No Candy For You


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Scene Title No Candy For You
Synopsis Candy's actions have consequences, but they may turn into an opportunity.
Date May 17, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Fourth Floor Safehouse

The floors here on the fourth level of the Village Renaissance Building at 14 East 4th Street are of polished grey marble and the smooth walls are painted a cream color. Four corridors with four apartments each are found here, with stairwells at the front and back and elevators centrally placed in each corridor. The elevators have buttons for the first three floors visible, and control panels requiring both key and keycard to open.

The apartment doors, made from sturdy pine, are operated by keycards only on this floor. Like the second and third floors, they're numbered 401-416.

But that's where the similarity ends. This floor isn't for rental to the general public. It's a place reserved for temporary stays by whomever the person who lives on the top floor chooses to give sanctuary.

It's a safehouse of the Ferrymen, operated by a member of Phoenix, using the cover of musician's eccentricities to explain away the motley crew of folks who might come and go if anyone should ask.

Candy is once more lounging at her door frame, though now it is not without a good bit of tension. She saw her face in that grainy news video, and she knows that sooner or later they are going to come and ask her just what the hell that was about. She can't very well tell them the real reasons for it, so the woman is quickly racking her head for a cover story, or something that could may be twisted into benefiting her. She nods her head once as she settles upon a story that doesn't put her in a favourable light, but at least has good intentions behind it. Perhaps she can get them to help her a bit more if they think they are training her to vent fustrations in a manner that benefits them. She flicks her eyes into her apartment, making sure that things are terribley neat and tidy, can't have them thinking that she is expecting visitors.

Soon enough, the refugee's expectations bear fruit. The elevator opens, Cat makes her way out of it with Helena, and she looks very much stern. In her hands is a laptop computer, kept open with a certain video cued up to play. Feet carry her straight for the door to the unit she was placed in. Oh God. Here it comes.

"Miss Allard," Cat begins, her tone so much less a welcoming and supportive ally in sheltering a person they rescued from the unconsitutional prison and so very much more an intimidating attorney out to address a very serious issue. "How long have you been a member of Humanis First? Did you come here to learn things and give us up to them?"

Helena is absolutely silent. Truth be told, she doesn't believe that Candy is a member of Humanis First. She's keeping her theories for the moment to herself as she stands at Cat's side and waits for the explanation and excuses to begin.

Candy looks at Cat, and as she hears that she looks down. She shakes her head as she stands there, before she says softly, "I'm not a member of Humanis First. I was… merely trying to get back at them. I knew that she… worked for the government." When she looks up the anger and sadness in her eyes is not feigned at all, the young woman wants revenge against them that put her into that hellhole. "The mob was a handy tool to strike at her, I was just merely trying to incite their fury, I didn't mean I word that I said," she looks between the two women as she stands there in the doorway. "I just wanted to get revenge on them, show them that they can't do that to people," she continues as she looks between them. "Even if it is indirectly and under a false banner that I do it to them," she pauses the anger in her eyes prevalent, "Then I will do it." She looks at Cat as she stands there, before she says, "It rankled me to even do what I did. I didn't lie to you, I saw a boy get beat up by them. I know what they are capable of, I was just trying to make use of that, and use it as a tool."

"Interesting," Cat replies, her face not showing any indication of being placated. Maybe she buys it, maybe she doesn't. "This is a very unpleasant thing you've done, Miss Allard," she states, "on more than one level. You've not only advocated the positions of a dangerous enemy, you've done it in public, and been captured on video doing so. Have you, Miss Allard, entirely forgotten you're a Federal fugitive needing to lay low?

"Do you," she asks, "realize you've now drawn attention to yourself, shown DHS you're in New York City, and if you were tracked risked leading them directly here?" Her features shift, they become less stern and more reflective of controlled anger, of patience being tested.

Helena still doesn't say a word. Her own expression is less angry, and more neutral. There's very little of what she's thinking to give her away, but as indicated by the fact that she's not gainsaying Cat, obviously she's boarded the Disapproval train.

Candy looks at Cat as she stands there, and she says softly, "I wasn't tracked. I didn't even come near here until well after dark last night." She looks between the two women as she says, "I'm sorry… I wasn't thinking. I just saw an oppurtunity to have revenge, and I took it without thinking of the consequences." Her green eyes look at the women, almost pleadingly as she tries to get them to understand that it was a case of immaturity and anger. Hoping that they will come to the conclusion that she needs to have her anger directed instead of just lashing out at whatever oppurtunity arises. She looks between them one more, debating for a few moments before she says softly, "I'll gather my things then."

Maybe she believes, maybe she doesn't. Cat isn't saying. But she does speak after a moment's silence in reflection. "Miss Allard," she begins, "you told me you wanted to be useful, to make a contribution. I said I would find some manner of job for you to perform, and I will keep my word. I've been considering function to employ you in, and you've provided me the answer." She flashes a smile that doesn't make it all the way to her eyes. "I have a mission for you."

"Since you have likely established credibility for yourself with Humanis First by your actions yesterday, you are hereby assigned to walk the city and link up with members of that organization. Move among them, learn all you can, and report to us. It will be dangerous, of course, and you may be at risk of being picked up by DHS, but nothing worthwhile is without risk. There is value in us learning as much as we can about Humanis First."

Did Helena agree to this? It's hard to tell. She has a crazy excellent poker-face. Hell, maybe she was even the advocate for this. Or maybe she urged Cat to put Candy out on her ear. She does note, "Be aware that once the test kits come onto the market, or if they manage to steal one, your usefulness with them will be at an end."

Candy nods her head a little as she stands there, wincing faintly as she hears the mission. Going undercover with people who would likely kill her as soon as they figure out she can make water do a ton of interesting things. Stiffening as she stands there she says softly, "Thank you." She looks back into her apartment, before she swallows a little. "I'll do my best," she murmers. Nodding her head a little towards Helena, "I'll make a note of that," she adds.

A couple of moments pass as the three women share the hall, and then Helena recieves Candy's attention once more as she says, "I believe you had a story of how you took down that self-styled Queen of the Yard?" She offers a weak smile as she adds, "Would like to hear it at some point, she did manage to make my life hell, and anything to lighten that memory…" She fades away as she looks between the two.

Helena looks to Cat a moment. Candy is missing something, but Helena's going to let Cat explain it. Then she looks back to Candy. "I did it," she says quietly, "To get into Red Level." What on God's green earth would make someone want to go down to Red Level? She looks momentarily like she wants to say more, but shuts her mouth.

"Excellent," Cat replies. "Thank you. There will on occasion be a stipend of funds provided, of course. And an email address for you to send reports to from time to time." That email address will be known to Wireless, of course, without Candy actually knowing about Wireless. Hotmail or gmail or somesuch. She cooks up one off the top of her head and shares it.

"Of course, this means if we find ourselves in the same public place, I will not let on that I know you. Nor will my friend." She nods toward Helena. "We can't let there seem to be links between you and us, both for reasons of your fugitive status and the risk of Humanis First being led to us. This does also mean you won't be able to shelter here."

Candy looks between the two as she hears that, and she stops. Her eyes looking at Cat. "No contact," she asks in faint disbelief as she stands there. She watches them as she says, "I'm still being told to get my things, and you're sending me to my death." She looks between the two as she stiffens while standing there, pondering her next words carefully, "Nobody in this city knows me apart from the people I have met here. I have nowhere to go, no money. Those people won't take me in. I may have said things they agreed with, but they would just as soon report me as being a terrorist for my words." Tears are actually starting to form in her eyes at the thought of being kicked out. Not because she doesn't want to be, but more that she will have blown her mission and could quite easily be in big trouble for what she did. She looks between the two of them, "I… won't survive." She looks at them as she says softly, "Out of prison to be thrown to the dogs." She looks to Helena, hoping to find some kind of agreement in the person or something as she looks between the two, utterly fearful.

"Cat is providing you a stipend." Helena points out. "So you don't have to be homeless, and you're not without resource." She cocks her head to the side. "Maybe you shouldn't have thrown your own kind under a bus." Helena's tone is calm and matter-of-fact, without any snide in her tone. "I don't know you very well Candy, but I know you're not stupid." And that was pretty stupid, Helena's tone is suggesting.

"It will require you to think on your feet, Candy," Cat replies. "And to keep a cool head. They may not necessarily turn you in, but it is a risk. It's also possible some of them will see you and perhaps make an approach to someone who demonstrated being of like mind."

And she offers an olive branch, a ray of hope. "If you perform well, if you learn and report interesting things to us, whether regarding Humanis First or any other dangerous operation, you'll have demonstrated you can be more than a loose cannon and earn some trust from us."

"And yes," she certifies, "you do get paid."

Candy looks at them all as she says to Helena, "I understand." She takes a deep breath as she stands there, looking between the two of them as she asks Cat, "That sounds like a big if to me. I don't think I can get any kind of information that you may find useful before those kits hit on the market. If they try to test me, I'm gonna have to run for it." SHe looks at Cat, "Can I at least expect to be helped if that happens?" She still stands there, as she sighs, Goodman is not going to be pleased either.

"It will depend on the situation," Helena says, studying Candy thoughtfully. "But if we can, we will." Then, "I'm sure we can also looking finding you a new place without directly involving ourselves, so we can transition you more smoothly."

She turns the laptop so only she can see it, and makes some keystrokes to bring things other than the video of that rally to the screen. There are a few photos showing when she turns it around so Helena can see it, but Candy can't. Tyler Case. Edward Ray. Allen Rickham. Nathan Petrelli. Cat looks at the blonde, an eyebrow raising, as if to wordlessly inquire 'should we ask her to keep an eye out for these folks and report sightings?'.

"Well, whatever you think is best," says the young woman as she leans against the door. She looks around here as she sighs again, stupid stupid stupid. A hand runs through her hair as she thinks about what she can do and who she can go to. A timeline starting to form in her head as she thinks.

Helena considers a moment, and shakes her head. "We'll look into some living arrangements elsewhere." Helena says, looking at Cat briefly. How long should they give her to get ready?

A nod, and Cat makes those images go away, leaving only the cued up rally footage visible. "How much time do you need, Candy?" She thinks. They need to provide some things. Disposable phone, an amount of money… "Be very careful, each day, to be off the streets by nine p. m. Curfew," she explains.

Candy looks into her room as she shrugs her shoulders, "Depending on how fast you want me out. I would prefer to clean the room and make it look persentable before I just left. But, if you'd rather I didn't, a couple of moments to grab my other pair of clothes."

"I should think it'll at least be a couple of hours." Helena says. "We'll need to find you digs, even if they're only temporary." With that, she starts to withdraw.

"I think tomorrow morning works," Cat states. "It's a Monday, no better day to start a new job. We've confidence you'll find us interesting things, and in your ability to avoid trouble as best you can, Candy." She moves to follow Helena to the elevator.

By the morning there will be an amount of cash provided, perhaps $1,000, and a disposable phone to make emergency contact with.

Once she and Helena are in the elevator, though, Cat's expression turns to one of a cold rage held down by force of will. She wants to smash things, seriously hurt someone, and is holding it in. A few keys are pressed, she brings up another piece of video footage.

It's the Everett Hicks press conference.

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