Nightmares And Weddings


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Scene Title Nightmares and Weddings
Synopsis Tamsine confides in Len about her nightmare and what she'd like to do about it, then they nail down a date for their upcoming nuptials.
Date February 6, 2010

Saturday morning dawns, and Tamsine slips out of bed before Len, to go shower and make breakfast. Despite the night's strange happenings, she slept well enough in the short hours between her nightmare and sunrise. In a robe and with hair wet from her shower, she heads into the kitchen where she puts the coffee on and pulls out the bacon, eggs, and bagels to start Len on the day. For herself, she'll make a smoothie, finding it much easier to "eat" and keep down fluids than the heavy proteins.

On her mind, of course, are the things insinuated to her during the nightmare. Was it true? Did whoever is causing these nightmares lead the children the community has lost to suicide, like some sick Pied Piper? If so, should she tell someone — and should she tell the other grieving parents? Would it help? There are too many questions and not enough answers.

If there is one thing that Len kept from Tamsine, that is what he really does for a living. He refuses to burden her with that, and considering he's already given notice it's not as if it's going to be an issue. That being said, if there's one person who she could talk to about all of this, it's probably the man sharing her home, wearing his ring and having his baby. He doesn't know about the nightmare as he slept soundly through the night, perhaps too soundly. But then again, she didn't seem to make a peep. When the sunlight splashes onto his face, he slowly wakes up, eyes squinting as he rolls his feet to the ground and stands up, reaching for his bathrobe.

He yawns, moving to the bathroom, then down the stairs joining her in the kitchen. "It smells amazing in here." He walks up behind her and gives her a hug. He opens the cupboard and pulls out a cup and pours him some coffee then sits at the table and reaching for the paper. "How did you sleep last night?"
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"Hi," she breathes, leaning into the hug, tilting her face to kiss his cheek. "Mm. Not well. I had another nightmare," she says, frowning, more because she knows it will worry him. "But … there were people in it there to help me. A couple I've met before, and it was really, really strange, Len — I think they were really there. Like, their minds were sharing my nightmare, if that makes sense. They were fighting someone, they said I had to realize it was a nightmare and that I had to make something to help protect me from some one making the nightmare. So it's not just… I'm not going crazy, there's someone doing this." She had never really mentioned that she thought she might be going crazy, but clearly the fear was there.

She picks up the plate and uses the spatula to transfer eggs and bacon from the pan. She hands the plate to him and looks up, brows knitted together with worry. "Len… they said that … that the 35 were his first victims. I think whoever this person is, they gave some of the kids nightmares that made them so afraid of being Evolved."

There's a brief flicker of concern that crosses the man's face as she tells him of the nightmare. The paper is forgotten, and he take the plate and sets it down before he stands up and puts his arms around her. "You should have woken me." It's a rebuke, but he's never said a harsh word to her, and even know it barely sounds like one. "I don't like you going through those alone. Though it doesn't sound like you were alone." He kisses her on the forehead, looking down at her. He takes a deep breath, then lets her go, sitting back down.

He picks up his fork and pokes at his breakfast, taking a bite and swallowing before he continues. "If there is an evolved person out there causing folks to have nightmares, you have to wonder what his motive is or how you stop him. Did you notice anything at all that might give you any indication who it might be?"

Tamsine gives a half smile at the rebuke. "No reason for you to not to get a full night's sleep, and I fell asleep again soon after. No, I didn't notice anything. I don't think it's anyone I know. I had… four people trying to help me, but I only had ever seen two of them, I think. One was … a dragon, so it's hard to tell if I know them or not but I didn't feel like I did. You know how in dreams, you kind of know who people are even if they have the wrong face? I didn't get that feeling." She sits down beside him. "They said the way to fight it was to know you're in a dream and to bring out something, like a good part of yourself, to fight it. Even though Lily was … bad… in the dream, she then came to help me in another form. Like an angel." She smiles at the memory, her eyes getting a little wet.

Taking a deep breath, Tamsine reaches to take Len's hand. "It was bad, but I feel better now, in a weird way. I just wish the kids had trusted us enough to talk to us, so we could have helped them." She wipes her eyes, and looks questioningly up at him. "Do you think I should tell the other parents? I don't know if it would help or not. It … it might make it seem more pointless, for some of them. But it might help others, to know… to know it was an outside force."

He takes her hand when she reaches for him and gives it a squeeze. He sets his fork down, his attention all hers for the moment. He's quiet as she speaks, and when she's finished he takes a few moments to consider her question. "It might help, but how to you explain it without coming off like.." he uses her term, ".. crazy." Len brings his other hand up to brush it across his stubbly face. "If you could find a way to share the information in a believable way, it may do some good. I'm not certain anyone will believe your story of a nightmare man."

"I looked it up…" she gestures to the laptop open on the kitchen counter, which she pulled up while working on breakfast. "I mean, we live in a world full of Evolved. I can teleport for God's sake. It's called Oneiromancy." Of course, he probably knows that, but she doesn't know how many powers he's worked with or against over the years. "It shouldn't be that … hard to believe, given what our kids were. But I don't know if it would be helpful or not, you know?" She picks up her own mug, though it's full of decaf tea due to her pregnancy. "I wish I knew what the right thing was."

Len smiles at her now. She's always wanting to do the right thing. Always wanting to help. Always wanting to make sure everyone else is alright. He's a very lucky guy. He begins to work on his breakfast before it gets cold. "Tamsine. I want you to do whatever it is you think you must do. You are strong enough and wise enough to make your own decisions and whatever decision you make, I'll stand by your side and hold your hand." He finishes his plate and stands, carrying it and his empty coffee mug over to the sink, rinsing it off and setting it in the dishwasher. He turns and leans on against the counter, watching her.

And he's a man who cleans up after himself — how lucky can she get? She smiles and stands to follow, wrapping her arms around him and planting her chin on his chest, staring up, her dark eyes seeking his. "I know. You've been wonderful, and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you. I just don't want to try to help people, and make it worse… if they're … if they've moved on, and it's like opening old wounds, it's not the right thing to do. Maybe I'll just put out the word for a meeting, and those who want to come can, and those who don't want to know… don't have to. I just want to make sure that we arm ourselves with knowledge against anything like this happening a second time."

There's a nod from the cowboy as he listens and agrees with her. "You're right. I just don't want you coming off like a kook or anything. I know you're not. But we should get the word out there. I might know a few people who can help. Let me make a couple of phone calls later today." His eyes drop to her stomach, placing his hand there. It never once crossed his mind in the nearly 40 years of his life that he would have a child. He'd given up long ago. But now, it's happening. He seems to fall in love with her a little more each day. He lifts his gaze to hers and smiles at her. "So, mother. Have you given any thought to when you'd like to get hitched?"

She smiles, putting a hand on top of his. "As soon as possible?" she says with a grin. "I'd like to actually fit in a dress, and all." She smirks at that. "I got huge last time, and … well, I'm expecting this baby to be roughly the size of a rhinoceros when it gets to term." She grows a little more serious. "There's one thing I need to do — I need to turn over the deed to the bar back to the person it belongs to. I don't want you to … take on that debt or anything." There's more to it than that; she knows it's a front for Adam's money, and she doesn't want him to be connected to it once they are married and legally accountable for one another's finances.

Len lifts his arm, as if checking his watch though there isn't one there. He raises a brow and grins at her. "Is a week enough time, or do you need to? I'm thinking that a Sunday is a perfect day to get married and if you'll have me, we can plan something small for next weekend. If you think you'll need more time, we can always shoot for the week after. You tell me. All I have to do is show up and look good in a tux." He knows she has a business she runs, and he's never gotten involved in that aspect of her life. When she chooses to tell him, if ever, then he'll be there to listen. "If you need any help with any of that, you let me know."

"A week should be fine," Tamsine says with a smile. "I don't really have a lot of people to invite, just family and a couple ladies from my social work days." She kisses him and smiles. "But… if I quit that job, and you are retired, what are we going to do for money? We can't raise a kid with no income. I can work at my parent's stores, of course, though I hate to assume that."

"My mother has already demanded that I fly her in for it. Pops hates to fly, so he probably won't be here. That's all I plan to attend, though I may send out an invite to some of my closer contacts here in the city." There are a few that Len would consider inviting. "As for work, I'm requesting a transfer to more of a desk-side job." Len isn't willing to risk field work any more now that he'll have a wife and a child soon. "So, we'll still have some money coming in, plus I'll get a little bit extra for retirement. Maybe it's time you considered going back into social services, or maybe consider teaching."

"Teaching music might be nice, at least while the baby is small," Tamsine murmurs, resting her cheek against his chest. "It's so strange, to be so happy… to have someone with me this time. It's amazing that I met you when something so horrible was happening — that you turned out to be the best thing in my life." Fate does throw a few loops into life's path. Most of them for the worse, but this one definitely for the better. "Life's funny that way, isn't it?"

Len gives her a smile, one that is always only meant for her. "You'd never see me laughing, Tams. All I know is that the day I met you, I became a very lucky man. I never thought this would ever come for me again. Thank you for coming into my life." He leans down to press a kiss to her lips. The kiss is long and lingering before he pulls back slowly and takes a deep breath. "So, let me make a few phone calls and see what I can find out for you about all of this nightmare business."

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