not to share that. She's spent most of her time doing just that, so it would not be hard to figure out. "What about you?"

"Similar. However….let me be blunt. How willing are you to kill, Evolved or plain human?" he says, turning to face her fully.

"Depends on if I have a reason to or not." she responds simply, placing her weapon back down on the counter. Kat turns to face him now, peeking at him through her yellow lensed pro-glasses.

Hugh stands comfortably hipshot. "Company orders sufficient reason?" he wonders, eyeing her from under his brows.

Katherine nods. "If someone tells me to do it, I figure there's a good reason behind it."

"You might want to ask Sabra about the Kill Squad, then," he says, tone almost airy.

A eyebrow arches up. "I didn't realize it actually existed. I thought it was an urban legend around here." Kat slams the magazine into the weapon, turning back towards it. It's not like they're actually having this conversation.

Hugh is taken aback by that. "What d'you mean?" he wonders.

She lifts her weapon and aims it downrange. "It's like those conspiracy theories. JFK and the like. I didn't actually realize the Kill Squad existed. I thought it was just some story someone made up."

"Not like that," he says, breaking into a slow grin. "Just for dealing with Evolved. Not heads of state." He pauses a moment. "That I know of."

"Not sure I can just walk up to Sabra and say I want to be on the Kill Squad. That might not be appreciated." she grins. "Did you want to let her know you talked to me first?" Kat flips the safety off. "I don't want her to think I'm fishing or something."

"I'll talk to her, see what she says," Hugh says, with a nod, as he puts his own goggles back on.

"Until then, I have a few NYPD cops to deal with." And with that, she fires in rapid succession. Once finished, her target moves towards her and she grins. "Right on spot." Well, if the groin was the spot she was aiming for, she hit every shot perfectly.

"Men, I take it," he says, drily, arching abrow.

"A couple of cops decided to take it upon themselves to rough up another female cop because she was evolved. Going to have my two cents put in before it's all said and done." she grins over at him. It's not the friendly sort of grin, but the grin that says 'someone going to be eating her foot very soon."

Hugh's smile is absolutely jovial. "Oh, I wish I were there to see it," he says. And even seems to mean it.

"Oh. That might be able to be arranged."

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