Nightmares And Secret Crushes


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Scene Title Nightmares And Secret Crushes
Synopsis Kaylee goes into Ichihara Bookstore looking for a book on reoccurring nightmares, she finds Corbin there and the two talk about her nightmare.
Date December 10, 2009

Ichihara Bookstore

Nestled in the heart of the main street marketplace, the Ichihara Bookstore is an old and crooked structure pressed between two newer high-rise tenement buildings. The old glass windows and creaking wooden door on the shop's front give it a rustic and old-world feel. Catering to both antique books and newer prints, the narrow aisles and tall shelves are packed full of literature. A single shelf for periodicals lies near the front counter, while signage both out front by the register and in the back of the store indicates that tarot card reading is done on-site at request for ten dollars per reading.

Behind the old and weathered wooden counter that contains the register and a small stack of reserved books, a narrow wooden staircase leads upwards to a black wooden door with peeling paint, revealing red paint in narrow strips beneath, a rope crossing in front of that door hangs with a small sign that reads, "Private".

It has been almost a week since the first time she had the nightmare and it has repeated nightly since then. The same thing over and over.. and the results repeat. It wakes her in the middle of the night and then she has a hard time sleeping after that, thought you wouldn't think that sort of thing would be that scary. For Kaylee it's her greatest fear right now… Using her ability on someone she care about. As a result the young telepath is tired, dark circles under her eyes.

Desperate for answers, Kaylee's goes out searching bookstores for books on anything pertaining to recurring dreams, feeling maybe there is something she's missing. This search has brought her to Ichihara's Bookstore. It's the sign about Tarot readings that draws Kaylee into this particular store.

A blast of biting cold air drifts through the store as the young woman lets herself into the store, bundled against the freezing weather. Kaylee doesn't check the register yet, she moves into one of the isle, rubbing gloved hands together and blowing into the space between them when she folds them. As she moves down the isle, her eyes scan the books, looking for any indication she might be at the right place.

There's not a lot of stores on the main street of Roosevelt Island. Few that remained open after the Bomb, and even fewer that survived the years that followed. The bookstore, tarot readings or not, happens to be the only real option for buying books. The person in charge of the store today isn't the one whose kept it open through thick and thin. Through power outages and riots at the nearby Suresh Center. Instead it's someone who… honestly never thought he would have to work at all. The place isn't supposed to get many customers! But Corbin didn't have the heart to turn the Sorry, We're Closed sign around.

No one even seems to be tending the store at all, at first glance, except perhaps a fat cat sitting up on the counter, tail swishing as he looks up. Finally, while browsing, a thumb indicates someone bigger than a cat is present. Someone coming down from the upstairs, where a rope hangs and wants that it's a Private area. "Sorry, I hope you haven't been here long, I was just checking on…" The woman upstairs. Still asleep. Still unconscious. He keeps hoping she'll wake up soon, but…

"Don't I know you?" Clothes just as ruffled as his hair, it seems as if he slept in them last night, usually unshaven, he looks like what little sleep he got had been uncomfortable. Cause he was sitting up against a wall next to his ex-partner's tiny bed the whole time. "You help out at Summer Meadows— Kaylee, right?" He's good with names, usually.

"You look about how I feel." Kaylee comments with a lop-sided smirk, when Corbin approaches. "And, yeah.. I do work out at Summer Meadow.. Your…" Her head turns slightly, eyes narrowing thoughtfully, as she tries to remember the name. "Corbin? The guy that saved me from getting brained by a banner." Despite the tired appearance she gives him a bright smile.

Her eyes flicks around the immediate area as she pulls off her gloves and stuffs them in a pocket, "Your store?"

"Not so sure I'd say saved— but you look like you could use a few extra hours of sleep," Corbin says, though there's a look on his face for a moment. After spending much of the night watching Hokuto, someone being unable to sleep rings a few bells. The No-Doze had no effect on his friend, and now she's asleep— possibly for a long time. There's a bell tied around her wrist in case she moves it. From a cat collar. But he hopes it will be enough to alert him if she moves much.

"But no, this isn't my store. I'm— a friend of mine fell ill and I'm taking over for a couple days. Admitedly I don't know much about what's in here, but…" He looks around. To say the store was laid out well isn't accurate. Some books aren't even in shelves, but in piles. "If you can't find what you want in the shelves you can try kicking over one of the piles and seeing if the right thing falls out." It's a joke, though probably one that hints she'd have more luck with that than asking him for help.

"I dunno… I'm not in the hospital," Kaylee points out helpfully, before glancing at the shelves. "Seems like a save to me.." Tucking her gloves in a pocket, she takes a moment to tug her cap off, of course she has to comb fingers through her hair to try and get it to lay down."I do have to say.. you missed the fun yesterday at the work site." Her lip curls into a mischievous smirks, as she tucks the cap in another pocket. "Huge donation made by Mr. Kain Zarek." Her brows lift a bit and she nods slowly. "It was an impressive haul."

The smile falls some and Kaylee sighs. "Anyhow, I feel like I could use them… I… was hoping to find a book on recurring nightmares." Her tone thoughtful, her head tilting to the side to read the spines of the books closest to her. Glancing at Corbin out of the corner of her eye. "I'm sorry to hear about your friend." Well, not really since she doesn't know the person, but it's the polite thing to say.

"I was busy last night, but I'm sure I'll read all about it in the papers sometime," Corbin says, smiling just a bit despite the worry in his eyes as he glances toward the stairs again. That glance happens more than a few times, at least until the mention of reaccuring nightmares. Then his eyes snap back toward her. "What kind of nightmares?" he asks before he even realizes it, raising his voice a little, as if the question is more important than it sounds like.

Then he settles down and says, "I kept telling Hokie to get a computer system set up and catalogue all her books, but I don't think she ever did. Place is still in the stone ages. But— I can help you skim titles at least. It's not like this place gets a lot of business…"

"It's the same nightmare over and over.. It's… " Kaylee frowns a bit and shakes her head, looking somewhat disturbed thinking about it. "I… feel like.. I'm missing something and that's why it keeps happening. When I'm in it I try something different… it doesn't seem to make it better.. and it ends the same every time." Frustration colors her voice as she starts moving down the isle now, fingers skimming along the book bindings.

Pausing, she twists back around to look at the man and gives him a sheepish smile. "I probably sound like a candidate for the funny farm. And don't dis this place.." She teases suddenly. "I love little mom and pop type stores. Homey.." The last word said softly as she pulls out a book to flip open it's hard cover to read the flap.

"If I really wanted to diss this place I would have turned the 'Closed' sign around and just left it that way until she's better," Corbin admits, skimming titles while he runs a hand along the binding of the books. A dream repeated over and over, with no change in the ending. The only clue he has that could possibly connect the person he's heard of, this 'Nightmare Man' as Miss Dean called him, is the fact that his MO leads to suicides. Nightmares and suicide.

"You don't sound insane, though. There's a lot going on that would make people have nightmares. Terrorist attacks, earthquakes— I'd be surprised if anyone had a good night's sleep these days." Not exaggerating, he waits a moment before softly slipping in a question, managing to make it sound like he's just carrying on conversation, "How does the dream end?"

She doesn't answer him right away, Kaylee slowly closes the cover of the book and stares at it for a moment. She doesn't really see the cover though. "Um…" She starts softly, moving to replace the book on the shelf. ".. it ends with me being drowned by someone I care about." She's pretty sure it's cause she won't use her ability on him… not that she says it. "It's not something I think he'd do though.. He's a pastor after all."

Giving herself a shake, Kaylee continues down the row isle, stopping long enough to pull a soft bound book from another shelf. "Anyhow.. I was hoping there was some sort of book that might be able to tell me how to make them stop."

"So you've actually tried to change things and it always ends in this pastor drowning you? That is spooky," Corbin says, looking away from the book titles toward the woman many years younger than him with a kind of quiet studying. It's not suicide, but… "You don't sleep walk while you're dreaming this, are you? Cause I've heard things are a little different if sleepwalking is involved. I'd be careful not to fall asleep in the tub, for example."

He would love it if this was just a coincidence. Dreams and nightmares happen so often, and with everything going on these days he wasn't lying when he said he would be surprised if someone had a good night's sleep.

"No.. not so far." Kaylee offers with a smirk. "Though where I live there isn't any pools or…. well, I imagine if I sleep walked long enough I could end up in water." She does live on Staten. "The water was murky enough that I couldn't see the person above me well.. It was spooky."

Pushing the book in it's spot, Kaylee turns to look at him, studying him herself. "Only thing I don't change is the fact I won't force him to do something he doesn't want… I won't do that… even in a dream. So I end up drowned.. Maybe that's it.. I dunno.. But I want them to stop."

A book out of the corner of her eye catches her attention, as Kaylee turns to retrieve it, she asks Corbin. "Have you ever been faced with a temptation so great.. it threatens to consume you?" The question is innocent enough, but her tone makes it a serious question. She brushes her hand over the cover of a book about the Garden of Eden. A finger trails the shape of a snake, brows dropping slowly into a frown.

"You'd have to live pretty far away to not be close to some kind of water," Corbin mentions softly, but he's now rather distracted. Sleepwalking is confirmed. Death in the dreams by drowning. If she could walk far enough, she could drown herself. Murky water sounds like much of the water surrounded the islands that make up much of the fair city.

Her question draws his eyes back from his thoughts, though he no longer read titles of books as he ran fingers over the bindings. "Temptation? Can't say I've been through anything exactly like that, no." Something she said catches on in his mind, though he has to go over it in his head a few times. "You won't force him to do something he doesn't want? Even if you know that what is happening in the dream isn't what he wants at all? I mean you said he's a pastor. Why would he want to drown you? Maybe what's holding you under the water isn't even really… him anymore."

What little he'd heard of the dream Miss Dean had had… "I guess the best way to deal with it would be to find out what would make you strong enough to stop the dream. To… loosen it's hold on you."

"Well.. like a said…" Kaylee comments softly, looking up from the book, "Once I'm under I can't see him. So maybe about then it isn't him." A shoulder lifts slowly uncertain. "But no.. I won't make him do something…" her cheeks color a bit, but she doesn't elaborate on the what. "I wouldn't know what that would be.. Temptation can be overwhelming.. I mean.. I admit…" She starts slowly, "That I am barely avoiding giving into temptation.."

Thinking on how she worded that, she shakes her head. "That sounds really lame…" She chuckles softly, glancing down at the book in her arms. Reluctantly, she turns the cover to show him… "When I talk about temptation… my nightmares are a bit like the Garden of Eden in the book. Kinda weird since it's suppose to be paradise.."

"It's your dream, though, right? Shouldn't you have control over it?" Corbin says, obviously not quite understanding what her hitch is with controlling that one aspect of the dream. Not a person. A figment, something that would take measures to harm her. "I'm sorry, I don't really understand why it would be temptation. Unless there's something about you I don't know about." The most he's heard of dangerous temptations like that would be those who had some kind of power over a person. Whether business, economic, or…

Actual powers.

"Don't take this as an insult, please, but do you happen to be Evolved?" He's not sure if this Nightmare Man only targetted Evolved, but from some of the conversation, it'd sounded like it was the cause. "I'm not going to tie you up to a stake or anything. It just… your talk of temptation sounds like more than…" There's a couple ways he could finish that sentance, but he chooses to just trail it off.

"That obvious?" Kaylee asks flatly, putting the book on the shelf, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. "Yes… " She confirms softly, giving him an tight lipped smile. "… I am." She glances around nervously and adds. "I'm… sometimes able to control peoples thoughts. " She murmurs, taking a steps back and to the side pressing her back agaisnt one of the shelves, leaving him a clear path, as she expecting the normal reaction. Fingers lift to tuck hair behind her ears as she waits for it. "So when I say temptation…." She takes a deep breath and lets it out in a rush along with the words, "I won't make him want me in my nightmares." There.. she said it.

"Oh. That kind of temptation," Corbin says, seeming to understand a little bit more, and even smile in a teasing fashion. Now that's a temptation he could understand. After all, he's had a long standing crush on his ex-partner, that he's never acted on in any situation so far. Not that he could make her like him back even if he tried. He just doesn't have that kind of power. But if he did

"This I can sort of understand. Drowning seems to be a good metaphor for what you're going through, too. Temptation versus drowning. I bet that'll come up in some dream book somewhere." He hasn't found one, mostly cause he stopped looking, but… "It's good that you don't force him to like you, should stay that way." Cause otherwise he would be a little more worried about her. "But have you tried other ways to see if he might like you? I mean pastors aren't priests as far as I know. No vows to keep them from getting involved. And you're quite attractive, so it's unlikely he finds you repulsive."

"Yeah that kind…" Her tone continues to be bland and Kaylee gives a little roll of her eyes, a lop-sided smile going to him. This compliment isn't exactly missed, "And thanks… your not so bad looking yourself." She gives him a wink and turns to the books at hand, fingers tips moving along the lettering.

"You know… in the first nightmare… he told me the same thing. There are other ways. But…" She lifts her left hand and gives her bare ring finger a wiggle, even as she continues to scan title. "He's still married," Her tone sheepish, "I mean… their separated… but the ring is still on his finger. So he must still feel something for her. So it's complicated. Besides…." She continues down the rows of books, trying to hide her unease. "I'm the product of an affair. Last thing I need to do, it walk my mother's foot steps."

"Ah, now that's a problem I could understand," Corbin says, looking down at his own empty finger. "I was married once before. I kept the ring for a while, but now it sits in a desk drawer collecting dust. I should probably sell it sometime soon while gold is so high." It's said offhandedly, but it's likely if he hasn't sold it or thrown it out by now, he probably won't. "I'm not sure what to tell you— dream-him obviously knows you like him, cause he's a creation of your mind." Or so he would hope. It could be… something else. "But does he know? I understand reluctance, though, with him still having a ring and stuff. I tend to avoid asking out married women too, for the same reason." No matter how cute they are.

That gets a chuckle from the young telepath, "Oh yeah.. I'm gonna go up and tell him I like him. " She gives him a matter of fact look, a brow arching as if asking if he would do that. She wouldn't even tell Corbin that… and he's really easy to talk too. "It's just a nightmare." She waves it away with a dismissive gesture, she's getting uncomfortable talking about it. "He's a friend.. and he knows he is. That is what counts." She seems fairly certain of that fact. "Probably a silly school girl crush anyhow."

Her fingers land on a book and she pulls it out with a hopeful look. Eyes scan over the text and she brightens. Glancing up Kaylee grins, "Well.. it's not about reoccurring nightmares, but it's something. Meanings behind Dreams and Nightmares." She closes the book with a snap, "It's a start." She holds it out to him, with a bright smile. "Ring me up, sir?"

"Ah, not wanting to lose the friendship just to go 'I have a crush on you and want it to be more'. I know that one better than anything…" Corbin says, shifting a glance toward the stairway that's just visible from where he is. No sounds of bells from up there. He's going to go back up and sit by her side again, and hope this really is just a coincidence. Even if he doesn't think it is…

Putting his mind on the job, he walks over to the counter and pushes at the fat mostly white cat, who flicks his tail angerly and noms at his wrist for a moment. It doesn't break skin, and seems somewhat playful, before the cat jumps off to find a new place to camp out, but not before assualting a girl's ankle.

"All right…" he reads off the price, and then looks up to meet her eye. "If you don't mind, can I ask for your phone number? I don't know when I'll be able to make the site again, but I'd like to find out about how your nightmares are going later on." Especially if they're related.

"I admit.. it's my first time with the whole situation." Kaylee sounds a bit sheepish, following him to the counter. The cat gets a smirk and a shake of her head. "I'm more of a dog person.. I know women are suppose to be all about the cats, but I just cant resist… Ow!" She winces and lifts her foot to try and get it out of the cats grasp. "Not to mention cats are evil!" She glares down at it for a moment, as she pulls cash out of her pocket. She counts out the bills, before sliding them across.

"You sure that's all you want the number for? It's a hell of a sneaky way to score a girls digits." Kaylee teases mercilessly, even though she snags a pen on the counter, her mood seeming a little better then when the whole conversation started. Or maybe she's trying to calm her unease at the conversation.

"Gabriel is an evil monster," Corbin says, looking down at the thing. Two black marks over it's eyes gives an illusion of thick eyebrows that make it look even more snarky than all cats already do. "But he's not my cat. I was always more of a dog person too, but Hokuto…" he trails off, finally letting his friend's full name slip. He's only taking care of the monster cat for the time he's taking care of the store. It wouldn't be a proper bookstore if it didn't have a cat, anyway…

The follow up, though, as he hands over the change from her order, and the book, he says, "Would you still give me the number if I answered no to that question?" And then he smiles. Well, he did say she was pretty.

Kaylee's eyes narrow at him a bit, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips, as if considering what he says. She doesn't say anything, but flips over the receipt and scrawls her her phone number on the back. Setting the pen on top of it, she arches a questioning brow and slides both across the counter. Answer enough? The telepath knows she can't pine over something she more then likely can not have.

Taking her change and book, Kaylee turns for the door, she offers a polite,"Nice seeing you again, Corbin." She opens the door and turns back to give him a small smile. "I do hope your friend gets better.. Being sick is horrible.. besides.." She glances at the Tarot sign and nods her head towards it, "I might want to see what is in the cards for me." Not that she believes in that stuff, but it's something that has always made her curious. "Try to get some rest.. you look like you need it as badly as I do."

"I'd offer to read them for you, Kaylee, but I'd end up guessing what they mean. Hokuto's really good at it," Corbin says, taking the number and sticking it into a front pocket of his shirt for safe keeping. "Or so I heard. She tried to read me once and wouldn't stop laughing, so I must have had a really hillarious future." Or she knew him too well to read him honestly. It could have been that. He hopes it was that. But she never did tell him what she read in his future!

"I'll give you a call when she's back on her feet. And I do hope the book helps with the nightmares." He hopes they're something a book can help with. "I still have a few more hours til the store closes, but I'll try to get some sleep tonight." He could use it. He could also use some clothes…

"No hurry." Kaylee comments lightly with a nod, "But… give me a call sometime anyhow.. I'll let you know if the book helped any." She gives a wiggle of fingers and slips out the door into the bitter cold… of course, the store is close enough that she can go back to the Summer Meadow's work site… Which she probably will.

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