Night Conversation


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Scene Title Night Conversation
Synopsis Monica, Kendall, and Liza meet on the shore and start a conversation in the dark.
Date November 23, 2010

Pollepel Island

Less familiar with the island than those who've been here longer, Monica has taken to mostly hunting for a place to be alone and ninja-like here at the castle. It has been near to impossible. But, with night having fallen, she's ventured out a bit and sits perched on a large rock, looking out at the water. She's very still, easy to miss, even, except those times when she gets up to pace.

Which would be now.

Kendall was a ninja yesterday. Truefax. And now, he's doing a little exploring under cover of darkness. It's more fun that way, when all you have is a small flashlight to prevent you from falling and breaking an arm or a leg! It's such a situation that he comes across Monica sitting on a rock like some sort of gargoyle. "Uh…." squint. "You're a real person, right?" hey, it's a valid question!

Liza's not trying to be a ninja. In fact, she's got a flashlight as well, mostly just heading out for some air. She peers cautiously as she hears voices, shining a flashlight carefully in that direction, though not into anyone's eyes. "Uh, hi!" She offers. "What are you guys doing out here? Or is this some secret mission I don't know about…"

Monica turns at the question and, really, it is a valid one. "Negative, I am a meat popcicle?" With that little, crooked smile, it's likely she's trying to be funny. Possibly failing, too. "No, I'm real. And not on any mission that I know of. I'm… I'm Monica. I just got here a couple days ago." From her tone, it's like she feels the need to prove she's cleared to be here. Paranoia, maybe?

"I don't have anywhere else to go…. for the moment." Kendall replies to Liza. "And I'm not on a secret mission today." Today? Does that mean he was on one previously? As for names, well…. "A few days ago? Um, you're not one of them, are you?" this question is asked of both of them, since Monica's not the only one who's paranoid. "Can't be too careful…" and someone sitting on the docks all by herself in the dark is suspicious!

"Oh, good! If nobody's on any secret missions then I'm not interrupting and you hopefully won't mind me around." Liza looks to Kendall, then smiles a bit. "I've got nothing better to do, so…" The petite blonde looks between the two, suddenly suspicious. "What do you mean, one of them? Who's them?" She frowns a little. "Because if we're discriminating, I'm not particularly fond of that."

"Yeah, I'm not sure who you mean by them…" Monica gives him a bit of an uncertain look, then looks over to Liza who seems to be suspect as well, and can't help but chuckle at her words. It's a rather… mirthless sound, though. "I'm sorry, that just struck me as ironic, considering." Her weeks in the slammer, it's possible they got to her.

"The bad guys." Kendall clarifies for Liza, waving his hand vaguely towards the mainland. "I heard there's all kinds of people who want to lock us up." pause. "Is that discriminating?"

"Well, the bad guys is a very vague description. If you're saying there are people who want to lock us up, you'd also have to define 'us'. In general, though, I do believe the government would likely lock up anyone and everyone on this island, just on principle." Liza says, frowning just slightly.

"Oh, I don't think they'd lock these people up," Monica says glumly, her hands sliding into her pockets. "Anyway, I was rescued from the convoy the other day. So, I don't think I qualify for the bad guy title. I hope not, anyway."

"Oh, you're one of the ones who was rescued?" Kendall looks at Monica curiously. "I helped save about 10 people on the 8th, myself, even though I'm not officially part of…" he trails off. Secret organizations are secret.

"I helped get some people out myself. Well, I mean, I like to think I was helping." Liza scratches her neck. "Plans change abruptly sometimes." She looks between the two. "Some people like to brand me as a bad guy sometimes, but I don't think I'm all that bad. And I certainly don't plan on locking 'us' up." She looks to Monica. "Good to hear you got away, though, I heard about that…"

"Yeah. We're lucky they came for us. Not that we wouldn't have fought to the last, but… help was good. Necessary." Monica smirks a little as Kendall goes on. "I think everyone on this island knows what the Ferrymen is, no worries." She glances over to Liza, her head tilted a bit. Curious some, but not seeming too terribly suspicious.

"Oh." Kendall shrugs at them. "Well it doesn't hurt to be cautious. I'm Kendall." he finally admits, since he established he can more or less trust these people. "So…. what are you doing out here, anyway?" he asks, taking a seat on the rock himself. "Maybe we should turn off our lights, in case people are looking at the island." he suggests, doing so with his flashlight.

Liza offers a warm smile. "Considering I've been at a Ferry safehouse, I'd say I know and I'm pretty certain everyone here knows of the Ferry." She looks between the two. "Flashlights. Good idea. Hopefully no one else will come creeping around in the dark… kinda scary to run into someone out here unexpectedly. "Kendall? Nice to meet you. I'm Liza."

Monica didn't have a light herself, so she just watches as they fall into darkness again. "I used o be part of Phoenix once upon a time. So I'm pretty familiar with the Ferry. And it's nice to meet you both." Kendall's question gets a pause, though, before Monica notes, "Just sort of like being outside."

"Phoenix? What's that?" there's so many secret organizations out there, sheesh. How can you possibly keep track of them all?! "Sheesh. How many secret societies are there, anyway?" Kendall asks with an unseen eyeroll. "And yet, there's no group of superhero vigilantes. What gives…"

"Um, being a superhero isn't exactly the way to go about and do things," Liza suggests. "I mean, really, just the amount of damage they do in battles and somehow get away with is catastrophic. I think we do just fine with the groups we have." She looks back to Monica, giving her a bit of a nod. "So I guess we're all pretty familiar with the Ferry, at least."

"Phoenix was sort of the more… physical arm of this whole thing. I gather the Ferry's doing it for themselves now." Considering how she got here and all." Monica chuckles a little at Kendall's complaint though. "These groups are the superhero vigilantes, Ken. They're just… not putting on costumes and giving themselves codenames. Most of them." That last part is muttered sort of to herself.

"Code names, huh. Well I did come up with a codename for myself, but with nothing to use it for, well…." Kendall shrugs. "It's not like what I can do could destroy stuff, so I'm good for it, at least." Kendall is at that age where superheroes are still cool, especially with all the recent movies to come out.

Liza can understand the want to be a superhero. She really can! But costumes and codenames? Not quite the superhero she idealizes. "You don't have to destroy things to make a difference and stuff, though, and you could still make a huge amount of damage unintentionally." She purses her lips. "Not the point, though! The point is that you could always help the Ferry. If anyone has heroes in their ranks, it's the Ferry." She murmurs.

"The Ferry's always had real good people in it. Just stay away from Messiah tactics and you'll be fine. Plus, from what I've heard, the Ferry needs more numbers just now anyway." Monica gives Liza a nod. The woman makes sense! "Although, given the change in climate since the eighth… I wouldn't be too surprised if violence gets a little more prominent. We'll see."

"I want to be part of Ferry, but… who do I talk to for that? I mean, I did all I could to help out on the 8th. I even tried so hard I ended up in a coma for 5 days." if Liza has been around, she might've heard about it, even if Kendall wasn't mentioned by name. "What I can do would really help them out. And my power literally can't destroy anything." except SOULS.

"I don't see the violence backing down any, but… it's still good to help in other ways." Liza states, but her eyes are drawn back towards Kendall, frowning. "A coma? You really, really have to be careful. That's not the kind of thing to do lightly. If you've got an ability, you shouldn't overwork yourself like that! It's unhealthy and I've heard that there can be lasting side effects from doing something along those lines."

"Ask the council," Monica says with a lift of her shoulder, "I assume some of them are here." It is possible she has no idea who, though. "What… is it that you do do, Ken?" She looks over at Liza again, but she really can only agree. "I certainly don't either. I mean… for one, we were pretty much being taken away for quiet, out of the way executions. That was the rumor, anyway. They didn't actually tell us anything. Ever."

"Council? Who's on the council? And… I can make things appear out of thin air. Nothing dangerous or destructive." he pulls something out of his pocket and turns his flashlight on just long enough to look through a bunch of cards, then sniggers to himself. "Swords of Revealing Light!" ironic. Immediately, sword-shaped objects of light fall in a circle around the three of them, and even though the surrounding area itself isn't shown, the three of them are clearly visible. Kendall did see all both of them when he had his flashlight earlier so he does know what they look like.

"Well… that's a really unique ability," Liza says, peering back over at Kendall. "Very flashy, but I'm sure there are plenty of practical applications if you think outside of the box." Her gaze goes back towards Monica and she nods slowly. "I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing that now. Anyone who might be trouble, they're allowed to just kill, just like that."

"I'm not sure who is, actually… I mean, Noah Bennet, sure…" Monica spreads her hands there in a wordless apology. In the dark. Wonderful plan. When the swords appear, Monica jumps a little despite herself and she eyes him a little. "Yeah, martial law? is what I heard. I was hoping that was a rumor, but…" It wasn't. "It's going to be very difficult out there for a while."

Exactly three minutes after the swords appear, they disappear again, although strangely enough there's no afterimage despite their apparent blinding brightness. "Well I guess I'll just have to mention it to everyone in the hopes that someone important hears it." Kendall sighs. "I want to be useful."

"We've all just got to be on our toes, I guess." Liza comments, glancing between Kendall and Monica. "You could ask Ryans… Benjamin Ryans. He's pretty up there." She clears her throat a little. "Well, at least we aren't dead yet, right?" She offers, cheerfully. "And we've made it through okay, helping each other out…"

"I'm sure someone in the network would be able to tell you for sure," Monica says with a warmer smile. "With an illusionist around? You might just think everyone's on their toes," she says with a chuckle. "But you're right there, not dead yet! I swear there's some kinda… guardian angel around all of us…"

"Uh, if you're talking about dying, I kinda did, already. I was apparently dead for a month. But I got better." how do you 'get better' from dying? "I guess having people care enough to go back in time and save you is…" oh wait, Kendall's not supposed to talk to people about that since it's supposed to be a secret.

If Liza hadn't seen and heard of some weird things in her life, Kendall's words would utterly shock her. They don't, but she raises an eyebrow. "It's not something to take so lightly, though. Death is usually a permanent thing."

It's the same for Monica. Her boss ate a nuke, for goodness sake. her cousins, all three of them, are alive when they shouldn't be, and one of them became a cyber-entity-thing. Life is weird. "Lucky you," is what she says, with gentle humor. "Hiro sent them to save you?" Someone knows about this timetraveling business, perhaps!

"Uh, yeah. From what I heard, Melissa practically strongarmed him into it. And the only reason he did it was because I could still make myself 'die' by using illusions, so what happened still happened." Kendall doesn't really understand it, but if it makes sense to the people who matter…

"Yeah, you're really lucky," Liza points out, a small frown on her features. She's got more than a few people she'd have saved if she'd had the opportunity to jump into the past, but… not everyone gets that second chance.

"You'd almost feel sorry for him," Monica says with a chuckle. Almost. "Well, come on, Champ. Let's take your second chance and make something of it, yeah? I'm sure there's a Ferry someone or another awake now, I mean, we all are, right?" She gives him a pat on his back, just a signal for him to come on as she starts back toward the castle.

Kendall laughs. "Except he has the coolest power ever. Man, if I could go back in time… I'd go and get a pet dinosaur or something. An illusion of one just isn't the same." Kendall nods at Monica and turns his flashlight on since HE can't see in the dark. Maybe she's part cat, or something. "Ok." he stands up and follows Monica.

Liza shakes her head with a tiny smile, getting to her feet as she turns to follow the other two back towards the castle.

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