Nisha Reshimi Kotecha, Esq.
Portrayed By Lara Dutta
Sex Female
Status Non-Evolved
Ability N/A
Age 32
Date of Birth October 3
Date of Death N/A
Occupation Lawyer
Family Hari Kotecha (father); Devika Kotecha (mother)
Significant Other(s) N/A
First Appearance Discerning Tastes
Last Appearance N/A

The youngest partner at Cohen, Johnson, Blume, and Kotecha, Nisha is a talented, (not to mention lucky) young lawyer.

Character History:

Hari Kotecha had three loves in his life – his daughter, his wife, and his money. Devika Singh married businessman Hari Kotecha when the two were both young and had only their ambitions to guide them. Both were born in India, but their parents moved to England in order to provide a better future for their children.

Devika was no stereotypical, kitchen-bound wife. Devika's parents were of the progressive sort, making sure that in the event their daughter did not land a supportive and successful husband, she was able to stand on her own two feet. She studied psychology, but when Hari's business took off, she hardly needed to practice, but neither did she need to cook or clean.

And so Nisha, the couple's only child, was born into the lap of luxury. She was schooled in London's best boarding and refinement schools and spent her summers in the family's relatively small yet comfortable country house. The English and even Indian caste systems may be effectively gone, but the means with which they separated themselves are still alive and well.

Like her parents before her, Devika insisted that Nisha educate herself with the intentions of ensuring she would never starve. Hari, on the other hand, was content to not only provide, but lavish every indulgence he could on his daughter. Nisha, while tempered by her mother's practicality, reveled in her father's attention. She studied business as a way to both appease her mother and pay tribute to her father, but once at university, Nisha's tastes turned to law. In Oxford's joint program with Harvard, she was able to obtain admission to the Bars of both the United Kingdom's and the United States' court systems.

It is hard to say just what landed Nisha a partnership in the low-profile yet prestigious New York based law firm, Cohen-Johnson-Blume, at such a relatively young age and after the bomb laid waste to a portion of New York City, but rumor has it that it was the latter founder's perhaps somewhat unprofessional fascination with the exotic young woman's way with clients in addition to her talent as an investigator and sweet-tongued orator that landed her the position many of her classmates and co-workers would have and did envy. Still, despite the rumors of illicit behavior on the part of Blume and the newest name on the office stationary, Nisha remained her silently professional, if subtly flirtatious, self.

When James Muldoon sought precautionary representation with the law offices of Cohen, Johnson, Blume, and Kotecha, attracted to the firm by its ironclad confidentiality and reputation for keeping affairs as if not more discreet than necessary, those affairs became the work of Nisha Kotecha (perhaps due to some preconception on the part of the other partners that a shared geographical history would earn the new client's loyalty). So far no significant work has needed to be done. Nevertheless, Nisha's retainer was substantial, and policy predicts she charged by the hour.


Blame it on her upbringing or her current lifestyle, but Nisha is a woman of class who rarely if ever stoops below the level she sees herself as both entitled to and having earned. She is not extravagant, but neither is she thrifty, having learned how to successfully play the stock market long ago. Nisha appreciates things of fine quality, be they ideas, materials, work, or people, and is quick to judge them accordingly. She is not so obstinate that she cannot admit when she is wrong, though the aftermath behind closed doors is never a pleasant one. Nisha is passionate and driven in regards to work and success, and she sees personal relationships as a welcome and occasional vacation from a productive lifestyle.


February 2009

Title Date Summary Other Participants
The Pressing Appointment 02/01/09 Logan drops in late one night with transportation and business troubles. Nisha aids him to the best of her abilities, then enjoys a pleasant evening at home with her temporary house guest. John Logan
Back on His Feet 02/01/09 Muldoon brings Nisha to see the man they rescued from the water and fill him in on the events of the last two years. She obliges and gives him the name Tavisha. James Muldoon, Constantine Filatov and Tavisha
Testing the Waters 02/02/09 At the request of her partners, Nisha meets with Fedor on his yacht, risking curfew. Things don't go as smoothly as one might expect, and no paperwork is signed. Fedor Ibragimov

Notable Relationships:


Nisha's personal feelings toward James Muldoon slowly became anything but bland over the course of her professional interactions with him. It is hard to say who initiated the relationship as it exists beyond it's professional boundaries, but its true origins hardly matter. In addition to being an interesting and promptly paying client, Muldoon was (and is, for that matter), a self-sufficient, intelligent, classy, attractive man - and that's all Nisha cares for at this point in her life. Still, the most appropriate label either of them could ever carry in relation to the other (other than employer/employee or client/lawyer) is paramour, or in Nisha's case, mistress. She isn't a frequent visitor to his business, but while there enjoys VIP class treatment in addition to relative anonymity.
Kain Zarek's biggest flaw, in Nisha's eyes, is confidence. Still, he's a small fish in a relatively big pond, and he can't be blamed for wanting to put on a few metaphorical pounds. She puts up with his lewd behavior in her presence by simply ignoring it. It's amazing what sorts of favors paying your bills on time will afford you. After all, Kain may have all the trappings of success, but his lack of refinement spoils much of his personal likability.
It it clear that Flint Deckard is more aware of his "goathood" than Kain Zarek would have liked, and that fact troubles Nisha to no small degree. Still, perhaps it is better if he expects her failure in representing him - should things ever come to that - rather than being blindsided by it.


With an bachelor's degree in the subject, Nisha is a competent businesswoman, which deepens her knowledge of business law and it's application in various situations. While she has never owned and run her own business, she has been known to, when solicited, give advice in casual settings. Still, she is no sage.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Though Indian by heritage, Nisha was born and raised in England. Her accent is a "poshy" English one, though she speaks fluent Hindi and Urdu.


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