Night Court



Scene Title Night Court
Synopsis Harrison's has a nasty nightmare due to his first mission with Messiah
Date July 5th, 2010

Howland Hook Facility, Barracks

Darkness. It was all Harrison could see at this point. It was the kind of darkness that seemed thick and unnatural. Harrison brought his hand to his face and waved it in front of him. He could not see his hand. His heart began to beat when the thought had crossed his mind that he had gone blind. Then the soft shift of a body could be heard to his left. Harrison froze.

It was hard to make out the sound, but it slowly began to get louder as voices began to become more distinctive. It was so hard to make out the voices. Harrison tilted his head as he head towards the sounds in hopes to get his barrings a little bit better. They were male voices. They were voices that seemed angry yet they did not form any real words.

Light! It was the kind of light that burned. It burned Harrison's eyes as it bared down on him in an angry fury. As Harrison brought his hand up to shield his eyes he made an attempt to see his surroundings. Steel. There was alot of steel surrounding him as he found himself standing on a platform. A round platform that held a matching railing encompassing the young man. Harrison was surrounded by steel. It was everywhere he looked.

"Harrison Jones." boomed a deep voice. Harrison jumped as he turned to look in it's direction. The young man was speechless as he looked upwards he saw a pair of deep red eyes looking down at him from the shadows a top of the steel. "You have been brought here for your crimes. How do you plead?"

Harrison began to look around again, before looking up at the errie red eyes. "I do not know the crimes you speak of…tell me what I am being charged with…umm sir?"

Cold. It was the kind of cold that death could only make as the chamber was filled with more voices. "You are a murder." "You are a killer." "You are a terrorist." Harrison began to look around the room as three men looked down at the young man. Their charred and broken corpses standing top of the steel tribunal. Their cold and lifeless eyes seemed to burn with all the passion of hate and anger that anyone alive could hold within their eyes.

"I did not kill you! I tried to warn you. I told you to run. You stayed! Why did you have to stay!" Harrison began to yell at the men looking down at him. His eyes looking upon the red eyed figure, "Messiah is doing what is right. They have to be….the government wants to use us. They want to harm us. We have tried to live normal lives. They do not want that…I did not force these men to stay. It was Julian…he has some nasty power that kills so easily."

"You are scum! You are all alike. You come in and take…destroy…use. You think your above the law and you saw the results." grumbled the large corpse with the missing eye. "What are you gonna tell my wife? My children? My family? That you were fighting the good cause?"

"Yes…you were making bad things there that could harm my kind. All I did was follow orders. I will not allow you to harm me because I am different. I will not allow you to harm others because they are different. I don't know what they told you but something big is happening and Messiah is doing what they can to save it. Peter seems like a good man. Melissa. Ash. Hell even Kendall." A soft sigh escapes his lips as he looks down at the steel bar in front of him.

"You see…the boy has doubts! He does not know what they are really going to do. I call for judgement!" The men in the chamber begin to all scream in unison, "Judgement! Judgement! Judgement!" Harrison slowly looks up upon the dreadful red eyes as he says, "Please…please don't."

"YOu have something to say boy before I pass my judgement?" boomed the deep voice of the red eyes.

"I did what I could to save these men. Some of these people are good people who are doing what they believe in. Some of them are bad people…maybe that is wrong to allow them in yet the government is not all sunshine and rose petals. They have killers. They have people who would do worse then we did. I just know they do. Please understand…I am doing what I can to protect the innocence. You see some of the Evolved are innocence. I just want to make a difference. I will not allow them to be put in a cage." Harrison looks down at the bar again before him, "I will not be put in a cage."

"I have heard enough." The eyes flare in anger as the corpses have disappeared. "Harrison Jones, for your actions against these men. You will be sentenced to a 4 by 4 cage in the fires of Hell where you shall burn and be healed daily for your crimes."

Pain! Harrison found himself naked in a small cage made of steel bars. He closed his eyes and made an attempt to become titantium. It did not work. The voice of the red eyes in his mind laughing softly, "You have no power here boy. You can not change…ever again!" Fire! Fire suddenly erupted all around Harrison as the sound of laughter could be heard in the background.

Harrison woke with a blood curdling scream as he sat up in his bed. The other Evolved in the Barracks all woke with a start looking over at the young man. A voice that sounded human asked Harrison, "Dude you ok?" Harrison looked out into the darkness for the voice. It was a voice he knew yet just could not place it right then and there.

"Yeah I am fine. Sorry…go back to bed." Harrison plopped his head back into the pillow as a few tears began to roll down his eyes.

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