Ninety-Five Percent Chance


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Scene Title Ninety-Five Percent Chance
Synopsis Agent Ryans pops into the Lab to ask Agent Lee about the results of a paternity test and asks a question about the microwave emissions case.
Date March 18, 2010

Fort Hero: Labs

Fifty-six research laboratories are contained on the first subterranean level of Camp Hero. Once staffed by hundreds of government researchers, many of these labs have been converted to temporary offices for staff of the Company. Several of the labs, however, have been refurbished with new technology and hardware juxtaposed against old and cracked concrete and groaning iron pipes.

Some of the labs at Camp Hero contain outdated technology either too bulky or too laborious to remove, such as reel-to-reel supercomputers and old IBM 80-81 monochrome terminals. Much of this computer hardware still functions, along with archives of magnetic tape backup containing operations manuals for much of the facility and its design, as well as Company records dating back to the mid 1980s.

Curiously, one of the labs has remained sealed since the compound came back online, due to a copious amount of concrete and steel reinforcement used to seal up the lab entrance. Given the thickness of the poured concrete used to close off that wing of the labs, it's clear that it was never intended to be accessed again.

The forensics lab, such as it is, in Fort Hero has seen better days. The garbage can is full of coffee, slushie, and soda containers. on the desk is a tray left over from a meal from the cafeteria. Lashirah sits near her computer. She looks… rough. Might be the fact that she's been snowed in for a day or two ontop of the long hours on the variety of cases that have come in recently.

There is a rap of knuckles on the doorframe before the sharp dressed figure of an older gentleman steps into the lab. There is a no nonsense look to the man, and his voice rumbled , "Agent Lee?" He asks his tone somewhat surprised at the person sitting there, he had someone else drop of the sample. so this was new. Much like Martin was a shock of the older company agent, Agent Lee was going to take some getting use too.

The face of the new Company.

"I received a memo that you all had my results?" He asks, eyes studying somewhat skeptically. She was young and dressed like… what was the word his daughter used? Oh yes, Emo chic. Ryans gives a little shake of his head and focuses on her.

Lashirah looks up from the computer she's sitting at. "Let's see… since you aren't asking about Hotoku's scene and the double checking, the microwaved ovens… that means you must be Agent Ryans." She digs a moment and pulls out a folder, which she hands to you. "Paternity test says you got a 95 chance of being right." She smirks. "I'd say your on the right track?"

"Yes, my apologies for not introducing myself." The agent gives her there barest ghost of a smile, a hand moves to takes the offered file, replying softly. "I am indeed, Agent Ryans." The folder is flipped open and he looks at the papers. "This is about the type of news I expected. He had photographs going from Infancy, I know if I was not able to see my girls growing up, I'd want photos as well."

Blue eyes scan over the file. "I could not help but notice you mentioned the microwave case?" His eyes lift from the folder, letting it snap shut. "Anything I should be aware of forensically, since I am keeping an eye on that one as well?"

Lashirah shrugs. "Other than the fact that whoever did it either had lots of time, or is the equivlant of about ten of the best microwave ovens in the building put together?" She shakes her head. "Damnest thing I've ver seen. cooked like a roast, to where it was falling off the bone."

"Really? That high of emissions?" Ryans asks curiously, his head tilting some in thought, gaze dropping to the floor. After a moment, he looks up at her again and starts softly, "So.. let us speculate here." The old man takes a step forward, hands gripping the folder in both hands. A finger taps on the paper surface. "Would there be any other abilities out there that could do similar damage?"

"Mostly do to the fact, that a witness saw a young man fleeing what she considered a monster." A small smile quirks up the side of his mouth. "I am still trying to get a hold of the witness' father, but I figure why not look outside the box. See what else out there can cause that sort of damage."

Lashirah thinks. "Radiation, which Microwave is a set of. You COULD do it with steam cooking if you took a LONG time. Fire wouldn't as it just would burn… maybe some ability that would allow one to transmute solids to liquids?"

"A possibility." The senior agent murmurs softly a hand runs across his mouth, his expression thoughtful. "Thank you, Agent Lee." He looks down at the file in his hands, eyes narrowing some. "I shall get myself out of your…." His eyes look at the black hair in it's pig tails. "" The folder is tapped lightly in the palm of his hand. "Should you hear anything else on the microwave case, I'd like to see it, just so I know what is going on."

Holding up the folder, Ryans gives her a pleasant smile. "Thank you again."

Lashirah chuckles, and yawns a bit. "If I come up with anything, I'll let you know…"

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