Night Owls


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Scene Title Night Owls
Synopsis Alia meets up with Nicolas to discuss her training as others arrive.
Date September 30, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Alia walks in through the doors, a backpack over her shoulders, a simple blue babydoll t-shirt with faded white text reading "What are you looking at?" on the front. Jeans and a set of sturdy athletic shoes complete the casual outfit. One arm has a helmet and a skateboard tucked under it, which looks rather new, likely bought within the last month or so. Elbow and knee pads complete the safety gear that suggest she likely got here via the skateboard itself.

Nicolas sits at a booth in the back of the diner, watching the door. A single mug of coffee sits in front of him and nothing else. As the girl steps through the door, he sits up and nods his head slightly towards her, hoping to get her attention without drawing unwanted attention to himself.

Alia smirks as she nods back to Nicolas, and walks over, sliding into the other seat of the booth after removing her backpack. She sets the skateboard under the table, and the rest in the seat next to her. "Nicolas?" She asks as she offers her hand in the age old way of showing friendship, a handshake.

Nicolas stands from his seat as the woman approaches and takes her hand in his as she offers it. "Yes. I take it you're Alia." He says as he shakes her hand before he releases it and motions for her to have a seat.

Alia nods as she takes a seat for herself. Her words are kept short and to the point, but do not sound unfriendly as the waitress approaches and she orders "Coca-Cola, no ice" in exactly that many words. She leans back in the booth, and watches Nicolas curiously.

Nicolas offers a smile to the waitress as she takes Alia's order before he turns his attention to the woman after she's gone. He offers a smile before he speaks, his voice lowered. "I must say that when I was told of what you can do, I was very excited and was looking forward to meeting you. You and I share an ability that are quite similar. I don't know the details, just the broad strokes. I was hoping that you'd be able to fill me in as to what exactly you can do."

Alia shrugs. "So far? Password recovery without system realization." Her words are picked very very carefully. "Rest is rather… normal skills."

Nicolas nods his head. "That is very interesting. You do seem to be like me. I can hear all manners of wavelengths and frequencies. I can hear telephone conversations, text messages and instant messages. I can also manipulate them and use them without a computer. I think if you are willing, I could teach you to expand upon your potential and help you grow your powers."

Alia blinks at the offer, then nods a little, wairly. "The catch?" She asks it bluntly. She's not stupid and doesn't believe in a free lunch. Her words might be kept brief, but her eyes show that she's watching you and picking apart your words with a shrewd intellect that she's not bothering to hide.

Nicolas shakes his head and smiles. "There is no catch. Our mutual friend, Adam, asked me to do this favor for him and I accepted. He feels that I could help you best as we share a common ability. All I ask in return is that you do your best and give me your full faith that I can help you grow your ability."

Alia tilts her head, then grins and nods. She nods to the waitress as well as she shows up with the drink that Alia had ordered, which she sips at. She sets the glass to one side, then unzips her backpack and pulls out a laptop. High end, looks like it is more than capable of doing anything an average or even a power user might want out of a laptop. "When do we start?"

Nicolas smiles to the waitress as she arrives with the drink, waiting until she has left to continue. He looks to the laptop as it is brought out, raising an eyebrow. "Nice." He says with a smile before he looks up at he woman. "We can start whenever you like."

Alia smirks and nods, turning the machine on. She picks one of a few different options from a list and soon the familiar sound of Windows starting up can be heard.

Nicolas smiles and waits until the computer is fully booted up and one of the many instant messenger programs opens and a chat box appears with a single message.

Razorblade: This will be easier and keep our conversation private. I'm going to take you to a few minimum security locations and see how your power works.

Alia for her part, Alia nods. She reads the instant message and then asks a valid question in the IM. "How badly would me encrypting the IM be?"

Razorblade: If you can encrypt it, do so, but I am also taking precautions. I would like to see the extent of your abilities.

Nicolas smiles slightly as several windows open and several screens change before the page appears.

Razorblade: Okay. Try to get into the purchase records for this place.

Alia sighs as she enables encryption… she's typing to do it. And she shakes her head and adds an explanation of something she's not admited to anyone else before. "Limited to things… near me so far." SHe looks down and sighs as she rubs her forehead and tries anyway. The hard drive in the computer starts whirring like mad for a few minutes…

Nicolas smiles and nods. "That's alrightly." He says, speaking. "It'll grow as we train." He says looking around and smiles. "What is the limit?" he asks her.

Alia sighs as she gets nothing but a headache then leans back and quickly types '10 yards, without a headache. past that… 20 yards is max I can read from. Migranes though.

Nicolas nods his head and thinks for a moment. "Okay. I'll go home and work up some programs that will simulate these things that way we can test it without causing you stress and you can also practice at home."

Alia smiles, and opens up a window full of source code, which she turns so you can read it. It looks to be a program to ramdomly set passwords. It's currently set to 25 characters long, and the encryption types listed are… well, if it's publicly avalible, she's seemingly tried linking in it in. Some of the choices even do multiple layers of encryption.

Nicolas looks over the code, studying it for a moment. "Impressive. Did you write this yourself?" He asks her, motioning to the screen. "It's very nice."

Alia nods. "Testing… myself." She sighs. "lots of reading." She is working at words it seems. "Can't grab from data lines, but from disks, works fine." She adds in a low tone of voice. "True that some can… 'jump into' the net?" she finally asks.

Nicolas nods his head. "It's very nice. I'd like a copy if I can." He says before he shrugs his shoulders lightly before he lowers his voice in reply. "I heard rumors of it, but I can't. I can only manipulate the data. Which is why I can use the IMs and such."

Alia nods a little. She hits a few buttons after turning the computer around again, then there's another loud bit of sound, and she offers you… a floppy disk. "Need to link to crypt-ing libs on your system."

Nicolas nods his head as he takes the disk, slipping it into his pocket. "Thanks." He says to the woman before he pulls out a card with his name and number on it. "Call me anytime you need. I'm usually up most of the night." He says, offering her the card. "Anything you need, let me know."

Alia nods. "A way to move data closer?" She says teasingly, then digs out a little change to pay for her soda, which she puts on the desk.

Nicolas sits at a booth in the back of the diner with Alia. He smiles and chuckles slightly as something that is said. "I'll see what I can do." He says with a smirk before he sits back in the seat. "I'll be staying up most the night to work on those programs for you. I'll call you when I finish so we can start." He says to her.

Alia nods again. "Good to meet you, Nicolas." The words are worked at, they don't sound like they come easily to her.

There's a draft of chill air as Leo comes in. He's in a gray hoodie, dark shirt, fatigue pants, combat boots, a pair of dog tags rimmed with plastic silencers around his neck. He's got his shoulders hunched a little defensively, but he seems to relax as he comes into the brightness and the warmth of the diner.

Nicolas nods his head and smiles. "It is good to meet you as well." He says as he looks at her. "Are you hungry? My treat." He says, glancing up to the door as it opens, looking at the man that enters, giving him a once over.

Alia thinks, then smiles. "Burger, raw onion, no cheese?" She asks.

Leonard glances at Nicolas in return, expression perfectly neutral as he eyes him. As if wondering if he might've seen him before, and where.

Nicolas nods his head to her and smiles. "Sure. I'll go put in the order." He says, standing from the booth and moves to the counter. He offers Leonard a nod in greeting before he looks to the waitress. "Burger, raw onions and no cheese and a BLT." He stands and pays for the food.

Alia turns to watch Nicolas as he moves… she nods to Leonard as she notices him, but doesn't seemingly give much attention to one more stranger at the diner at late night.

This face, at least, isn't wanted. For which Leo gives thanks on a daily basis. He nods politely to Nicolas, but doesn't greet him aloud.

Nicolas smiles and pays for the food and starts to head back when his phone goes off. He answers the phone and speaks into it. After a few exchanged words, he hangs up and moves to Alia. "I need to take off. I'll get those programs done and give you a call."

Alia gives a nod as she takes a bite out of her sandwich. "Be in touch" Is all she says, the woman is one of few words… and a mouth full of food hides most the facial clues to her mood.

Leo's served a mug of coffee, a cup of soup, and a sandwich. He pulls a little paperback book out of his pocket - Kerouac's 'On the Road', of all things. In the process of reaching for a napkin, presumably for his lap, he manages to sweep his silverware right off the edge of the counter. None of which actually succeeds in reaching the floor. It all stops in midair, and he plucks it up hastily and sets it back on the counter top, glancing around sheepishly as if trying to figure out who witnessed his mutant faux pas.

Alia just blinks a moment as she sets down her Hamburger. She obviously saw it, and is tilting her head as if figuring out how the hell that was done.

The waitress who's actually serving him has noticed, and admonishes Leo with a little wag of her finger. Like it's rude to show off your freak powers in public. Or at least, not wise. He ducks his head, taking the mute scolding. One of the younger waitresses, however, is staring at him, paused like she's wondering if brandishing a crucifix will drive him away.

Alia shakes her head and shuts down her laptop, tucking it away back into her bag as she continues to eat, amused somehow.

He's….having a fit of lack of control, clearly. Because the saltshaker and the napkin dispenser nearest him go skittering away down the counter, doing a herky-jerky little dance that has them rattling and clattering. Leo puts his hands on his plate and bowl, eyes widening. The waitress behind the counter says, completely deadpan, "I think your should ask for your refill as decaf."

Alia leans back in her booth, trying to hide her amusement. She's not alarmed at all by dancing salt and pepper shakers. She stands up, finally, and walks over to Leo, offering a business card that reads, rather simply, "The Surech Center" with the phone numbers for the Center.

Leonard is at the counter, dressed in hoodie, t-shirt, fatigues, boots. He takes the proffered card, and looks up at her with one black brow tipped up at an ironic slant. "I work there. But thank you."

Alia smirks, her blue t-shirt having white text, faded from several washing, reading "What are you looking at?" on it, as well as a set of very casual jeans. "Ah, didn't recongize you." She pauses. "Alia. Tech support." She sits down near Leo after retreaving her backpack and skateboard.

In through the door comes Kurt Campbell. Just off work the man has left his bike at the couriers and headed over to grab super before heading home. Looking a little wary he runs a hand through his short cropped hair and heads for the main counter and sits himself down. A regular here the waitress brings him a coffee without any cream or sugar, "Thanks." He mumbles and gives her a smile.

Leonard offers her a shy smile. "I'm usually late-night security," he explains, quietly. "That'd be why. Day folks don't generally see me much, unless I'm covering for someoen else, y'know. Leonard Shelby," he says, quietly. His jitters seem to have calmed….at least until the sugar shaker takes off down the counter, before he can slap a palm down on it.

Alia giggles as she nods. "Takes all kinds." She says simply as she puts the napkin holder back in it's place. "Too much sugar?" she finally asks.

Kurt blinks as the shaker comes towards him and says, "No thank you." As he reaches out with a hand to stop the things path. Looking over towards the man he just leave it where he stopped it though and shrugs in a nonchalant way.

Leo flicks a chagrined look at Kurt, followed by a shaky, apologetic smile. "Sorry," he says, before looking back to Alia. "I don't know. I'm usually real good about my control."

Alia isn't seemingly worried in the slightest. "Hmmm. Stressed?" She asks simply.

Kurt shrugs again and nods his head to Leo, "No prob." the menu is perused and Kurt forgoes it to order the breakfast special and asks the waitress, "Oh yeah almost forgot can I get soup and salad to go for Brooke?" He remembers the odd roomie and then cradles his coffee, taking a slow sip of it while he waits.

"I…I don't know," Leo says, quietly. He gives Kurt a grateful nod. One hand rises to rub nervously at his scalp.

Alia gives a friendly nod to Kurt as well, raising an eyebrow as she overhears the request, but thinks nothing of it really. She smiles again to Leo. "It's likely nothing to worry about." She says reassuringly, carefully keeping her voice and facial expression in a calm smile. The headaches from, for her, long conversations were starting to kick in.

Kurt downs half his cup of coffee and when the lady comes around gets himself a top up. He nods back to Alia and gives an attempt at a friendly smile.

Leonard nods to that, quietly. There's a little residual rattling from the stuff in front of him, but Leo takes a deep breath, and it all goes still. He ventures a shaky smile. "Yeah. So. Tech support. What's that like?"

Alia shrugs. "Keep computers running. Undo the virus damage and pranks. Work, but fun work."

Kurt peeks up from his coffee as he hears the words tech and looks towards the woman, "Sorry wasn't trying to listen in but you work tech support?" He asks tentativly.

There's envy on Leo's face. "I wish I knew thing one about computers," he says, shamefacedly. "Never been around 'em enough."

Alia looks towards Kurt and nods. "I do." She smiles. "Considering doing a basics class." She says towards Leo kindly.

Kurt ohs and grins to her, "Cool, where do ya work?" He asks, always interested in the technological and then mutters, "sorry I'm being nosy."

Alia digs into her wallet and pulls out another business card. It reads very simply. "Alia Chavez, Surech Center, Tech Support" Then gives both the number for the center and for her cell phone.

"If you do one, you let me know. I'll work my schedule until I can get in. I'm tired of being ignorant," Leo says, bluntly, even as he starts wolfing down his dinner.

Kurt takes the card and nodding his head grabs the plastic bags the lady puts up on the counter for him, "Thanks." The man chimes and with a wave to the waitress heads out in the direction of the Village.

Alia shakes her head. "Will do." She smiles. "I must be going."

Leonard offers a little salute. "Take care. I'll see you at the Center," he adds, quietly.

Alia nods, pulling on her helmet as she steps outside, dropping her skateboard and taking off for wherever she is heading.

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